It was definitely bliss checking out content on My Hentai Comics, and I am more than happy to tell you just what the fuck you can expect to see. I think that it should be fucking obvious that this is a place filled with dirty comics since the name of the domain is giving it away. However, might seem all peachy and shit, but there are a couple of errors I’d like to talk about as well as all the good things that make this site very addictive.The design of the site is honestly quite shitty, and since we are not living in the 90s anymore, they could have made this shit much more presentable. Everything is where it should be, and I give them props to that, but common, add a little spunk to the overall design. Well, at least they offer a darker layout, which makes my nightly browsing much better.Free hentai and cartoon comicsWhile the site says that it offers hentai comics, that is not completely true. I know that some of you do not know the basic difference between hentai and cartoon, but on the other hand, I think that should be fucking obvious. Hentai are Japanese animations, and in this case, they would be called manga (Japanese comics), while Cartoon comics have a completely different art style.If you are not an utter idiot, you will surely be able to tell the difference between the two styles, because even with just one glance the differences are fucking obvious. Now, I know that some of you could not give a shit about the design and such crap, but for me, every porn site should offer exactly what they say that they do, and the design should not be as shitty in2k18…The homepage is orderly, which is honestly a nice feature on a free porn site since usually, this does not happen. Free websites tend to give up on the design altogether, thinking that since they offer free content they do not have to give a shit. Well, the homepage will list all kinds of different comics you can check out, and from what I have seen, there is a big variety.Hentai, furry, cartoon pornographyThe usual comics that were offered were furry comics, and that also might just be the result of the time I visited their site or some shit, but it looks like they do offer quite a lot of furry comics. So, if you think that animals are hot, and you would like to see them in a human-like form getting fucked or whatnot, you are more than welcome to browse the content they have to offer here.Personally, I do not understand how people masturbate to such pornography, but then again, I am not here to judge. I am just here to tell you what the site offers and that will be enough for you to know if this is actually a site that you would visit. Besides, I am sure that some of you fuckers would find the shit I masturbate to weird as well.The next most often seen comics were hentai doujinshi, which were not called like that but that is basically what they were. For those who did not know. Doujinshi are basically hentai comics made from an already existing anime; such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and so on… you get the gist. Honestly, seeing my two favorite characters fuck is always a pleasure.After that, there were a lot of cartoon comics as well, and many of them featured a crossover. If you do not know what that means, it is basically when you take two characters from a whole different universe (cartoon) and put them together as a couple. For example, I saw a comic that featured the beautiful Marie Kanker from Ed, Edd n Eddy, who got fucked by the clumsy Titeuf… and let me just add, that was a very weird yet satisfying combo.Categories will help you find your kink!As I mentioned, the site is really organized, and everything you need is on top. The first row in the usual-menu will send you to different sites or give you an option to contact their support or whatnot. They are apparently suggesting that you view three different sites;,, and my personal favorite, These are all sites of similar nature, so if does not satisfy your desires, you can give some of those sites a go.Below that first row, you have two rows where you have the important shit listed. As you can see, there are categories, and you can view all of the categories they offer, which will help you find the shit you are into. They cover the basics and something extra on the side, which is very interesting to see when it comes to comic websites.You have categories such as milf, lesbian, incest, interracial, lactation, harem and so on, but there are also the weirder categories like rape, pregnant, superheroes, mind control, breast expansion and so on. They cover a lot of weird and basic crap, so if you are interested, you should definitely check it out… not like there is anything you can lose.The categories are great for those who are into something specific, but if you really do not give a shit about what you will read, and you are open to different stuff, you can always list the comics randomly on the homepage. There are also some of the most often used tags presented on top, so check those out as well.If you run into any problems while browsing, reading or maybe you want to upload your own crap, you can always contact the admin and ask them for additional info. When you open the Support/Feedback section, you will also be offered the FAQ page, where you have some of the most often asked questions, and I suggest you check that out before you just randomly ask them some dumbass shit.Regular weekly updatesFrom what I have read, and experienced, they keep their updates fairly regular, and they offer weekly updates. Usually, they would upload comics every Wednesday and Saturday, no fixed hour. Now, the best thing here is that they often upload between 20 to 25 comics each time, so that is fucking great. This means that you will not run out of new content so fast.However, they do not offer the option to download the comics, and I am mentioning this mostly because a lot of people are interested in downloads. Personally, I see no fucking point to download any of this crap, when I can always read the comics for free online, but if you are one of those weirdos who prefers to have a stash on his PC, then too bad.While you are not really able to create an account, you can talk to other users in the comment section by logging in with any of your existing accounts, which is not that bad. But, sometimes it is much more satisfying to have your own account, save comics to your favorites and just get the usual user-privileges that are offered on most websites. Hopefully, they will add this feature sooner or later.Variety of comicsSince I am so nice and shit, I checked out some of the weirder comics they offer, so I will now tell you about some comics that really caught my attention. One of the bizarre tags is Giantess, in my opinion, and here I checked out a comic titled “My Life As Her Trophy”. Here you basically had a giant tranny babe and a tiny dude who made her shower him with her cum… it was quite a weird scene.I also realize that they offer a special section for bestiality, and while I am against that in real life, there is nothing wrong with reading fake shit. The first comic I checked out featured Jessica Rabbit, and those who know who she is, also understand why the fuck I clicked on this clip. Here she was fucked by the hyena gang, and it was honestly pretty dope.Everything is possible in the hentai worldThe biggest reason I think people love hentai is because there are no limits since nothing is real. You have fucked up shit that would be forbidden in the real world, as well as the unrealistic beauty of all characters involved. Just like I said above, you have bestiality which is forbidden by law, but here it does not matter since nothing is real.Because of the variety, (often misspelled as "myhentiacomics" or "my hentia comics") has to offer, I would recommend this place to anyone who is able to truly appreciate the beauty of hentai and cartoon pornography. You have a lot of categories to browse through, so I am pretty fucking sure that you will find the naughty shit that makes your dick hard or pussy wet.