Who loves Shentai? I guess that might be a tricky question if you don’t yet know what Shentai is, but trust me, it ain’t all that complicated. I initially thought maybe they’d slapped an S onto Hentai because they specialized in futanari, dick-girls and shemales, but nah, this is an all-encompassing collection of free sex manga. Sure, you’ll find those illustrated chicks with dicks if that’s what you’re into, but there’s also plenty of material for the more vanilla hentai fans—you know, like gender-swapped tentacle monsters impregnating zombie cat girls as they has been around for nearly a decade now, delivering thousands of explicit anime-influenced sex comics to thousands of daily visitors. If you’re a fan of the genre, you know that these sites often rise and fall at a fucking ridiculous rate; I bet some of the doujinshi sites you were beating off to last year have already disappeared, huh? The longevity alone tells you these guys are clearly doing something right, and it’s my job as ThePornDude to lube up the ol’ silicone schoolgirl snatch and find out what that is.A Hentai Library in Blog FormThe very first thing you’ll probably notice when you visit Shentai is the setup. Most hentai sites are built on either a gallery-style layout or an imageboard format, a la 4chan or any of the boorus. Those styles seem ready-made for porn comics, since their primary functions all revolve around sharing images in a quick, convenient, and readily accessible way.Shentai, by contrast, is rolling with a blog-style setup. Blogs are versatile as hell, as a lot of you already know if you’ve ever worked with WordPress or studied my other site, PornWebmasters. I think people pigeonhole the format, thinking its use is limited to mommy bloggers sharing recipes or those weird conspiracy sites explaining how COVID comes from cell phone towers. In truth, it can be used for damn near anything, including giving out free sex manga.The design ain’t flashy by any measure. Beneath a simple header, the latest additions to the collection are presented one post at a time. The front page shows just one preview image for each post, with download links and a bigger set of thumbnails when you click through the fold.One thing I like immediately is how rapidly this collection is growing. Like most any blog, the date is stamped on every post, so I can already see that the front page consists entirely of material added today. I’m reviewing the joint on a Wednesday morning, and they’ve already added a dozen new bits of Shentai. It ain’t just today, either: they’re adding a shit ton of new hentai every day.Princesses, Schoolgirls, Futanari and AliensIt may be early in the day, but it already looks like there’s a fresh little something for everyone. The newest addition is a 3D CG futanari read starring some buff bodybuilder bitches with huge ding-a-lings. Before that was a bondage incest story, a couple of interracial scenes, a hand-drawn slutty princess doujin with forced sex, a hentai lesbian love affair, and a 25-page epic about a horny girl with actual horns and giant boobies.That’s just all in a day’s work at, as they’ve always had a wide range of deep perversion. Japanese porn is known for pushing the boundaries well beyond what is acceptable in decent company and even in the world of dirty movies, and hentai gets to push those edges even further. The artists are not bound by the laws of nature, the laws of man, or even the generally accepted rules of basic decency.Think about it: how many times have you seen Brazzers put out a movie where a lady turns into a giant, fucks herself with a statue and then fits a full-size human man up her gargantuan butthole? Even if you could find an actress and a mad-scientist growth serum, it’s still illegal in 43 states to crush a house with wrecking-ball tits. Some types of porn are well-suited for the hentai format alone.Some of’s most popular categories are listed up in the header for the quickest access. A few of these are broad categorizations of artistic style: 3D, Hentai and Western. The family stuff is really fucking popular here, so there are header links to both the Incest and Mom-Son subgenres. A SiteRips collection offers massive download packs spanning gigs and thousands of pages from some of the bigger, more popular porn comic sites out there.One of the big links in the header reads Shentai-Only. These are for members only, which I’ll get to later in this review. I wasn’t immediately sure what the distinction is for the comics themselves, but it looks like these are some of the more popular comics on the web, including some typically premium offerings. is giving away some great porn comics you usually have to pay for. JabComix, Y3DF and MILFtoon figure prominently, and I’m sure you connoisseurs will find some of your favorites.Disney Princesses with Dicks?If your preferred fetish or style ain’t listed in the header, not to worry, because there’s a big-ass category cloud right there on the front page. Shentai doesn’t have one of those sprawling Tags or Categories page you find on other hentai libraries, but they’ve done a good job tagging all the content with the applicable sex acts, scenarios, body types and hentai genres.The cloud even goes as far as listing the number of comics with the particular tag you’re interested in. There are over 20,000 with Big Boobs, 333 with Dad-Daughter scenarios and 2147 with Gangbangs. Those who like it rough can dip into their 5567 Forced comics, and those who like ‘em extra fat can read 258 Pregnant comics.They’ve also got a ton of unauthorized parodies. If you’re worried about the new version of Space Jam shrinking the tits, you’ll probably find something more to your liking here. drops the bulk of their parodies into their 3740-piece Doujinshi collection, but you can also peruse by specific characters or properties. Avatar, Batgirl and Pokemon all make the cut, with 163 Naruto pornos, 143 starring the Dragon Ball cast, and nearly 300 X-rated Disney parodies that probably have a room full of lawyers somewhere sweating nervously while trying to ignore their raging boners.I keep dropping these numbers, and I’m sure some of you Rainman math geniuses are already starting to add them up. Save the mental energy, friends, because they tell you right out front how deep this stash runs. already has over 40,000 comics, and it’s growing crazy fast with all those updates.What’s Up with Downloads and Membership?Overall, Shentai’s blog presentation does the job. My one beef with the format is that this ain’t a site you pull up when you’re actively beating off. There’s no built-in comic reader, so you’ll have to download the comics in advance. Everything is hosted on file lockers like RapidGator and Upstore. If you’ve used these services before, you already know their drawbacks: wait times, spam, and throttled download speeds for free users. It’s a pain in the ass, but that’s your cost of entry. If you’re waiting on that next stimulus check, hoping the lights stay on, it’s a better deal than spending actual money on hentai.Which brings us to the Shentai-Only club. They actually tie the membership to a Tezfiles premium account. Three months is the minimum to get access, so you’re going to have to spend around $50. Premium accounts on the file lockers give you perks like maximum download speeds, simultaneous downloads and resumable downloads, bringing you back to modern times from those enforced dialup download speeds. At, a Tezfile subscription also means you’ll gain access to all that fancy, high-end hentai filed under Shentai-Only.Fifty bones is kind of a big ask for what is supposed to be a free hentai site, though has been around long enough that it’s clearly working for them. Even if you’d rather just shake your dick at the free stuff, Shentai’s got plenty. That massive mountain of dirty drawings and CG depravity, built up over a decade, is arguably the site’s strongest point, setting them apart from the younger hentai sites out there. The download-only format is going to be a major drawback for the horny weeaboos looking to crank one off right now, but I’d recommend giving them a long, hard look if you can’t find your preferred hentai anywhere else.