If you’re someone who can rightly call themselves a serial masturbator then you know all too well just how important it is that you get the most out of your self-made orgasm when going about your daily business. When it comes to jacking off by yourself while watching porn you’re relying on watching visually-stimulating content in order to get you aroused so you can enjoy your fap and have a blast of an orgasm. With that being said, I know just how hard it is for lonely virgins who do nothing but masturbate all day to relate to sex in porn because they’ve never had it, and the best they can do is imagine.This leaves them wanting content that can fulfill everything else besides the physical factor – I’m talking big-budget, ‘realistic’ HD-shot pornography with glaring 4K scenes which come close to the ‘real thing’. Now this may be fine and dandy if you’re a regular porn viewer who doesn’t give a fuck, but there’s another way to get the most out of pornography if you’re serious about it, and it involves using a little intelligence and imagination so that you won’t amount to a brain-dead loser who jerks off to HD porn all day long – Comics.XXX Comics are the Intellectual’s Porn of ChoiceNot all people need overly-stimulating HD videos to have a great time while watching porn. In fact, it wouldn’t be false to say that people who lack imagination and by extension intellect need the most stimulation when consuming any form of entertainment, not just porn. If you can’t use a little imagination to help keep your hard-on then you’re gonna have to rely on ‘super real’ porn like HD POV porn and VR to help keep your dick hard and your brain aroused while jacking it, despite this meaning that you’ll probably never be able to get a hard-on for an actual girl again.If you value yourself as a true creative intellect with a large capacity for vivid imagination, then you probably won’t need all that big-budget HD shit to help keep you horny while you wack off – a well-written and nicely-drawn sex comic can work just as well or even better for your fapping experience as opposed to HD POV porn videos, and you’ll be using much more brainpower to keep you horny, so you can consider XXX comics as brain-food for serial masturbators. This is why Erofus.com, one of the biggest collections of XXX comics on the internet, can be considered the intellectual’s porno site of choice.Need a Good Storyline?There are a small number of people out there who love nothing more than original XXX comics featuring believable storylines involving realistic characters that are relatable as opposed to fictional ones that are drawn as fan-service. Erofus is filled to the brim with these ‘realistic’ comics, and they feature just about every XXX category and theme you can imagine. There are comics featuring high school boys ending up in situations where they fuck their hot teachers, and there’s also comics about studs going around and penetrating local hot teens that just can’t wait to jump on some hard dick.Some of the storylines that feature these realistic-looking characters are pretty believable, while others can be pretty intricate. So whether you can relate to being a horny high school kid that wants to ram his math teacher or a stepson who can fuck his stepmom better than his dad, you’re sure to find some well-thought-out storylines in the reality comics featured on this site.A Real Haven for 3D Comic Porn FansOne of the most common kinds of XXX comics on this site is computer-generated 3D comics. Now they may not all look pretty, but they do it best when it comes to reality porn. You just can’t get immersed in a relatable plotline when the characters look like Saturday-morning cartoons, or if they have humongous eyes because they’re drawn in anime-style. Sometimes all you need is some 3D-generated XXX comics that deviate from the normal art styles you usually see on XXX comics to get the job done.It Features All the Best XXX Comic Authors and Illustrators on the InternetIf you’ve been fapping to XXX comics for a while then you probably already know your way around them and can tell which art belongs to which illustrator. At Erofus, most of the comic thumbnails on display are highlighted by the artist or production company behind them, so you’ll know exactly what caliber of erotic comics you’ll be cumming to when making a choice. If you fancy yourself a fap to ‘Croc Comics’ or prefer a production house that focuses more on parodies like ‘Stromfeder Comics’, you’ll be able to easily identify which is which thanks to the way they’ve been displayed on the front page of this site. There are even comic and art galleries from famous erotic artists such as Vincenzo Cucca which are highlighted this way – because sometimes you need to fap to an XXX comic that’s made by a real artist instead of a forgettable 3D render created by a shitty artist that looks like a fucking nightmare.Plenty of Parodies to Choose FromNot only does this site contain realistic-themed comics which you can relate to and original storylines with plots that almost make you forget that you’re watching porn, it also has a plethora of XXX parodies that are certain to please their fans. If you grew up watching Justice League and always had a thing for that scantily-clad Wonder Woman but could never find porn of her as a child, then you can bet your balls that you’ll find plenty of comics on here that depict her getting fucked by both friend and foe alike. Maybe you’re more of a gamer and always fantasized about fucking Cortana’s sweet juicy ass, or wanted to sodomize the living fuck out of LoL’s Katarina – you might just be able to find a comic on here that features those very characters getting violated in several different ways.Can’t Forget the Manga & HentaiI’ve seen a lot of porn and visited a huge number of XXX websites over the years, and when it comes to drawn porn the majority of it is definitely hentai. While most of the comics on this site feature art drawn by Western artists which don’t depict characters with enormous eyes and ridiculous hair, it still features a fair share of Hentai and manga comics.You just can’t imagine drawn porn without the manga and Hentai, and there is a LOT of it on here – avid hentai fans can fap away to original hentai mangas featuring unique storylines and characters, or they can settle for the hentai parodies which feature your favorite anime protagonists involved in all kinds of sex acts that you wish you could see when you were a kid. If you ever get the urge to revisit your favorite childhood anime heroes like Ash from Pokemon and Goku from Dragonball on Erofus, you can be damn sure that you’ll find them fucking all sorts of anime babes on a wide selection of comics.In the End, this Site is a Real Clusterfuck of ComicsDespite it having a wide variety of comics including hentai mangas, 3D comics, and traditional 2D cartoons, and despite it having comics with realistic storylines, original plots and XXX parodies, this site still has a long way to go before it can really stand out. I would say that Erofus is nothing more than an unorganized clusterfuck of comics which can’t be categorized, separated or organized in any way. There are no categories to choose from – all you get is a page full of thumbnail links with titles featuring either their artist or category.The only real function you get is a search bar and a ‘sort by’ option which allows you to filter recent additions, viewed comics and liked comics (which ultimately doesn’t do shit to help your searches). If you’re looking to fap on this site and aren’t sure of exactly which comic you wanna cum to you’re basically stuck browsing through an unorganized assortment of all kinds of comics. Also, there are ads everywhere on this site, which just adds more chaos.