Porn Comics Zone! While I am pretty sure that we all know what the fuck PornComicsZone.net, aka shentai.xyz has to offer, there are a couple of details that you might not know about. Obviously, the site offers hentai, which you can see from its name, but there is something else you need to know as well. This place does not really offer hentai, but it does offer a great selection of comics instead.Now, there is a special section for the videos, or so the site suggests, but I could not really get to view any of them. Once you click on the desired clip, you will be asked to turn off your Ad block, which is something I really fucking hate. Not to mention that even if you fucking turn on your ad block, you will still have to do a lot of shit to get to the video.Honestly, that crap is just too much fucking work for a hentai movie, especially since there are so many other great hentai sites that you can enjoy instead. Just take a look at the wonderful hentai list I have on my homepage, and I am sure that you will find the right content for your naughty needs. But, if you are into manga/comics more, then shentai.xyz will surely do the trick.The design really disappointed me, since it looks like a fucking basic 2000s design, where there is a shitty background and everything is placed in the middle. But, at least most of its functionality works great, which is a positive, since I have seen plenty of shitty sites out there, and I can guarantee that you will find all the crap you want to see with ease here.All the comics that are listed will have a couple of tags presented, a front page of the comic, and a title, obviously, so if you want to read it, you do have to open it separately. I have found plenty of juicy comics here, if I may add, and I am pretty sure that if you are as big of a fan as me when it comes to animated pornography, you will surely enjoy what I have to say.When I visited this place, a couple of suggested comics featured the naughty side of Dragon Ball, from Goku fucking Bulma or his wife Chi-Chi, to Vegeta having some rough sex with his wife instead. There was couple of comics featuring other characters as well, and not just from Dragon Ball. I also stumbled upon the kinky Naruto comics Where Kushina had sex with Hinata… now that is a scenario I never thought I’d want to see.Of course, there is a huge selection of comics, so you never know what you might run into, and not all of them are related to an already existing anime or game. There are some comics that are made just for the purpose of satisfying your naughtiest desires, and let’s face it, the only hentai can satisfy our kinkiest wishes.Now, if you are not that familiar with the hentai world, there are probably a couple of things you need to know before you start exploring. First of all, be prepared to see a little bit of everything, and I really fucking mean this. In the wonderful world of hentai, everything is fucking allowed, which means you should be prepared to see all of the forbidden, taboo or weird shit.This all comes down to your personal preference in my opinion because I am fucking sure that the two of us do not like to watch the same shit. The best thing about hentai is that you do not have to be ashamed when watching a weird fetish clip since if you think that is weird, the person who came up with that shit is even weirder. That always makes me laugh.On the side of the site, I am sure you will see a couple of categories listed, and those cover the basics, but not everything I was hoping for. However, you have tags as well, so I guess it should be fine when you are searching for something specific. Make sure to check out the different browsing shit that is listed in the usual menu as well.You can list Indian porn, Adult comics, Art of Jaguar, Furries, and a lot of other weird, hot, and questionable shit that is quite sexual. Now, for the ladies who are reading this, I need to prepare you for the fact that hentai is not really known to be respe3ctable towards women, but then again who watches porn to see women get respected?We all know that your only purpose here is to please the superior gender, men, and bare our children. I am pretty fucking sure that there will be a lot of offended sluts who think otherwise, but hey, I did not come up with this just randomly. This is just how shit was made, if you do not like it, take it up with the big guy upstairs.Now, the site says that you can download porn, which is half true honestly. Sure you can download some of the comics, but am, not sure if you can call that content porn. Well, anyways, you can download some of the comics presented, if you are not too annoyed to agree to all of their fucking terms and be blasted with a shit ton of ads.Other than that, I have nothing else to say about shentai.xyz. This is a wonderful place filled with plenty of naughty comics featuring some of the more known characters from anime, old cartoons, games and so on. You have many different categories covered, so have fun browsing, downloading and reading.