So you comic freaks want to have a fap at NXT Comics? Whoever gets turned on by cartoon comics will surely find NXT-Comics to be their heaven. You will know exactly what I mean after reading this review or simply by visiting the site yourself. If you are interested in all the crap that this place has to offer, I am here to make it all clear, so enjoy.Keep in mind that I do this out of the goodness of my heart and addiction to everything pornographic, so everything I say really comes from my heart. Now, I understand that we are all different people, which is why there are so many different pornographic categories… I mean we all have our dirty preferences, and while reading smut comics is really not what I enjoy, you might.I do not know about you, but for me, I prefer to visit the websites with good or at least passable designs, and NXT Comics does have its flaws but the overall design is quite user-friendly. It will not take you long to see where what is and all that crap. That is something I can truly appreciate as somebody who frequently browses for pornographic shit online.The homepage will show you a bunch of comics that you will surely want to check out since even as a non-fan, I clicked on multiple comics. One thing I can always appreciate is the diversity of their content, and that is exactly what this place offers. I mean, I found a lot of hot, strange and fucking weird comics, that I enjoyed nonetheless.When I say that I have found weird comics, I really mean that… for example, there is a comic called ‘Woman Doomsday’ and it follows the story of a chick and Venom. Basically, Venom gets his way, violates his victims, and in the end kills them quite fucking bloody. I’d say that if you are not a gore fan, you might want to stray away from such comics altogether.However, on nxt-comics.com you have plenty of other comics to enjoy, not just the weird and bloody. You have the fucking basic shit that everyone can fap to, there are also the crossovers from one universe to the other in the hero world, and well as the comics dedicated to an existing cartoon and shit; such as The Incredible.My suggestion is to simply browse all the shit that this place has to offer, open them in new tabs and enjoy reading. The way you can read their comics is quite simple, all you really need to do is click on the comic that catches your attention and you will be able to read it with ease. Not to mention that everything is free, which is fucking great.However, if you have a lot of dislikes when it comes to the weird side of pornography, you might want to visit another site. This place only offers comics, which means that everything is drawn, thus everything is possible. From fucking a chopped slut to having sex with your son even if he is underage. I think that is the beauty of comic pornography, since everything is legal, and it harms nobody.I feel stupid even saying that, because it should already be fucking implied, but I am quite sure that there will be a group of idiots taking it the wrong way. Usually, women are the ones who do that, because in today’s world they are offended by everyone and everything, especially the fucking feminists.Well, I am sorry ladies, but we all know that you were created to serve men, so can you quit your whining and get down to your knees? Now, that I am sure that all the annoying feminists went away, I can continue with what more this place has to offer.You do not really have any search options, except the search box on top and if you scroll down you will be given some of the most used tags, but that is about it. Well, this is not nearly enough to help you find that specific kink that makes you hard in an instant, and I know, because I tried searching myself. To find the good shit you will have to scroll through all of their comics instead…One would think that a site that offers such a variety in their content will actually create a functional website with great search options, but they decided to skip on that. Do not get me wrong, NXTComics functions fine, but I guess I am still fucking salty because of their incapability to create the fucking advanced search.On top, you can choose to list the Adult comics, 3D, hentai or incest comics. There is also an option to download these nice comics to your PC, and after clicking on that tab you will be sent to another site. Now, I am not sure why the fuck would you want to download this shit to your PC, but in case you are one of those weirdoes who collects this shit, I wanted to let you know that there is an option just for you.From all of the shit they offer, my favorite category was the Hentai section, and I am pretty sure we all know why. The hentai chicks are fucking perfect, and their manga are incredibly creative in both the fucking and plot scenarios. But, you can browse for whatever the fuck makes you hard instead since as I already said, everyone has their own dirty taste.Anything that I might have missed in this review about nxt-comics.com is probably already implied, so just visit the site and check the shit out yourself. You do not have to worry about registering and all that crap, because everything is free, so just find the comic you like and have fun reading.