Want to read some adult comix at XYZ Comics? I am sure many people would find dirty comics a weird form of fapping material, but honestly, aren’t comics like an upgraded version of what people used to masturbate to in the past? We all remember the fuck magazines that were sold, and If you do not remember those, you must be hella young. Well, I am here to introduce a great site called xyzcomics.com.There is a simple reason why people love to read dirty comics, and it is similar to the reason why we still love to browse the Playboy sluts. Well, if you are interested in some naughty stories with very descriptive images, then you have found the right place for yourself. xyzcomics.com is filled with the dirtiest comics, so sit back, relax and enjoy.Loads of dirty comics.You should already know that I do not like to waste my time with sites that are not at all worth the visit, and if I actually come across a site like that, I will make sure you know. This place, however, is definitely worth all the attention it is getting because they have a collection of the hottest comics I have seen so far.The homepage of this site is quite addictive if you ask me… they offer a lot of random shit, and that definitely got my attention. Now, this is the proper way of making a homepage, because you need to get your audience interested from the very start. If you are not able to do that, the chances are that your traffic overall will be quite low.With that said I have to mention that their design and that shit, is not the best. It looks like they did not even try to make their site look presentable because it literally resembles a site that could have been made in half an hour… I did not expect anything top-notch from a free site, but a little effort here and there would not hurt.At least, their content is on point, and I know that is why the fuck you lads are here. Well, all the comics here are free and quite fucking hot. You have a bunch of different comic styles, and those who are fans of such shit will know what the fuck I am talking about. Personally, I prefer to read the hentai manga, because Japanese artists really know how to capture that raw sexuality with the sluts they draw.Of course, you have the Western-style, where the drawings are a bit rougher, but that does not make them bad. I’d say that you need to explore the site and different styles to find the shit that will get your cock hard, because at the end of the day this all pretty much depends on you, and what the fuck you want to fap to.Why do people love comics?I am sure some of you are still wondering, what is the big deal with the naughty content you can read, and why do people prefer to read when they could watch porn. Well, you must also be one of those lads who does not understand the beauty of hentai videos, because that basically explains why people prefer to read smut.Look at it from a different perspective; there are a lot of naughty acts that are impossible or illegal in the world, and while that might be true for real life, that rule does not apply to any of the animated or drawn pornography. This means that literally, no matter what kind of a fucked-up fetish you might have, there is no doubt that you will eventually find it here.We all know the “taboo” porn the professional porn companies like to produce, but those tend to feature just the usual scripted banging instead. For example, the incest is always between stepsiblings or whatever; well, if you want to see the real deal, the fucked-up scenes, and everything that should be forbidden, then you have just hit the jackpot.I have explored xyzcomics.com for quite some time, and I honestly like to come back to this place, simply because they have a lot of different content. At this point, I’m guessing that you already know that I am a big fan of hentai porn as well, and if this got you interested but you still prefer animations, you can check out some of the hentai sites I have reviewed thus far.For example, one comic I checked out featured a beautiful brunette who was kidnapped, and then visited by a chick who really looks like April from TMNT… Well, anyhow, the kidnapped chick was used and abused by her beautiful friend, who loved using her sex toys, especially the double-headed dildo.Of course, there were loads of comics that involved known characters; like the one hentai manga that showed a geek who was able to get Widowmaker and tracer from Overwatch to the real world. The only way he was about to let them get back to the game is if they allowed him to fuck them hard, and that is exactly what he did.On the other hand, you had the actual incest pornography; a particular one I checked out was called The Hillbilly farm, and boy that was a job to explore. I mean, on xyzcomics.com you have everything, from the forbidden shit to shit that would not be possible in real life… since comics and hentai literally have no limit, and that is why people love to read smut.Search options could be better.When I saw how much shit this place has to offer, I was honestly expecting much better search options. However, you are only given a couple of search options. The obvious ones are the searches listed on top of the site; such as 3D comics, hentai, incest, milftoon and so on. You can choose from one of those, or you might be interested in search for the content by the artist.As you scroll down on the homepage, or basically on any section, you will see that at the end of the page they have some tags included as well, but you cannot really take a good luck at them, because as soon as you scroll down, the site will load more comics… What kind of a fucking system is that? Basically, you have to find a section that does not have that many comics, to actually get to the end.With such search options, you will have more luck just browsing manually. Not to mention that the whole system of just refreshing the pages instead of having pagination is shitty. If you browse for some time, and the shit randomly refreshes, you will be back where you started… and who the fuck wants that?Sure, you also have the search box on top, but we all know that that shit way of searching is useless. Basically, choose just one of the given options, and then scroll until you find the crap you are interested in. I cannot really shit on them too much when all the crap xyzcomics.com has to offer is completely free, so visit if you want or just fucking do not.ConclusionEveryone is into some weird crap these days, what happened to the good old magazines, where you could use your imagination for the rest? Well, it was upgraded to normal pornography, and those magazines were also transformed into comics that tell a much better story, while still allowing you to use a bit of your imagination.These comics are everywhere, and all the ones you can find on xyzcomics.com are fucking hot, and best of all, they are free. I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you might be looking for, with just a bit of browsing, because the content here pretty much covers everything; from shit that should be illegal to the crap that you see every day.If you are tired of the same-old pornographic videos, and you would like to step up your porn game, this is definitely the best choice. You have a bunch of different sections and styles of comics, and while I personally prefer to read hentai manga, the Western comics are fap-worthy as well. As I have already mentioned, this all pretty much depends on what the fuck your cock wants to watch. So, take your sweet time and start exploring, there is a lot for you to see on xyzcomics.com.