If GameLink was a newer brand, I might assume from the name they were selling video games or maybe the face-to-face kind you play on a board with your family. Of course, they’ve been around since 1997, which is more than enough time to establish themselves as a world-class emporium of smut. Only a handful of porn sites from the era still exist, so you can guess a lot about their quality just from their longevity.I’d argue their mature age is hinted at in their business model. These days, most premium sites offer memberships only, but GameLink.com lets porn consumers choose how they’d like to buy their dirty movies. They’ve got an Unlimited subscription service, or you can buy individual movies/clips. There’s a bit of a generational divide here, so I already know the membership plan will appeal a lot more to the younger perverts out there, but let’s dig in and see what they’ve really got to offer.An Old-Time Porn Shop, Updated for TodayIt’s hard not to assume the a-la-carte movie sales are a relic from the past, preferred by old-schoolers who didn’t mind-blowing their whole paychecks on stacks of DVDs in the old days. While GameLink’s got a modern layout with fresh graphics and all the trappings of a 2021 website, it still retains a little bit of that classic porn-store flavor. The front pages are loaded up with movie covers, instead of the usual screengrabs and thumbnails you find on most paysites.Their origins as a hard-copy porn shop are also apparent in their toy section. They’ve got a massive selection of adult playthings like dildos, handcuffs, lubes and cock rings. It’s a well-organized collection, broken down into categories like Anal Toys, BDSM Fetish, For Couples and Sensual Products. You can also peruse by manufacturer, with dozens of fap-sleeve, sex doll and condom producers listed in their full index.I’m all stocked up on silicone vaginas right now, though, and I’ve got one all lubed up to review all this smut on the menu. Even before I start digging, I already see dirty movies from a ton of big-time producers, starring a ton of big-name pornstars. A lot of brands with paysites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude are represented, with recent flicks from outfits like FakeHub, Age and Beauty, Tushy Raw, Jules Jordan and Vixen.One of the things I always love about sites like GameLink.com, offering erotic cinema from so many different companies, is that you always end up with a truly wide variety of kinks, fetishes and sexual interests. Threesomes, lesbians, big-titted MILFs and naughty teens are plastered all over the front page, and their full Categories page takes a deep dive into hundreds of microgenres of porn.Breaking Down the Pricing StructuresIf most of the Internet succumbed to the coronavirus tomorrow, leaving just a handful of sites standing, you could theoretically do all your adult-needs shopping at GameLink. They’ve got damn near any kind of porn you’d want, barring some of the more extreme niche fetishes, plus all the toys you’d need if you didn’t want to touch that disgusting thing with your own bare hands.The big question is whether you should do all your porn shopping here, even though the rest of the Internet does still exist. We’ll get to the Unlimited subscription in a second, but first, let’s look at their other options.Clips, or individual porn scenes, usually cost between $1 and $3 with a VOD Own option only. With full multi-scene movies, you can do a 2-day VOD rental for a few bucks, VOD streaming for life for a few more, or VOD own for around twice that. For example, right now, a new Babes movie called Sharing With Stepmom 8 will cost you $4.19 to watch for a couple of days, $6.99 to watch on GameLink.com forever, or you can download it to your hard drive for $15.39. In this case, there’s also a DVD available for $25.99, which grandpa should be happy about.Alternately, you can pay by the minute to watch whatever clips and movies you want. They get cheaper as you buy more, but the easiest benchmark for comparing GameLink to other sites is their 240-minute package. At around $30, it’s what you’d pay for most subscription paysites. The minutes don’t expire, so depending on how much porn you watch per month, it may be a better deal than a regular membership site.How About the GameLink Unlimited Membership?Which brings us to the GameLink.com membership plan, GameLink Unlimited. The regular monthly price is twenty-five bucks, making it a little cheaper than most paysites. The price goes down for longer subscriptions, with a yearly rate that breaks down to $12.50 a month. Not fucking bad at all.It’s definitely worth noting that most of the GameLink.com catalog is included with Unlimited. As of this writing, the site has 156,816 full-length movies, 101,886 of which are available to Unlimited subscribers. Of their 617,165 clips, members get access to 411,342. It doesn’t take a fucking genius mathematician to see this is the best way to go for most masturbators.GameLink Unlimited members also get some special discounts on things like sex toys, DVDs, and PPM minute packages. That means if you want to dip into some of the content that ain’t included with Unlimited, you at least get a little break on the price.While its use isn’t limited to Unlimited subscribers, I’m sure the GameLink Roku app will help sell a lot of subscriptions. I’ve seen other paysites with Roku apps and I don’t normally get too worked up about it, but in this case, it means you can watch porn from multiple big-name studios on your TV using the same app. That’s more convenient, better porn, and a better deal than any shitty, overpriced softcore cable TV add-ons available through your local provider.Enjoying the Scenic View of SavannahI figured I’d start my official fap test with one of the newer, more popular clips in the Unlimited selection. Young Hottie Savannah Sixx Knows How To Keep Her Stepbrother’s Mouth Shut is a 43-minute scene that’s also available to download for $4.49, thanks to my member’s discount. To keep shit convenient, GameLink has lined up some more of Savannah’s work beneath the video player, as well as more scenes from the publisher, Team Skeet.The site ain’t hurting for bandwidth, because the movie streams smoothly and cleanly at full 1080p HD. Savannah’s drunk in the beginning, pleading with her bother behind the camera not to tell on her. I skipped ahead a few minutes to the POV blowjob, the video jumping without much buffering. Goddamn, she’s got such pretty eyes and a mouth that makes me raging hard.The built-in video player is pretty basic, but I’m glad they’ve included playback speed controls alongside the resolution options. I watched the little slut get her hairy twat hammered in slo-mo, savoring every thrust as I played along at home.A lot of the content on GameLink is available on other sites; this particular video is also in the member’s area over at TeamSkeet. What GameLink Unlimited does so well, is give you access to smut from a bunch of big names for one price. While they don’t have all the exclusive content from every paysite out there, they roll enough of it together that you’re getting an incredible bang for your buck. Imagine how much your pockets would hurt if you subscribed to all those sites.If the Unlimited subscription isn’t your bag, I can also see the site being useful for supplementing your regular fap routine and paysite memberships. For example, if you’re a loyal Brazzers subscriber but really need to see that Savannah Sixx movie, it can be yours for a few bucks. That’s my standard advice for VOD sites, since buying all your porno by the movie is a really expensive way to keep up your masturbation habit.I’ll be honest; I was ready to write GameLink.com off as a shop whose time has come and gone. They’ve adapted with the times, though, which is how they’ve been able to survive for over two decades now in an increasingly crowded market. Their Unlimited membership is easily their best value for my money, but they’ve got all kinds of stuff to keep all kinds of perverts happy. Check them out if you’re looking for a cheap way to watch movies from multiple producers, or if you just need to re-up on butt plugs.