Looking for Indian sex comics at Savita HD? The main reason why I love reading or watching animated pornography is simply that everything is possible in that world. There are no restrictions or anything like that, and if you share this opinion, you might want to check out a website called savitahd.net, that is dedicated to comics and animations. Some of you might have already heard about Savita and Velamma episodes, but even if you do not know anything about these two hotties, I am here to explain everything about Savita HD.The first time you visit the site, you might be a bit confused because their homepage looks like shit. I mean, they just have a wall of text in the middle and everything else looks fake. Now, the biggest issue I had when I visited their site was the ads and the pop-ups… you can find them anywhere, and for me, the ads can really kill my boner.Their homepage is literally there just to explain who these two wonderful bitches are, and in case you still have not figured it out yet, this is a video site dedicated to two beautiful Indian chicks; Savita and Velamma. From what I have read, Savita is a beautiful woman who might be married but she prefers hardcore sex with random strangers who are packing.On the other hand, you have Velamma who is a bit older than Savita, and she is also on the chubbier side. They call her a milf, and although she is also married, this hottie will never pass the opportunity to get fucked by horny dudes. Now, what makes this site so interesting is the fact that bhabhi Indian chicks tend to be very shy and closed, but these two Indian beauties are the opposite.If you click on ‘comics’ in the upper corner, you will get to see some of the comics but not all of them. For you to view all of them, you have to click on the link that is on the site… I am not sure why the fuck they made this shit so complicated, and I mention this for those who are really interested in all of the comics this place has to offer.There, you will only be offered the Savita stories, the Velamma stories are somewhere else and I will be talking about that a bit later. Again, you will have an explanation about what the fuck you can expect to see here, but honestly, just by looking at the front page of these comics or movies, or whatnot, you will be able to know what the fuck to expect.All of the episodes and comics can be downloaded to your PC or phone, and you have them in both Hindi and English, which is great for all of us who do not speak the language. However, for you to download the episodes, you will have to create an account, and that means that you will have to pay as well.There are actually a lot of membership offers, and that shit confused the fuck out of me. There are 15 memberships in total, and some of them do not really tell you the price or anything… Honestly, why the fuck does their subscription page look so fucking messy. It almost made me not want to fucking subscribe to anything… what a fucking mess.At the bottom of the page, they only explain one part of the subscriptions, but they do also state that you can cancel this shit at any time… so I guess that’s something. From what I understood, some memberships only have privileges to a certain amount of shit, while others let you see everything… If you plan on subscribing, please do your research or contact them and ask them personally.They do have that option on their homepage, “Contact Us”. There you can send them an email, and complain about all your problems or whatever the fuck you want. I did run into a portion of Savita comics that you can read for free, and they were quite fucking hot. I am not that into Indian chicks, but this bitch was right up my league and she was able to make me cum, even if she is fictional.Those who are more interested in the curvy mature Indian Bhabhi should visit the homepage again, and under her description, you have a couple of links where you can watch her movies and read the comics. Now, a couple of those links will not work, but at this point, I am not really fucking surprised. This site looks half-finished anyways, so I thought that a couple of shit will not work properly.There is not much difference between these two hot Indian wives when talking about how much they love to be fucked. I found a lot of comics with Velamma where she got gangbanged, and they were quite fucking hot. As you can already guess since none of this is real, anything can happen and that is what we all can appreciate.For the most part, the shit that this site offers is connected to Savita and Velamma, but they are not the only two Indian bitches who like to fuck. You also have a couple of other animated beauties that I saw, and I am sure that you will like them as well. One thing that these comics have in common is that all of the Indian bitches love to have sex.I think that anyone who enjoys reading comics and is into the lovely Indian sluts will bust a nut every time they visit this site. Here, you have plenty of great comics to make your dick hard, but there are also some naughty animations if you decide to subscribe. So, visit savitahd.net and have some dirty fun with naughty Indian wives.