La Comics! Okay, so you’re here because you’re looking for a new place to get your fix when it comes to watching some cartoon characters do all the nasty that they’re not allowed to do on tv. I get that, it’s a good fucking reason to be here and it’s why I’m here too. LaComics.org is definitely somewhere you can go to have a good hard look at what all the fuss is about when it comes to 2 drawn characters getting down and dirty.Simple & CleanIt’s simple, and that’s good. It’s got a simple design to it making it clear where everything is, not that there’s a lot of things to keep track of but that’s the point. They have the posts listed on the page in a way that doesn’t really look too organized but who the fuck really needs it to be that organized? You see one you like, you click on it and that’s all there really needs to be to it.Not only that there’s a fucking lot of posts, but each page also has about 20 different posts each with a different comic thought sometimes there are a couple of them that area at least related to each other. You know, drawn by the same artist or some shit. But for the most part, each post is individual and the whole fucking thing is updated at least a couple of times a week.They’ll Get There EventuallySo 20 posts on each page and at this point, when I’m checking myself, there’s over a 120 pages altogether full of posts. I’m not about to do the math on this one, I’ll let you math nerds whip out your calculators on your phone and do it yourselves but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s a whole fucking lot.Check to the right side of the website and you’ll see all the different categories they have all these posts listed under in some way shape or form. Just like the rest of the website, it’s pretty basic so there’s not gonna be a lot here for anybody hoping to get real specific with their in-depth crazy fetishes. They have 19 categories to choose from at this point so don’t think you’re going to be able to search here and find some long lost super special porn comic you really wish you could remember. This shit is kinky but it’s not too in-depth so maybe wait for the website to age for a while and come back when they’ve expanded their collection.Speaking of their collection is all over the fucking place. Like I said each post is unique and I fucking meant it. You’ve got original comics here from artists that literally got started in the comic industry by making some for porn, they must have found success too because there’s more than 1 artist that has quite a few posts of their work here.Rule 34But then rule 34 comes into play in a big way and I fucking know you’ve all got at least some experience with it. Think of all the cartoons you’ve seen on tv or even a lot of the time tested characters you’ve loved in your video games for the last 20 years or so. Chances are there’s going to be some content here that has them in it. Some really sick and messed up shit too, this is the online world of internet porn you know there’s no line drawn in the sand these sick fucks are not going to walk across. I’m not complaining either, sometimes that shit works and ends up being a masterpiece. Point is chances are you’re going to see a lot of familiar animated faces here if you scroll around for long enough.I’ll be honest when I say I didn’t expect to see a search bar here, this just doesn’t seem like the kind of website to have one. But it works, if anywhere on this site full of 120+ pages worth of posts whatever you search for exists, it’ll pull it right up to the front so maybe you could do without all the different category options if you know what you’re looking for.Look At All The Pretty ColorsOne of the downsides has to do with the organization, there really isn’t any, the entire site is sorted by default in terms of how long ago it was posted. So the thing that was most recently posted is all the way up front while the oldest shit is in the back. Not super shitty I guess but the point is the genres, the artists, the series, and everything else just gets mixed up in between the first page and the last. That’s my point though, it’s so mixed up you get distracted looking for something specific when something else catches your eye.One Of These Things Is Like The OtherI’m only comparing this shit to other websites that have simple buttons you can just click and it’ll lay out all the shit by this one artist or all the shit featuring this one character. It still kind of does that with the search bar at the top and the categories on the side but like I said there are only about 19 categories and you gotta know what the name of the shit is you want to jack it to before you go making any wilds guesses in the search bar. It’s just a small fucking pet peeve, nothing too major but still It might improve in-time and It’ll be a reason I come back here if it ever does.I like the options it gives you when you click on each post, forget for a moment how disorganized and unrelated each new post is to the one before it and just appreciate that fact that not only can you read the comic on this site and get your dirty business done here, but you can actually download the comic to your computer for later viewing, even without an internet connection. And on each page, rather than having to go back to the main page to find another post, if you’d like you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page you’re on and click either the “forward” or “back” buttons you can find there. Obviously taking you to the next comic or the previous one. Makes things a little simpler I guess, but I’d still rather have a fuck load more categories to pick from. My tastes are varied and I demand my porn comic needs met.Heavy HittersSpeaking of those categories though, it’s obvious why even though they have only 19 of them these are the ones they picked. Each one minus maybe a couple of them checks one of two things, the first being a really big fetish box, not all of them appreciated by myself. Some of that shit is nasty as you know. The second is a really big name in porn comics, like the legends in the game who’ve got a lot of quality drawn content out there that a whole fuck ton of people have read through enjoyed and left maybe a few ounces lighter after the fact. “Milftoon”, “JabComix”, “Melkor Mancin” to name a few of the big names you can find there, I guess there may be a reason the list is so small but if you ask me I think it could still stand to have some more shit added to it.Full DisclosureIt would probably be dishonest if I forgot to mention the fact that they’ve got a nice little link to ThePornDude at the top, won’t spare them from getting a 100 percent honest to fuck review from me but if nothing else they get brownie points and I’m gonna mention it here to be upfront about it.This last thing I’ll mention I will admit is a little fucking nitpicky but it bothered me for some reason despite the fact I was distracted. Maybe 3d comics are getting more popular lately and I’m just left behind here but apparently, it’s the case and the evidence of that is that there are two links to LaComics' 3d porn section located in primate web page territory. You can find one at the top right next to thePornDude and the other over in the Category section, I couldn’t tell you why that is but like I said maybe there’s some sort of 3d porn fad going around I’m not aware of. Don’t expect that to last long folks, you can bet your ass if there’s some new form of porn out there making its way in the world I’ll be on the fucking case before you can grab a tissue.ConclusionSo LaComics, a simple site. It knows what it’s about and that’s reflected in its simple design. It doesn’t really leave you wanting too much except for maybe a few more categories in the section on the side but if they don’t have to inventory to make adding more a good idea then maybe that’s why we’re sitting pretty at a solid 19. You can read some good shit here or you can download that same good shit and leave it for later with no shit ass pop-ups or payment plans to stop you. Give it a go, it’s worth your time I’d say.