Hot Movies! Looking for a new way to watch porn? Sick of the same old formula where you have to dish out your hard earned cash every month to get access to porn that isn’t shit tier? I don’t know about you, but I always thought there were better ways to go about things. I would rather pay for only the content that I am going to watch instead of making a blanket payment that covers everything on a site. Depending on your spending and porn watching habits, it could very well save you a ton of money compared to those memberships that run you hundreds of dollars every fucking year. And I think I finally found a site that breaks the mold. Someone who dares to do something is a porn site with a gargantuan catalog. I’m talking a catalog that is comparable in size to Hitomi Tanaka’s tits. It’s fucking insane. And they bring in the views to match it. Over 5 million site visits every single month. Talk about drawing in a lot of horny people. This site isn’t new either. They have a legacy that stretches back to 1996, and you better believe that they have an archive that covers all of the videos uploaded between then and now.Pay as you Watch System Frees you From your Membership WoesHot Movies is a premium site but definitely not in your traditional sense. You don’t pay for a pricey membership to get access. You have to pay by the minute. The prices vary widely depending on how many minutes you buy or what plans you go by. But you can expect to pay somewhere between 10-200 bucks for the packages they have. If you’re more comfortable with a membership style subscription, then they have a recurring monthly minute plan that works in a similar fashion. But, if you’re unsure about this whole gimmick, you can try it out with a free allotment of 20 minutes if you register to the site. Not a bad deal at all!Enough talk about cash. Let’s talk site design because there is a lot of shit going on here. The site has a white and blue theme. Nothing spectacular. It’s functional. I’d personally change it up a bit, but I doubt it affects how many views they bring in that much. They have a big, long header up top with a huge slew of options that goes as follows: “Clips, Movies, Pornstars, Categories, Studios, Spotlight, Favorites, Cams, and History.” And each of those header options has a menu of sub-options to explore. It’s organized really well and makes the site a breeze to navigate. Definitely pop through those menus as see what the site has to offer.Complex Site With Dozens of Different Pages is Organized Surprisingly WellBelow the header you’ll see a banner that shows off some of their newly added movies, which they do boast that they add over 200 every single week. If that’s true, then you will always have fresh content to jerk off to! Then there’s a quick list of categories with tiny preview images of them. If you want to see a much bigger list, then check out the categories tab up top for a full list. You can actually view categories by movie or by short clip. There are hundreds of categories to choose from, each with hundreds, if not thousands, of videos to browse.And I feel like this is a good time to bring up the way clips and movies work here. You can purchase movies or clips on the site for different prices if you don’t want to deal with using your minutes. The price depends on the length of the clip/movie, but you can purchase a 7 day streaming rental to watch it as many time as you want. Or you can pay more to stream it or download it anytime you want.On the clips and movies sections, there are so, so many ways to filter your results. Damn, there is so much to this site. You’ll definitely have to check it out for yourself because I can’t even begin to cover all of the sexy shit that this place holds. But, anyway, yeah, you can filter by a whole array of options that would take up too much space here to list. Suffice it to say that it’s enough.In-Depth Pornstar Bio Page and 1080p Video StreamsBefore we get to the videos, I have to mention the awesomeness that is the pornstar page. You can search through them by a whole bunch of options, including by genre of porn that they’re in. So, you can narrow down by fetishes! That’s fucking great, but that feature isn’t even what I’m most excited about. The pornstar information is super extensive. I may be one of the few dudes out there who actually likes reading about these sluts, and I certainly can read my heart out here. Full bios that are well written and sound like they’re straight out of a wiki page, detailed information about the model, dates of activity, what sort of porn they do, and so much more! It’s great.Alright, got to speed things up here. The previews. These aren’t your traditional video previews since it’s organized by full 2-5 hour movies. You click on a movie you’re interested in and you get pretty much everything you need to know on one page. List of pornstars involved, how long the movie is, what tags it has, a full description of the movie, a bunch of image previews, a list of clips you can buy from the movie and what sort of tags those individual clips have, and then a list of buying/streaming options.The videos are streamable in 1080p for newer titles. Older ones before 1080p can be streamed in the best quality possible at the time. The video player works well. It’s a pop-up, so you can stream it in a completely different tab if you want. There you can toggle video quality, get a list of separate scenes from the movie, or add it to your watch later/favorites list.Impressive Mobile Site that Effectively Organizes a Complex SiteThe mobile site is put together really well. You can login to your account and get access to your minutes. I actually prefer the way they do menus here. They’re all nestled up top with drop-downs for dozens of options underneath each one. Videos loaded quickly and without buffering, and I felt like the site was generally quicker on the mobile site. The video player is scaled well to the mobile experience, and you can stream in HD just like on desktop.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite features about are the massive catalog and the depth of the pornstar pages. The sheer volume of content here is amazing. The stats on the welcome page say they have over 1.1 million scenes and over 230 thousand movies to jerk off to. Fucking insane. And I’ve waxed on about the pornstar page already, but it really is great. Not only do you get to read neat stuff about their origin, but you also get details about the kind of porn they perform. Like, did you know Veruca James started off as an accountant before she did porn? Now you do.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThis site does a shit ton right. Like, goddamn, sites don’t usually do half the things right that this one does. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any suggestions. They are minor ones, but I’ve still got a few up my sleeve. The theme feels dated. I’d change that up a bit. Make it sleeker and more modern. I also think that video times could be added to the movie previews. I get that there are separate scenes and that the videos are going to be long, but getting that bit of information at a glance would still be helpful.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, is well worth visiting. The real point of contention will be if you’re down with the payment situation. I like it, but I’m sure some of you fucks out there won’t like it. It’s got a ton of awesome content and site features. If you play your cards right you can get access to premium videos and movies at a fraction of the regular cost. Head over to and get fapping!