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Comic Porn always makes for a good fap, no matter where you are or what you’re up to. I spanked off to a princess getting butt-fucked before I even got out of bed, and then enjoyed a furry foot fetish comic on my ride this morning. The Uber driver kicked me out half way, so I had to finish that crank session in the bushes beside the fat-lady gym. Now, I’m enjoying a grande latte while I pull up a 63-page Kim Possible futanari parody where everyone has a huge rack and a huge dick. Hopefully, I can rub one out before the baristas give me the bum’s rush is a free comic porn, hentai and doujinshi site, and it’s where I’ve been shaking my dick all day. It’s a really new site, barely a few weeks old, but you’d never know that from perusing the catalog with your pants around your ankles. The joint seems to have sprung up almost overnight like one of those giantess stories where a normal chick wakes up to find out she’s a hundred feet tall and has inadvertently squished her husband to death with her massive new knockers. Oh, incidentally, you’re into freaky shit, right?What Kind of Comic Porn Are You Into?ComicPorn has a pretty simple setup, which may help explain how they’ve been able to get off the ground so ludicrously fast. I’m not saying that as a burn, because it looks nice enough, but this ain’t some flashy shit that somebody’s been polishing for months. It’s a streamlined, familiar gallery view like you’ve seen on other comics sites, with a simple yet classy little logo in the corner. Instead of naming the site, the icon just displays an XXX in a little pink circle.They probably don’t have to mention the site name because it’s pretty fucking obvious what kind of smut they’re peddling. That titular Comic Porn takes up the bulk of the front page, each story or issue represented by a cover or first page full of big-assed cheerleaders, horny skunk women, violated manga schoolgirls and French maids with their tatas out.A lot of these sites have the hookup on either hentai or Western-style porn comics, but does both. In fact, the whole front page is broken into three main sections: Latest Comic Porn, Latest Hentai Manga and Latest Doujinshi. There does seem to be less emphasis on the 3D CG stuff than similar sites, but there’s a healthy selection to be found once you start digging. In keeping true to their name, they’ve covered all the common styles of Comic Porn.What’s the Difference Between Hentai and Doujinshi?If you’re new to the genre and still trying to figure out the difference between hentai and doujinshi, let me clear it up for you. Hentai can be used broadly to describe any pornographic manga or anime, but doujinshi typically refers to the homemade version. DIY porn comics can be awful, but that doesn’t seem to be the case on this site, which consistently showcases professional-looking sex art.The doujins here are clearly drawn by skilled hands, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these guys are professional artists in their day jobs, dropping porn comics by night. So, if the artistic standards are nearly the same, what’s the real fucking difference? Well, since you’re jerking off to one dude’s personal vision, you can often find kinkier stuff in homebrew hentai. Just looking at the newest doujinshi on, I see crossdressing students, lolicon nymphomaniacs, hairy pregnant rape victims, and a fat teen bursting out of her bikini.Another one of the big differences between hentai and doujinshi is the censorship issue. Anything that was originally published for a Japanese audience is going to have the dicks and pussies blurred out, covered up or otherwise obscured. (Visible buttholes are fine until the moment they’re penetrated, at which point they can’t be shown anymore.) While a lot to doujin artists do stick to tradition and censor their own work, you’ll find a lot more uncensored stuff in ComicPorn’s doujinshi section than their hentai area.Because they’re not officially published, you’ll also find more porn parodies listed under doujinshi than hentai. has parodies drawn in both the manga style and Western comic styles. You can beat off to sexed-up versions of 101 Dalmations, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Adventure Time or Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! I found Judy Jetson riding cock, Supergirl eating it, and Harley Quinn donning a strap-on dildo to bang Deadpool.The full Parodies section runs on for 222 pages, listing all kinds of movies, comics, video games and manga that’s been converted to fully NSFW Comic Porn. The library’s got an X-rated Naruto collection 165 pages deep, and that’s just the tip of the fucking iceberg. I cock-massaged my way through the Digimon section before getting lost in their Dragon Ball parodies for a while.Have It Your Freaky-Ass WayThere are currently 1,871 Dragon Ball Z galleries on ComicPorn, encompassing a wild variety of kinks and fetishes. You can enjoy some relatively tame content like Goku having threesomes or incestuous sex, or check out some much, much freakier shit. The first page of thumbnails offers up gender-swapped variations of the characters, Saiyan slave comics where Krillin gets his face sat on, and ballbusting hentai where Bulma kicks, punches, and stomps on a guy’s nuts for 25 pages.If you haven’t guessed already, has Comic Porn in an incredible range of porn subgenres. Sex art isn’t restrained by the same limits as video smut, so you get a much wider variety of kinks and fetishes than your typical free video tube. Standards like MILFs, orgies and lesbians are a given, but what really draws a lot of perverts to the genre is the sheer depth of the depravity here.The Tags index is a little bit unwieldy. The different tags have thumbnail images, which is nice, but the whole catalog goes on for 527 pages. The tags aren’t limited to just categories, but also artists. There’s a fair amount of clutter, which does get in the way when you’re just perusing to see what kind of weird shit they’ve got to touch yourself to. For example, page 9 features Armpit Licking, Armpit Sex and Artbook, and the other dozen tags are artists; the art is high-quality, but those names don’t tell me much about what’s inside.There is a search bar, so it’s easy enough to find whatever you want. Overall, the site is organized well, though it seems more catered to fans of the genre who already know their favorite artists and hentai fetishes. There’s even a massive Characters index, this one spanning over a thousand pages already. It’s hard to believe this site has only been open for a couple of weeks.They’ve Been Around How Long?It almost goes without saying that is being updated rapidly with an absolute shit-ton of new porn comics and sex manga. It seems like every number I’ve typed out in this review has been massive, and the digits are ticking higher every day. I’m not sure how they’re sourcing content, but they’re obviously digging deep.There are already hundreds of thousands of free ComicPorn galleries. Assuming there’s no overlap, it breaks down to around 98,000 Porn Comic galleries, 89,000 Hentai Manga galleries, and a whopping 277,000 Doujinshi galleries. You weren’t planning on getting anything done today, were you?The site doesn’t have a fancy, baked-in comic reader like some sites in the genre, instead of opting for a simple gallery format. Click one of those covers or front pages and you’ll be transported to the full comic page with a thumbnail view. There’s a bunch of tags at the top, as well as a Download button I couldn’t get to work even after registering an account. (Hopefully, this means the feature is coming soon.)While had a couple of minor quirks, they defied my expectations for a domain that was literally registered this month. On the contrary, I didn’t find the issues typically associated with brand new sites, like small catalogs or spam. (With my adblocker running, I didn’t see any spam at all.) The collection size, range of perversion and convenience will be more than enough to draw in a fair share of wankers. If the stash is this nice already, I think we’ll only be more impressed as these guys continue to grow.