What the fuck is Mast Tram? I’ll be honest; Google translate didn’t help me out much when I was trying to decipher the site’s name. I know it’s Hindi, because the site is in both English and Hindi, but I can’t figure out exactly what it means. Maybe it’s not all that important, because I can tell what the site’s all about even if I can’t understand the title. Masttram.com is a bilingual site full of Indian porn comics and hentai.Masttram.com was registered at the very end of August 2021, and I’m checking out the site just a couple of weeks later. I usually let a site grow a little longer before I mention it here at ThePornDude, because a lot of free porn sites go under almost as soon as they start. I’ve got a good feeling about these guys, though. For one thing, their popularity is growing at a ridiculous rate; within weeks of opening, they’ve racked up over 100,000 views. There’s also that growing collection of comic-book sex that’s already enticing me through the thumbnails, so I’m going to bust out the diesel-powered dick-stroker and take a closer look.Free Sex Toys and Hindi Porn ComicsMasttram.com ain’t exactly on the cutting edge when it comes to layout and design. They’ve got your basic blog-style layout, with a front page guiding their visitors to the English or the Hindi versions of the site. It looks like they’ve also got a deal with a sex toy company, as evidenced by a FREE SEX TOY ad with a picture of a surprised Mia Khalifa. You’ve got to Like both Masttram and the sex toy company on Facebook, which will get you entered in the weekly drawing for masturbatory implements. It looks like the offer extends worldwide, with a small disclaimer saying it may take a while to reach the USA.Man, I kind of wish I’d known about this before I bought all those bootleg Fleshlights from Wish. I’m all stocked up on things to stick my dick in, so I ignored the raffle and went straight for those comics. After clicking my language, Masttram gave me a simple menu with a handful of comic options: Savita Bhabhi Comics, Velamma Comics, 3D Comics, Hentai Comics, Western Comics and Other Genres.It’s a diverse collection, but different from your typical hentai or porn comic site. The abundance of Indian sex comics helps set Masttram.com apart from other sites, with much less emphasis on the other formats. Their hentai collection barely fills a page, and they’ve only got a few dozen drawn in the American style. The 3D section ain’t bad at all, but it’s clear their focus is on Hindi sex stories and Indian manga.Speaking strictly as a scholar or sex cultures around the world, Indians ain’t quite as wild and carefree as the West when it comes to the kinky shit. Their tolerance for even softcore smut is often similar to what you’d find deep in America’s bible belt, and there really ain’t a ton of Indian porn sites in general. At the same time, porn comics are known for catering to deep-niche fetishes and ultra depravity, as evidenced by almost any Japanese hentai site.I’m kind of jaded when it comes to porn, and I’m always seeking out the hardest shit I can find. I was a little worried Masttram would be relatively soft, but my fears were unfounded. The site features uncensored comics in some very kinky categories. There’s a cloud of popular tags in the site’s footer, and it’s full of fap fodder like Anal, Aunt, Brother Sister and Beastiality. See? The Japanese don’t have a monopoly on the freaky shit.Let’s Look at Freaky ShitI know I came for the Bhabi stories and Antarvasna porn comics, but I was really curious to see how much was filed under those fetish categories. I clicked Mother Son and found more than a dozen incest-themed sex comics. It’s a mix of material, including some CG sequential art starring a big fat-ass MILF, a few Western comics where a dude nails his mom, as well as a 10-page written story featuring a photo of a lady getting fucked from behind. The story is in Hindi, but my browser does a decent job translating it automatically.I was a little surprised to find Masttram.com has 3 whole pages of porn comics filed under Animals. Naturally, there’s a lot of overlap with comics tagged as Bestiality. That CG MILF I saw earlier is into banging her son and banging different animals, apparently, because she’s getting nailed by gorillas in a bunch of these comics.There are also a couple of pages of Forced comics and stories, for those of you who like it really rough. Again, I found an overlap right away, this time between the rape aisle and the incest section. There’s a Japanese hentai called Mother and Daughter featuring the sexy intergenerational duo crying on the cover. The cocks are pixelated, but the dialog is in English, so you won’t have trouble following the sordid tale.I clicked Real Sister and found some taboo hentai, a Hindi incest comic, and a Spanish-language parody of Fairly Oddparents where mom is looking fucking hot and horny. Most of the Real Sister collection is written stories, though, complete with more of those real photos I saw earlier. The stories on Masttram are a little underadvertised; they make up a sizable chunk of the collection, but aren’t even mentioned on the front English page. They’ve got a ton of erotic stories in Hindi.Really, though, they’ve got a ton of content overall. It’s a very new site, but they’re rapidly building the collection through tons of regular updates. There’s currently no easy way to view the whole collection all at once, but it easily adds up to hundreds of comics and stories. That ain’t bad at all for a site that hasn’t even been online a whole month.Fapping to Comics of Auntie VelammaThey say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When on Masttram, beat off to what the Indians beat off to. I clicked on the wildly popular Velamma series from the front page. There’s a message at the top telling me to READ ALL EPISODES FOR FREE, and I just might if I can find enough time and lube for all 103 episodes uploaded so far. I like her big jugs, though my Western sensibilities ain’t crazy about the hairy armpits or the heaven’s trail of curls leading from her navel to her hairy muff.I skipped to the last page so I could start with the very first episode of Velamma. Masttram doesn’t have a fancy built-in comic reader like some hentai sites, instead opting to display 10 comic pages to one web page in a continuous scroll. The format is not quite as convenient as full-page images that scale to your browser window, but not a dealbreaker. Just zoom in and you’ll be fine.The comic opens with this young dude going to stay with his hot, big-titted aunt Velamma while his parents are out of town. She catches him jacking off the first night and doesn’t seem to think much of it. By the third day, he’s pressing his boner against her ass while she wonders if it’s some kind of mistake. When he falls in the shower while masturbating, Auntie Velamma has to take care of the poor, hurt naked dude.I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, but Velamma is willing to do whatever it takes to make this young gentleman feel better. It honestly makes me feel a little bit jealous; the one and only time I flashed my boner at my aunt, I ended up having to fistfight my uncle. It wasn’t because she was offended or anything, but Uncle Joe was pissed about getting my sloppy seconds.Masttram.com is a really new site, but they’re off to a strong start. The site’s focus on Indian and Hindi porn comics separates them from most of the other hentai collections out there. Still, it doesn’t skimp on the extreme perversion you expect when you’re beating off to somebody’s drawn-out fantasies. They’re adding new porn comics and even erotic stories every day, so they’re worth a look if you’re into the genre.