If you’re looking for Bondage Comixxx, I’ve got some good news for you. Not because I’ve started taking drawing lessons or anything, as I’ve usually got my hands full and lubed up here at ThePornDude. Nah, I ain’t drawing these artistic BDSM bangs, femdom adventures and futanari fetishism, but I’ve got a line on some really good shit. In fact, maybe you’ve heard of this place already. They’ve been around since 2008, get thousands of visitors a day, and have an insane library of bondage porn does pretty much what it says on the tin, hooking up perverts around the Internet with well over 23,000 of those titular bondage comics. That’s quite a collection, to say the least. They’ve got a freemium business model, which I’ll get to, but don’t let that scare you away because you can fap to the vast majority of the collection without busting out your wallet. Even if you’re still waiting on that stimulus check to turn the fucking heat back on, you can jerk off here for free.More Than a Decade of Bondage ComicsThere’s kind of a lo-fi, old-school vibe going on at Bondage Comixxx, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re a fan of the genre, you know a lot of the big porn comic sites have lightly crusty layouts. There isn’t a ton of money in hand-drawn erotic stories compared to the 4K video ones, so it’s pretty common for these joints to focus on the content instead of splurging on the flashy layout. Here, it mainly feels like the site is showing its mature age. Most porn sites don’t stick around a few years, let alone linger for more than a decade with good traffic.Which begs the question, what exactly is the key to longevity at Bondage Comixxx? It’s arguably the namesake product, some of the finest examples of which are scattered all over the site’s landing page like so much wasted sperm. It’s a blog-style layout, showing the newest stuff first, and everything out front has been added today. They’re adding multiple BDSM comics to the collection every day, which is more than could be said for most paysites in any genre. For niche content like this, it’s even more impressive.Sometimes I review huge doujinshi libraries where it’s obvious they built the collection by including every piece of porn hentai they can scrape from the Internet. Volume is great, but sometimes it means digging through piles and piles of trash to find the good stuff. One thing I like immediately about BondageComixxx is the overall high quality of the artwork. Instead of having some bullshit scrawled by a retard with an old copy of MS Paint, everything here looks professional as hell.If you’re reading comics for the fantasy storylines or expansive world-building, you might be able to argue the art itself doesn’t matter all that much. These Bondage Comixxx are intended specifically for beating off, though, which is why that high-quality artwork counts for even more than it might at the local comic shop. Incidentally, I grew a beard, so I no longer match the picture behind the counter at my neighborhood superhero store. I guess I’ll find out if it worked by whether or not the cops show up to anime afternoon next week.What Kind of BDSM Comics Are You Into?Even before leaving the front page, it’s obvious that they stock all kinds of Bondage Comixxx around here. The very newest book features a Latina MILF getting boned, and before that was a hyper-realistic CG lesbian affair with a sci-fi theme. Other comics added today include an Everfire incest story, the tale of a giantess shrinking her boyfriend to a squishable little toy, and an interracial lesbian jailhouse domination scenario with forced foot worship, ass-eating, and a poor little rich girl getting mistaken for a prostitute in need of a harsh lesson.There’s also a short list of top Categories listed in a sidebar menu on the front page. There are around 1600 filed under BDSM, 2,700 labeled with CGI and around 750 in the Femdom category. There are 365 Futa stories, nearly 7,000 Must Haves, and a couple of hundred Gay comics for the queers. The Categories also include quick links to the Premium and Gold material, which will cost you a few bucks.Given the high volume of Bondage Comixxx in the collection, they could probably use a bit more organization. A bigger list of Categories would be a start, or even a more diverse list of Tags. Scrolling down a bit, you’ll find a Tags menu, but it’s not the usual categories, body types and themes you’d expect. Instead, the Tags here are mostly artists and publishers like Tufos, Vorefan, Lustomic, Tease Comix and Transmorpher.They’ve also arranged the archive by date. There are quick links to every month of releases stretching back over the last 12 years, and then another sidebar menu of annual archives. Last year, they released nearly 4,000 comics, and 2021 is already shaping up to be a good year for illustrated smut. I’m writing this in the final week of February, and there are already 610 Bondage Comixxx added this year. Nice!What’s Up with Premium and Gold?Most of the material on is free to enjoy without spending a goddamn dime, but you’ll start running into the paid stuff right away. Among today’s uploads, I noticed a JabComix book with the Gold tag, and a Spanish-language Latina porn comic filed under Premium. I can see a few sample pages of the Premium book before I get shut out, but I only get a peek at thumbnails for the Gold one.They make it sound like Premium and Gold are two different paid memberships, but they’re actually overlapping services. The Premium membership gets you access to everything filed under Premium, and if you buy a 365-day membership, you also get access to everything filed under Gold. Confused? Basically, Gold is a bonus for long-term members.Clicking the signup button shuffles you along to TezFiles, where their files are stored. A monthly membership is twenty bucks, which is already a tenner cheaper than your typical paysite membership. Like other premium sites, rates drop as you go longer. Ninety days will run you $16 a month, while the yearly rate drops down to around $10.83 a month.It's also worth noting here that BondageComixxx doesn’t host anything on site, but stores their files on file locker services. Most of the non-premium/gold content is hosted on Keep2Share, and anyone familiar with the service already knows what the restrictions are. You can download all you want, but free users are going to have to wait for throttled download speeds and waiting periods. As with the TezFiles content, spending a few bucks will get you quicker, more immediate access to downloads with significantly less waiting.Beating Off for Free to Fetish ComicsI won’t lie: I already blew my monthly fap budget on a new dick pump and some sketchy boner powder I found on Wish. I’m not too worried about the rash because this isn’t the first time, but I was a little too hard up to spring for a premium package. With that in mind, I made my way to a free Jetsons parody uploaded to BondageComixxx just yesterday.Since the site doesn’t host anything, they don’t have a built-in comic reader like some of the other sites out there. Instead, each comic page features a thumbnail gallery view, with each thumb leading to a full-size version on a site like ImageTwist.It’s not the most convenient setup because you can’t click directly to the next page, but I can see why they filed this one under Must Haves. Judy and Elroy are a bit older than in the original cartoon, but I don’t remember any explicit incest in the Hanna-Barbera version. He bangs her in the mouth before pumping her twat full of hot cum as she smacks his balls with her slippered is not without its flaws, namely the small number of categories/tags and the lack of built-in comic reader. Despite these little quirks, they’ve managed to stick around on a crowded Internet for more than a decade. I’d wager the secret to their success is that massive, wide-ranging collection of fetish and BDSM comics and overall high standards for the artwork. If you like porn comics with an added dose of kink but don’t necessarily want to fap to big-eyed hentai girls, you’re probably going to love this place.