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I was fapping to XXX Comics this morning, and boy, are my arms tired! I always end up falling down an absolute rabbit hole of depravity on sites full of porn comics, and this one was no exception. I love how these artistic depictions of perversion don’t have to stick to the usual laws of physics or rules of decency they have to play by with traditional video smut. It makes the whole genre a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of unnatural breeding and non-procreative humping.XXXComics.online has only really been online since the beginning of the year, but they caught my attention with their rising traffic and growing library of dirty sequential art. For such a new site, they’ve managed to build a hell of a free porn comics collection in just a matter of months. Their userbase is growing at a crazy rate, too, with over a half-million horny comic lovers checking out the joint every month. Hey, as long as I don’t get banned like at the local comic shop, I think I’m going to be happy, but there’s only one way to really find out for sure.Schoolgirls, Devil Babes and Lizard SlutsWhat is it about anime chicks that does it for you? Is it the big eyes or the big tits? Maybe it’s the crazy hair or the animal ears, perhaps even the furry tails they put on a lot of these broads. Then again, I’m sure there are weeaboos out there who love nothing more than the sight of a chick in a sailor suit, a lolicon fairy, or a beautiful cartoon woman with an absolutely enormous, veiny, throbbingly erect penis shooting sperm all over the fucking place.Or maybe you’re one of those neckbeard masturbators who loves cartoons, but frowns upon those ugly anime-inspired babes with their unrealistic proportions or ahegao faces. In that case, maybe you’d prefer some Western-style fantasy art of lizard bitches with big racks, or sexed-up variations on your favorite Nickelodeon characters. There are folks out there who can only jack off to furry porn drawn in that classic Hanna Barbera style, and that’s fine, too.Whatever the case, XXX Comics has got you covered. They have tons of material in both manga and Western comic styles. If you’ve got a preference for one or the other, there are buttons at the bottom of the page leading to the porn comics or the hentai manga. There’s a bit of overlap, but that’s to be expected, especially when the collection is this big.Filthy XXX Comic Categories GaloreIf you’re checking out XXXComics on a mobile device, the first thing you’ll see when you hit the front page is a selection of hentai covers. From the top to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see little devil girls and horny schoolgirls, wet-pussied office ladies and kawaii witches getting violated by hordes of tentacles. I saw lesbian comics, bondage stories starring princesses, and freaky loli adventures for the real deviates out there.If you pull up the front page on a wider screen, like a laptop, that picture menu of fresh hentai is topped by a text-based menu of some truly based categories. XXXComics has XXX Comics in a ton of sexy categories and filthy fetishes. If you’ve never visited a hentai site before, get ready for some really kinky stuff that makes Pornhub look like a family-friendly walk in the park.Like other porn sites, you’ll find some common categories like Anal Sex, Big Tits and Deepthroat. They’ve also got the scenario categories you’d probably expect if you have a vague knowledge of anime, like Asian Girls, Cosplay, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.But what have you really heard about hentai? Because let me tell you, it’s all true, and all those crazy subgenres are here. There’s a big-ass Futanari section, where you can read hundreds of comics about girls with dicks. Rape is even more popular, with over 400 offerings in the category. There are Tentacles, Monster Girls, X-ray sex and Transformation, not to mention Succubus stories, Kidnapping, and a whole fucking ton of Lolicon. Some hentai sites avoid the loli stuff, but it’s obviously one of the big draws here, with over 700 comics featuring the tag.They Never Do This in the Disney VersionThere’s also a picture menu of Categories available via the dropdown menu in the corner. I couldn’t help noticing the thumbnail for Anal Sex was Penny from Inspector Gadget getting fucked by a yellow dog’s red dick, which made me curious about how many parodies are available in the XXXComics.online library. It turns out, you can find that picture menu in the same dropdown.XXXComics has parodies of well over 2,000 characters from comics, cartoons, video games and movies. It’s impressive enough that they’ve got that many, but they’ve also gone through the trouble of putting together a sprawling index with thumbnails for most of the characters. The first page has AK Yearling, the pony author, Aladdin and Alice from the Disney flicks, Aang the Airbender, and Alvin Seville, leader of the vicious street gang known as The Chipmunks.I’m always surprised by just how fucking many bronies are out there making porn out of My Little Pony, but it’s a thriving subculture. I lost count of all the ponies I saw on just the first page of the Characters index, but I also lost count of the characters I can and have beaten off to. While some of you really can ejaculate to the Cave Spider from Minecraft, I’m more into classic sluts like Chun Li, Harley Quinn and Princess Jasmine. (Okay, I admit, I’ve always liked Velma Dinkley, too, especially when they give her big tits and big ass!)If you can’t remember the name of a specific character but remember what they’re from, you can also browse “By Sections.” I wasn’t even sure what that meant until I checked it out, but it gives you a breakdown of porn comics by cartoon, game or movie. It’s a much easier way to find all your favorites from Adventure Time, Mortal Kombat, or The Fairly OddParents without having to look up each individual character.Reading Porn Comics in the Fucking FutureI’ve tossed out a few numbers already that have probably gotten the math whiz nerds thinking. Even if you haven’t done the calculations yourself, you may have already guessed that this a huge fucking catalog of free porn comics. Well, you’re absolutely right. As of this writing, XXXComics.online has over 5,300 comics and keeps growing.I always like to tell my readers how often a site is updating with fresh content, but I couldn’t find any dates listed below any of the XXX Comics. Suffice to say, if they’ve only been around half a year and already have this many porno mangas available, they’re adding shit to the pile on a regular basis.Maybe the bigger question with a stash of that size is just where to start. I decided to start on the front page, where everything is so fresh it still says it has zero views. A green-haired chick with absolutely enormous knockers caught my eye, so I clicked my way to a doujin called Sanae’s Lewd Breasts.The baked-in comic book reader is one of the best gimmicks at XXX Comics. A lot of sites give you a tired old gallery format where you just click thumbnailed links to full-size images. You get the thumbnail views here, but the full page is displayed below and zoomable with your mouse wheel. I recommend clicking the full screen button to stretch it across your monitor, and click the edges to flip the page. The only downside to the format is that it may not be compatible with those browser plugins that download all the images on a page. There’s no Download button serving up zip files, so it may be some extra work to save any of this stuff.I don’t want to spoil anything about this Lewd Breasts comic I checked out, but the slow start pays off. Soon this chick’s coming out of her top, rubbing boobs with other babes while milk shoots out in a relentless torrent that keeps up for the duration of the manga. One of the broads turns out to be a futanari, who delivers an X-ray cumshot.I had a few moments during my visit when XXXComics.online seemed to take a few extra seconds to load, which could have been an issue with my adblocker because I didn’t see any spam. The clean presentation combined with the size, scope, and easy searchability of the library is going to be a big enough draw for most comic-loving masturbators, who will quickly be able to find just the right piece for their fap break. Check it out if you like naked comic and hentai chicks.