Adult Magazine! The number of people that remember jerking off to actual porno magazines is getting smaller and smaller as the years go on. Most young adults didn’t have to deal with finding a nudie magazine and imagining what the women on each page would do to you if they could move off the pages and start choking on your dick. But those that remember those dark times know the feeling.So it’s nice to see that even though video has basically killed print’s dominance in the porn industry, it does not mean that there is no longer a place for XXX magazines. That’s a bunch of stupid bullshit! Besides, print adult magazines are still in existence, and they still fucking thrive!Whether you want to catch up on some of your latest issues, take a trip down the memory lane with issues from years past, or see how people used to jerk off before high-speed Internet made cumming to porn easy as hell, AdultMagazine is a repository that’s waiting for you. It’s not hard to find an issue that will make you rock hard, and who knows? Maybe you will actually cum while you are at it!Tons of porno magazinesLook, you horny fuckers, I’m not just sitting here blowing smoke up AdultMagazine’s tight gaping asshole. I don’t want to fuck them or anything, so get that shit out of your head right now. Instead, I am fist-pumping the air about the fact that this goddamn archive of XXX print goodness has so many issues waiting for you to download that you’re not going to know where to start.If you want newer porno issues, I suggest starting on the first page of the homepage. There, you will find the most recent issues archived on AdultMagazine, most of which were published in the year of this review. What I’m getting at, you dense mother fucker is that there are issues that have been released within the last few months. So, if you want to catch up on some of the latest issues that you know will tickle your pecker or want to see which starlets are the hottest in the porn industry, take a look at the stunning thumbnails featuring magazine covers.As I explored the archives of AdultMagazine, I noticed that there were over 930 pages of porno magazine listings with roughly 12 issues per page. That is a fuck load of porn magazines that you can download. So you can take it to the bank, you son of a bitch: AdultMagazine has more XXX issues than you can possibly see in one sitting. Maybe even a week if you take a break from stroking 24/7, but I highly doubt that you can fucking do that!Full color covers that are eye-catchingWhat I noticed about AdultMagazine is that it does not feel like just another porn site. Whenever you look at the listings on adult sites like tube sites and the like, you realize that just browsing and looking around isn’t a hell of a lot of fun. Sure, you will get horny looking at the hot bitches in the thumbnails of the listings, but you won’t get so turned on that you’ll start jerking off. Obviously, that’s for whenever you click the listing, not before!Yeah, you think? I’m not some dumb fuck; I created ThePornDude. So I think I know how to consume porn, you cheeky mother fucker! And I can say this much. Whenever you browse around and look at the thumbnails of porn covers on AdultMagazine, you will find that the covers displayed fucking hot as hell!It is not every day that you can say that thumbnails will make you so fucking horny that you want to jerk off without even looking at the issue. But that is precisely what the porn covers on AdultMagazine make you feel. These fucking listings will turn you on to such a degree that you may start tugging one out right then and there!Don’t believe me? Browse from one page to the next and try telling me that you do not get turned the fuck on! I sure as shit do, and I can almost guarantee that you will as well. And if a thumbnail does not make you want to take your dick out and start jerking off, at least one of the covers will lure you into clicking and downloading that issue so you can see everything it has to offer!Must be a premium member on file hosting services (in some cases)If you have ever tried to download porn from XXX sites like a JAV site or the like, then you know how much of a pain in the ass this can be. In some cases, anyway. The files are typically hosted on a file hosting service where you have to be a paying member to have essentially unlimited download speeds or avoid any kind of limitations to the downloads, period. Otherwise, the speeds are usually slow as fuck.Basically, you have to pay a premium price to download fucking anything quickly and efficiently. The files are stored the same on AdultMagazine. However, the one saving grace that AdultMagazine has going for is that the downloadable issues are usually tiny in size. Even though you have to deal with a file hosting service that throttles your download speed to slow DSL speeds and you can only download so much data in a specific span of time - because the issues are so small - you won’t have to wait a long time to view anything.Suppose you plan to download just a few issues now and then, great. You probably will not need to become a premium member for any of the file hosting services that AdultMagazine utilizes. But suppose you want to download gigabytes or even terabytes of issues and essentially download the entire AdultMagazine archive. In that case, you are going to need to pay a premium price to have that opportunity. Otherwise, it could literally take you years to download absolutely everything that AdultMagazine has to offer.And even though it is annoying as fuck that you have to download and sometimes pay for a premium service (depending on how much you want to download), the smaller size of each download plays to its benefit. If you can have some patience, you won’t have to wait long to view the issues that you download on AdultMagazine, so long as you only want to download a few at a time.Lots of name brand magazinesI enjoyed looking around at the large variety of porno magazines issues on AdultMagazine. I found a fuck load of unique porn magazines that I had never heard of before, with many of them stemming from other countries. It was a good crash course on the type of pornographic magazines that people used to buy or are still buying in various countries around the world.But make no fucking mistake. You will find name-brand porn magazines on AdultMagazine. You will find classic brands like Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, and even new releases from magazines like GirlsNextDoor and more. You really do have to see all of the magazine covers and browse from one page to the next to get an idea of how massive the library actually is.It would be convenient if AdultMagazine managed to make it easy as hell to browse around the categories of the site. I sincerely wish that there was a categories or tags section where you could look around at different types of issues. And if you look at each porn issue, you will see the tags in the issue listing. You can click the tag of the type of issues that you want to see, such as a year, publication, genre, and so on. Once clicked, you will see only the issues that match that particular tag.It is a way to get around the lack of a categories or tags section and explore only what you want to see. Still, including a tag or category section would make exploring the porn issues on AdultMagazine much easier. The site isn’t perfect, but that can be forgiven when you see AdultMagazine’s massive archive of porn magazines. Look at it for yourself, and enjoy countless hours of beating off to porno magazines as if the Internet never existed!SuggestionsAdultMagazine is an XXX site that features an insane amount of porn issues. If you want to see what your parents used to beat off to, this is where you want to be, you sick fuck! It could be a bit easier to consume all of these porn issues, though. Downloading many porn issues can take fucking forever, and it’s hard to find exactly the kind of content you want. If these problems can be addressed, AdultMagazine can be a true archival destination for those that want to preserve print pornography of both the past and present.