XlecX (XcartX)

I know how you got here. I’m talking long term, going back years, decades maybe. Long before you even looked at porno on the Internet, you were getting wood looking at all the big-titted superheroines and manga schoolgirls in your comic books. Now you’re all grown up, but those cartoon girls still do it for you. You’re not alone. Sites like XlecX aka XcartX are full of illustrated smut just for pervs like you.XlecX.com aka XcartX.com is a really young site. They didn’t even hit the web until 2016. The fact that they’re now getting over six million visits a month should tell you something. The simple description at the very top spells out their secret: Porn Comics Free Online.Thousands of Pages of PerversionI don’t want to be a dick or nothin’, but XlecX ain’t winning any design awards with the layout. It’s very basic, with tired-looking fonts and a frankly ugly background. The overall style looks outdated, like something you’d find on the Internet a decade or two ago.The flash on the outside isn’t too important, though. What we’re more concerned with is the quality and quantity of the smut on tap.I’m assuming the dozen hentai offerings on the front page are arranged by date added, though there’s no readily apparent way to reorder them. I can’t even find post dates when I click through to the full comics, but I could be distracted by all the rabbit sluts and futanari, aka dick-girls.The whole collection is more than 300 pages like this, full of different (incest) porn comics to get the blood flowing to your cock. The individual page count for each story are listed on the thumbnail. They’re kind of all over the place, from a few pages to epic-length cartoon bangs. However you slice it, there’s an absolute fuck-ton of free material here.Slutty Maids Getting BangedA user rating out of 5 stars is displayed below each title. The first one on the front page only has 3 stars, but I clicked it anyway. I just want to see what kind of stuff they’re serving up at XlecX. It’s 25 pages, so it should keep me busy for a while if it’s not absolute garbage.The comic, Boy Meets Maid Zenpen, is tagged with a handful of categories like Big Breasts, Blowjob, Fingering, and Maid. The tagging system will make it easy for me to find more of the dirty shit that gets me going. I can also click the artist’s name to get more of his work.This particular manga looks polished and professional. There’s a lot of dialog for a porno, but you sometimes get that with hentai. It only takes a few pages before the maid has her clothes off and a hand on her pussy, though. There are those Big Breasts, Blowjob, Fingering and Maid they mentioned.I was disappointed to see some censorship on the genitals, though it’s not the typical pixel-grid you usually see on Japanese porn. This has weird black bars obscuring the cocks and cunts only partially.There are some related comics linked at the bottom. A couple of them feature maids getting the business, naturally. Below that is a comment section, but nobody has anything to say about this one.Show Me Your PussyI went back to the front page and tried out the second comic. This one had 4 stars. I hoped the extra star was for some dirty shit.You know, I’ve been looking at a lot of hentai sites lately, but I still forget the terminology sometimes. I probably wouldn’t have clicked on the second one, Unfinished Business, if I had noticed and remembered the tags under the title. This one is filed under Comics: Yaoi. That’s gay, dude.XlecX doesn’t specialize in one particular art style. This one still has the big anime eyes, but it’s in color with a more sparkly look to it. It’s also got gay dog-people sucking each other’s dicks.I’m not a furry or a fag, but I am happy the dog-cocks in Unfinished Business weren’t censored. It means XlecX isn’t a land barren of genitals, like so many hentai sites. The professional stuff from Japan is going to have obscured snatches, but everything else should be safe.Speaking of professional stuff, most of the content on XlecX is not. There are some pretty big variations in quality. Some of the comics look like they’ve been drawn in Windows Paint. None of them are by truly shit-level delusional artists, but the vetting is not as strict here as on other hentai sites that include amateur material.A Side Order of Scammy SpamWithin minutes of loading up XlecX, I clicked a link to one of the better-looking sex comics on the front page. The whole screen went black, replaced with a message demanding I click “Allow” to confirm I’m not a robot. A box from my browser popped up to ask if I want to let this third-party website, not XlecX, show me notifications.Worse, the spam hijacked my back button, popping its URL into my history a half-dozen times so I couldn’t turn around. The notification alert popped up again and again with the same demand, despite the fact that I said, “No!” #MeToo, motherfuckers. I couldn’t even get back to XlecX without closing the tab and typing in the address again.In case you’re brand new to the Internet, this is some sneaky, low-down, dirty shit. In fact, it’s actually aimed at people who are brand new to the Internet or just stupid, since they’re the ones who would fall for it. Basically, the spam is trying to trick you not only into taking the condom off, but handing over the keys to your house.Look, I understand that free sites need a way to pay their hosting fees and hopefully turn a profit. That said, you can do that without being blatantly fucking shady to your viewers. XlecX may not be directly responsible for this piece of spam, but I’m still fucking pissed.I settled down a bit as I continued to browse. Not a single other piece of spam made it through my ad-blocker, which is great. I’m not sure it’s a fair trade, though. A couple obnoxious pop-ups would have been preferable to that back alley hustler shit. For that kind of risk, you’ll need to offer me sex, drugs, or cash. Cartoon boobies don’t cut it.Look At All This Dirty ArtThe sidebar on the left side of the screen gives quick access to XlecX’s broad categories: Anime, Cartoon, Games, Furry, Incest, Dickgirls, 3d Comics, Yaoi/Gay, Yuri/Lesbian, and Manga. They’re pretty self-explanatory. There’s a bit of crossover between categories, but the range among them is ridiculous.One of the appeals of user-submitted comic sites like this is you get a lot of porno based on characters you know. There’s a Simpsons comic on XlecX called Is My Little Girl Still a Virgin? It’s tagged with Anal, Big Breast, Daughter, and Incest. Lisa never hits puberty on TV, but the yellow bitch with her mouth on Homer’s dick is a shapely thing.I wish there was an easier way to browse by tags, like an extensive Categories/Tags page. Is My Little Girl Still a Virgin has The Simpsons in its Parody tag, but I can’t figure out how to find a full list of parodied characters.XlecX almost makes up for it with a very advanced search feature. Leave it to hentai nerds to implement some next-level shit like this. There are way more sort and filter options than on most porn sites. The only problem is you have to know what you want.It may not be my favorite hentai site, but it’s easy to see why XlecX got so big, so fast. Some of the porn comics look amateurish compared to the material on other sites, but that’s the price you pay to build such a huge and varied collection so quickly. Given the site’s format, there are probably hidden sex gems on XlecX that you won’t find anywhere else.