Psst hey, kid...you want to see some hentai? My Hentai Gallery is a hentai comic and doujin site that does not discriminate. Whether it's professionally drawn doujins from Japan or shitty ass MSPaint Simpsons comics from some dweeb's basement, My Hentai Gallery has got it all.Myhentaigallery will never judge you for looking at the weirdest most fucked up shit possible. Did you ever want to see Goku fuck the shit out of Vegeta? How about a Vegeta with some big old titties that looks like he was drawn by Michael J. Fox?Yup. You can find this and all kinds of other freaky shit at Myhentaigallery. God knows what type of creatures jerk off to this shit.The amount of content here is absurd, and dozens of new comics are added per week. Myhentaigallery doesn't give a fuck if the art is bad or if the premise is retarded, if it has 2D fucking going on, they will find it and upload it.The result is one of the largest hentai comic sites I've seen on the internet, even if a lot of them feature some seriously shitty art. I really wonder if people jerk off to this shit.Myhentaigallery feels like an upstart comic site, based on the respectful ads, growing community, and responsive webmaster.They host their own discord server and you can find comment boards where readers give comments and input. It's nice to see the webmaster read and respond to these. God knows I would avoid these freaky ass fans who get triggered by every other goddamn thing under the sun.Myhentaigallery even features its own Android app that you can pick up in the app store for free. The app is pretty barebones, but it gets the job done. Sadly no word on an iPhone app just yet.Finally, there's a lot more than standard hentai here. The content here includes webtoons, furry shit, Western-style comics, and a lot more. So keep an open mind when you browse MyhentaigalleryMyhentaigallery makes it easy to find the nastiest shitMyhentaigallery features a simple but effective layout that doesn't dazzle me or piss me off. The comics are laid out with a decent organization, and the site features basic things like search and tags.When you first enter the site you'll see a gallery of the latest comics. The first thing you'll notice is that there's a lot of amateur shit here. I'm talking disproportional titties, jagged ass faces, and all sorts of other amateur hour shit.Don't worry, Myhentaigallery has a ton of high-quality content also.You might also see that they conveniently label all the gay, shemales, and yaoi shit for you. This way you can spend your time wisely, finding or avoiding exactly what you're looking for.Of course, if you're bi, go nuts! The world is your perverted oyster.Clicking on the main menu will give you links to the main categories. You can organize comics by group or parodies if you're looking for a specific rule 34. The main genres including yaoi, 3d, Asian, bestiality, femdom, and a whole lot more.Clicking on a comic will take you to its gallery. You'll see thumbnails of all the pages laid out that you can click on to zoom in. You'll also get important information like the artist, group, the series it's parodying, and pages.Sadly, I didn't find any option for list view. You'll have to click on each page individually to read the comics. All the pages are in high quality at least.Like many comic sites, Myhentaigallery features Disqus at the end of each page for discussion. You'll find all kinds of random ass comments here, mostly meaningless bullshit. Still, it's cool that Myhentaigallery tries to make some feeling of community.That's really all there is to know. Myhentaigallery doesn't have any download function, sadly, so you'll have to download page by page if you want to save it to your hard drive.You should also check out their discord if you like the site. You can find a link to their discord channel in the menu. The webmaster seems pretty active, and there are over 300 active users at any time.Some of these artists are on some serious drugsMyhentaigallery features over 5,000 comics from what I counted, which should last most of you a lifetime.The content goes way beyond hentai and includes Western comics, furry, webcomics, 3D porn, and a ton of shit that looks like it was drawn by a retarded 3rd grader.Ever fantasize about a six foot roided up Milhouse fuck Marge on the beach? Me neither, but Myhentaigallery has it.There's plenty of strange porn like tentacle, bestiality, incest, and other taboo shit. If you like gay and yaoi porn, Myhentaigallery features a ton of that too. All the gay and trans content is conveniently labelled for you degenerates, making it easy to browse.What I LikeFirst, big props to the creator for not spamming ugly ass ads everywhere. I didn't run into any popups, popunders, spyware, or other bullshit that plagues so many porn sites.I can leave Myhentaigallery open all motherfucking day, and I'll still feel safe that my browser won't get infected with bullshit.The admin is also really active and responds to people all the time. The discord is active with the admin and diehard hentai comic fans, and I see a community slowly building at Myhentaigallery.They also sell some merchandise that features the site mascot, which is some 18-year-old hentai cunt named Scarlett Rose. She reminds me of Kimpossible, who by the way is the most fuckable cartoon bitch in the history of mankind.I would turn 2D just to get a chance to sniff her butthole, if you catch my drift.It's also cool that they have their own Android app. The app works a lot like the website and is a little more convenient to use than using the web browser. I don't recommend downloading it unless you really love hentai comics.What I HateThere are some major issues with this fine site.First, there is no rating system on the site. You won't find things like favorites or ratings, so you can't easily find the porn that other people voted as great.Usually, I like to browse by most favorite, so it kind of sucks that I had to test run a lot of the comics myself.If you are only interested in 3D or Rule 34 porn though, this shouldn't bother you that much.Another issue I had was the lack of list view. List view is where all the pages of the hentai comic are laid out on one site, so you can read everything in one go.This is super convenient cause you can just scroll down to read the comics, rather than clicking and having to wait for each page to load. That shit always gets on my nerves.I don't know why Myhentaigallery doesn't offer list view. I doubt the current layout really adds that much to their cash flow. But either way, they don't have it.They also don't provide download links for the comics. Doujin and comic sites usually provide zip or PDF downloads so you can quickly down last an entire comic for safe keeping, so it sucks they don't have it here. You are able to at least download each page individually by right clicking and having the image file.Keep on building this shit up broMyhentaigallery looks really promising, but it’s still really rough around the edges. I can tell the site is still under heavy construction. Sometimes the gallery thumbnails will have weird dimensions for example.The layout is kind of old school and lacks polish, even if it delivers the content without any issues. Myhentaigallery should also add list view for readers (like me) who can’t stand reading page by page.Hentai for you and meSo what are you waiting for? Myhentaigallery gives you not only hentai, but tons of 3D and Western style comics in full English just for you.It's a fun site complete with a sexy little mascot, and the admin is active in adding new content and developing new features every week.Unfortunately, you'll find a lot of shitty art here, but with the wacky art also comes some fun ideas that you won't find anywhere else.Where else can you find a hentai comic where Goku impregnates Vegeta?This is true creativity that you will never find with mainstream professional hentai. The art might be bad, but it's fun and fresh, and sometimes even great to jerk off to.It's still a rather raw site, but I can't wait to see how Myhentaigallery grows in the next few years. With a growing community and active admin, I see a promising future for this great little hentai den.