So you feel like checking out SVS Comics today? Before Batman, Superman, X-Men, and all that shit became taken over by Hollywood, they originally became famous through comic books. Well, it goes without saying that these days, books are getting completely fucked by the computer and the internet, and comic books are dying with it.Well, SVS Comics is here to change that. SVSComics is a website where you can find thousands of porn comics for free. We are talking about a lot of “reading” material, like over 90,000. These bitches suck, fuck, and cuck in hundreds of different stories and art styles, so if you are a reading man, there’s no doubt you can find something to jerk off to.Something about stories just makes you feel more close to the bitch you know what I’m saying? Like you get deeper into the situation. It’s the same reason people like to roleplay to really get that hard nut, corny as it sounds. But you know what, I can be a motherfucking man of high taste who appreciates such high art, and SVSComics has this shit in spades.SVSComics is driven by its users. All the comics are from users who upload their content, and you can upload your own comics too. That’s right, you too can be a freak getting off at the fact that thousands of people are jerking off to your artwork.In addition to American-style comics, the site also features hentai, porn games, and siterips. In addition to original works, it also has a ton of parodies on famous works like Family Guy, Simpsons, Fairly Odd Parents (the fuck?), and Scooby motherfucking Doo. That’s right motherfucker, you can cum to Scooby Doo fucking that four-eyed bitch in the Mystery Machine.It also has all types of anime shit, video game characters, and much more. The site features different porn artists so you can easily find your favorites.Straight to the actionAs soon as you get to the website, you’ll get dickslapped by a bunch of comic covers that shows you exactly what the fuck this site is about. Hentai, 3d porn and cartoon comic covers are laid out like an art gallery for you to look through. At the top of the site are the most famous categories, so you can also just click those to get to the specific shit you want like “Milftoon” or “Hentai comics”.At the very top of the site is the menu bar. It’s a straightforward site with minimal bullshit, so luckily you don’t run into a lot of ads or weird features (for now). Finally, all the content is user-generated, so you can become a member to share your own shitty drawings, bookmark your favorites, and more.Previewing the comics is pretty simple. You click on the comic, and get sent to a page that shows you a set of preview pics, and then several links that you can download the comics from. But let me warn you about one thing. SVSCOMICS does NOT host any image or content on their website! All of these links will take you to a 3rd party host site. This is fucking important to point out because it means that you can be hit with popup ads and other bullshit that you never saw coming.Because the different comics are uploaded onto different websites, I can’t tell you exactly what you will be hit with. Some host sites will just straight give you the content, but other fuckers can hit you with ads, slow download speeds, and other BULLSHIT before you get your precious fap material. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s a small price to pay for the fact that all this shit is 100% FREE, so don’t be too much a bitch about it.People sure love to drawThere is a lot of fucking content. Like I said before, over 90,000 comics with over a hundred being added every day. A shitload of games too, although most of the games are pretty shitty to be honest, and you’ll get bored of 'em as soon as you nut.The major categories are easy to browse too. Just click on “Categories” at the top, and you’ll be sent to a page that outlines three major categories. At the top, is “Porn Comic Genres”, and there you can choose between Western comics, Hentai, 3dporn, games, and siterips. Then below that, you have the content categories, like incest, various video games, various TV shows, “Big Boobs” (my favorite), and more. It’s actually pretty funny that “Mom & Son” and “Incest” are the two most popular. The third most popular is “furry”.All you fucking furries can go fuck yourselves. Excuse me, “yiff” yourselves…freaks.Finally, at the bottom, you have the most popular porn artist comics. You got real motherfuckers like Milftoon, Y3DF, Melkor Mancin, and more. Honestly, I don’t know much about the world of porn comic artistry, and I’m shocked that these fuckers actually have fan bases, but fuck it, you gotta honor those that help you bust a big ass nut.People will read again!To be honest, I like this site. It adds some new shit to fap to that I’m not too used to, because I’m the type that usually likes to get straight to the motherfucking action. But these comics are pretty fun to read, and the different art styles mean you’ll be able to find something you like.It’s also good if you wanna fap to some shit that you were watching. Like let’s say you were watching Family Guy, and for some reason you wanna see Lois Griffin get fucked in the ass. Well pop that fucking name into the fucking search box, and you’ll see DOZENS of comics of her getting drilled by all types of characters, including aliens.The games are also fun to play, as long as you’re horny. It adds some interaction and buildup to the fap process. Does that make sense? Like with typical porn, you can just get straight to the action, and start jerking off right away. With these games, you have like an introduction, and you get to know the characters, and there’s a story and shit, and the tension builds up. I sound like a fucking faggot so I’ll stop now, but again, it’s worth checking out.What I hateI shouldn’t even be complaining about this shit, but I gotta point out weaknesses when I see them. I don’t like that every single thing is hosted on third party sites. Typically, services that host this type of content are a little shady and annoying, with lots of pop-ups and shit like that. At least SVSComics makes sure to use hosts that minimize on the bullshit. Browsing the content is pretty damn chill, but if you want to actually download some shit, be prepared to go through a tiny bit of a headache dodging popups, dealing with subpar download speeds, things like that.But again, it’s all free, so who the FUCK are we to complain?At least host the damn previewsIt would be nice if SVSComics at least hosted the preview pics. Each comic has like 4-5 preview comics so you can make sure its fappable before you download it. But the hosts they use have lots of ads and can have subtle tricks to make you go to a full-blown ad. I found my dick getting a little annoyed.ConclusionHonestly, going through this site changed my mind about this type of shit. Some of these comics are pretty hot. Personally, I found some of the 3d comics pretty good, and there are several games that are fun for a quick go-around.When it comes to the games though, some of them have big file sizes, so you may want to read the comments and maybe even do some Google research. There’s no rating system so it’s hard to tell if a game is shitty or not.The funny thing is some of these games are hard! You just wanna bust a nut but you find yourself having to mindread the goddamn developer to try to figure out how to get these bitches to take their fucking clothes off FUCK! But turns out you can usually Google or read the comments to find the walkthroughs that tell you what the fuck you gotta do. Nothing gets between me and my fap.The site does about a good a job as possible when it comes to the 3rd party hosting. Again, it can be a pain in the ass relying on 3rd party servers. But with SVSComics.com, they have figured out the best hosts like Keep2Share and FileBoom, and this standardization means that you can know what to expect. It also means that if you choose to, you can just pay these hosts for faster downloads, and get all of the content pretty quickly.Now go fap to some comics like its 1969.