AEBN, also known as the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, has been broadcasting adult entertainment for decades now, delivering their first Internet fap way back in 1999. They cater to both straight and gay audiences, but if you want a review of the queer stuff, you’re on the wrong site; head on over to MyGaySites.com to see ThePornDude’s take on dudes boning each other. Today, I’m going to watch the girls getting dicked down over in the straight.aebn.com library.Though the classic view is still available, AEBN.net recently revamped their whole outside setup. I figured it would be a good time to go shake my dick around the place and see what’s new. Straight.aebn.com gets thousands of visitors a day, so I clearly ain’t the only one. Unlike most premium porn sites, these guys offer a pay-per-view model that you’ll either love or hate, depending on how horny you are and how deep those pockets go. Let’s break it down and see what kind of bang they’re offering for your buck.A Who’s Who of Smut Peddlers and SlutsFrom the front, AEBN doesn’t look too different from your typical paysite. AEBN.net asks what kind of content you’re looking for, brags about their XBIZ and AVN Awards, and then shuffles you along toward your destination. The first clue that the format is slightly different is in the thumbnails. Most premium joints show you a bunch of hi-res video stills and auto-playing video montages, while aebn.com mainly shows you video covers, like you’re browsing the rack at the local porn store.Instead of offering smut from one source, you’ll see porn from a ton of big studios, beloved paysites and major producers available. Banners for new flicks from HardX and Blacked slide by the top of the screen, while Featured New Releases below include filth from Jules Jordan, Twistys, Babes, Devil’s Film and Property Sex, just to name a few.The production companies aren’t the only big names on display, either. There are big-name pornstars all over the place, too. The busty red-headed MILF Penny Pax is getting licked down out front, while Kaylee Gunner is getting dicked down her front. There’s some lesbian work from Elsa Jean, and a Brazzers stepsister movie with Marha May and Nicole Bexley. I’m hard as a rock gawking at prime sluts like Diamond Foxx, Jessie Saint and the always-beautiful Ella Knox, and I haven’t even started digging.Naturally, with content from so many studios starring so many starlets, you also get a great variety of pornographic subgenres. One of the beefs with your traditional paysite is you’re paying for everything when maybe you just came for the anal, the teen cherry-popping, the hairy girls or the MILFs with giant jugs. At straight.aebn.com, you can skip right to the movies that cater to your kinks, and only pay for those.One of my constant issues with premium porn these days is how so many paysites have phased out the free previews. You’ll click on what looks like a Play button, only to get sent to a sign-up page in a blatant bait-and-switch maneuver. Since AEBN is offering porn from so many sources, there’s a short video preview available for most of the movies. It’s typically a 30-second preview as opposed to the montages you usually see, meaning it’s easier to beat off to the free stuff here.They also give you fifteen minutes for free when you sign up. Fifteen minutes sounds like a decent amount, and I’m certainly not going to complain about the freebies, but I’ve played this game enough times to know how fast that time goes when you’ve got the ol’ joystick all lubed up. Before I even started playing, I wanted to take a look at the actual prices.Remember Going to the Porn Store?AEBN.net has a few different payment options available, but the prices were the same for all the videos I looked at. That means you value shoppers may want to look for the longer movies, since you can potentially get twice as much content for the same dent in your wallet.You can pay by the minute and watch all you want, starting at around ten bucks for a hundred minutes. This is probably the cheapest way to watch movies on AEBN, depending on your masturbatory habits. There’s a price break at the 1000-minute mark, but at $85, it still sounds expensive.A 48-hour rental is the second cheapest way to watch straight.aebn.com movies. At five bucks a pop, it’s a good way to indulge that boner you have right now while perusing the collection. I would bet this is where AEBN makes the bulk of its revenue.If you think you’re going to want to beat off to it again later, there’s also a Stream 4 Life option available for ten bucks. You have to visit AEBN every time, but as long as the site doesn’t go under, you’ll always have access to those movies.Finally, for the old-schoolers and doomsday preppers out there, you can get lifetime streaming and a downloadable file for twenty-five bucks. (I saw some VR flicks going for ten, but $25 seems to be the going rate.) It’s expensive as hell, just like buying XXX DVDs a half-generation ago. What’s your monthly porn budget again?AEBN versus Your Typical PaysiteSo is it worth it? That’s the big question, and it depends a lot on how much porn you watch. If you usually beat off to the free tubes but occasionally get an urge to see one of your favorite pornstars go ass-to-mouth, AEBN isn’t a bad way to supplement your fap sessions. You can stream half a dozen movies, or buy three, and you’re spending about what you’d pay for a typical paysite.If you beat off to a lot of premium porn, though, those rentals are going to add up fast. Sites like OnlyFans add up fast, but those offer a pseudo-intimacy with the models and you’re supporting them more directly with your subscriptions. That isn’t the case here, where it feels more like supporting a dying Blockbuster. (I was about to explain the reference, but I get the feeling younger masturbators are less interested in PPV porn than the old-timers.)The biggest potential advantage I can see to the format is if you’re looking to build a long-term online porn stash and don’t want to set up a Dropbox or Google Drive. If you’re using the buy option, you can amass a collection that you’ll always have access to, even if you stop buying porn for a while. AEBN has a Roku app, which is frankly one of the best incentives to use their platform. Watching your purchased movies through that is a lot easier and cheaper than dealing with Plex or your own media server.Beating Off for Ten Cents a MinuteI’ve had a boner for Penny Pax ever since I saw her big, sexy rack at the top of straight.aebn.com’s tour page, so that’s where I started my official fap test. The AEBN video player is fairly simple but effective, instantly playing the movie in 1080p HD as soon as I hit the Play button. This one doesn’t go up to 4K, but streaming is smooth as fuck even as I skip around the video.It’s a long movie, clocking in at two and a half hours. Penny looks sexy enough talking in the intro, but I jumped ahead to the actual fucking. The ginger babe looks incredible on her back, getting her twat stuffed, so I watched her tits bounce while I stroked myself off.When I was done, I checked the minutes on my AEBN.net account to see where I stood. I felt like I was taking my sweet-ass time, but I actually used fewer than ten of my minutes. I could conceivably come by for a fap every day and still not spend more than the $30 I’d spend on a paysite membership. Seriously, my dudes, you should consider your own fap routine when deciding how to buy porn on AEBN.AEBN.net has a great collection of porn from a lot of the biggest players in the game. Their pay-per-view format makes them a good place to supplement your usual porn memberships and masturbatory habits, though it can get expensive if you make it your primary source of fap fodder. Check out their library and think about how much time you usually spend jacking off before going all-out on one of their bigger packages, and don’t forget to use those free 15 minutes!