I Like Comix! Do you like comics? That’s really more of a rhetorical question, because you probably wouldn’t be reading this review if you didn’t give a shit about them. More specifically, though, it’s porn comics you like, huh? Well, the aptly titled ILikeComix has exactly those, and they’d like your attention.ILikeComix.com has been around in some form or another for the better part of a decade. The current domain wasn’t registered until 2018, but the archive stretches all the way back to 2013. Traffic really started ramping up toward the end of 2019, and they’re currently getting around 4 million visits a month. It’ll probably be more by the time you read this, and you may be among the fresh numbers.Perverted Comics for Perverted MindsI always expect sex comic sites to be perverted as all fucking hell, and ILikeComix doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve never visited a hentai/doujinshi site, you’d better prepare yourself. Depending on what kind of person you are, that might mean grabbing a bottle of lotion and an old gym sock, it might mean grabbing a trash can to ralph in, or it might mean years of therapy. I have a feeling I know which category you fall into, my fellow pervert!Let’s start with the most vanilla stuff I can find on the front page. There’s a 3D interracial threesome rendered in CG, with a big-boobed blonde fucking a White guy and a Black guy in a classroom. A really well-drawn hentai features Mei from Overwatch getting fucked in her pussy and up her ass, and a couple of Ebony babes fuck their way around the mayor’s office in Western-style porn comic, The Mayor.Getting a little kinkier, a couple giant-tittied 3D futanari fuck and suck each other off next to a smiling manga girl built a lot like He-Man except for the giant tits. The newest piece is a bit of full-color incest doujinshi, the cover of which features a sexy aunt putting her mammoth jugs on top of her grinning nephew’s little head. There’s a sexy, scantily clad woman getting dragged away by a group of dudes on the cover of The Adventures of Lilly, which is tagged with BDSM, eXTREME, Forced and Group.Heading further into the freak zone, they’ve got a furry comic with a snake sinking its fangs into a hedgehog’s titties. I don’t think Sega’s going to be happy about this. A thick Wonder Woman bests a horned monster dude, ass rapes him with a spear, and makes him kiss her platform boots, and then gives the Joker a footjob. There’s also a lady fucking some green alien broad who puts slugs in her pussy during the 69 sequence.A Huge and Varied Catalog of Comic SmutIt looks like pornographic manga drawn in the big-eyed Japanese style accounts for fewer than half of the comics, at least recently. That’s the opposite of most XXX comic sites, where it looks like all the artists are from Japan or just grew up fapping to Naruto. I see a ton of comics drawn in more Western styles like something you’d see from Marvel, DC or Image, and a ton of really freaky CG stuff.The front page shows all the stuff they’ve got, but check out the header if you’ve got a preference. I like how efficiently they’ve got the collection broken down: Front Page, 3D Comics, Hentai Comics, Cartoon & Toons, Interracial Comics, Furry Comics, and Western.I couldn’t find a Tags page, which is a damn shame because you can see just from browsing the front page that they’ve got a pretty deep catalog of perversion. They’ve got stuff labeled with tags like Dad-Daughter, Big Boobs, and Forced, not to mention Monster, Pregnant and Breast Expansion. There’s a little cloud of popular tags in the footer, but I really like to browse them when I can. You always find such obscure fetishes you’ve never heard of on hentai sites, which is a treat all its own.The updates come pretty steadily at ILikeComix, as you can see from the date stamps at the top of each new porn comic. Since I started reviewing the site, they’ve added 3 more comics. The theme of the day seems to be incest, as 3 of today’s 4 contain the taboo hookups.The updates weren’t always coming quite as steadily, but as I said, they’ve been at it since 2013. That’s a pretty long minute to build up a stash of anything, and they’ve built a goddamn modern Library of Alexandria here, only it’s all perverted sex comics. To date, the archive contains nearly 15,000 comic books that you shouldn’t let your children read.Reading Comics I Like on ILikeComixYet another comic was added as I write this, bringing today’s total to 5. My Dirty Valentine by Pegasus Smith is a 3D comic with big-boobed, big-assed MILF moving in next door. A disclaimer on the cover tells you all characters are over 18, and the teen narrator backs that up on the first page by casually mentioning that he’s a college student.The gallery view has a really clean look, with each page displayed as a thumbnail on a white grid. Clicking a thumb brings up the full-size version.I hadn’t seen any spam slip by my ad-blocking plugin since the start of my visit. The plugin wasn’t even counting any blocked items, which was weird. I finally got a few pieces of spam in the form of pop-unders that would come when I was clicking a thumbnail page to see a larger version. It’s fucking lame; I would have much preferred to see some banner ads on the side than to have my browse history fucked by a pop-under. I like using my Back button!ILikeComix doesn’t give you anything special as far as its baked-in comic reader. It’s just a really basic image viewer with a forward and back button to turn the pages. I like the hentai sites with upgraded features like automatic scrolling and different page layouts. You can only zoom in once with this viewer, which is fine for this comic but not as good for denser ones with smaller panels and text.My Dirty Valentine only has 1 or 2 panels per wide “page”, which actually makes it a perfect fit for this viewer. The teen spies on his MILF neighbor, getting out of her convertible. Based on the outfit and the car, I’m going to guess she likes the attention. She’s wearing the tiniest sheer dress, which doesn’t even hide her panties, let alone the rest of her gorgeous, big-boobed, big-bootied figure.The teenage pervs out on her, voyeur style, as she strips naked in her room next door. They both start masturbating, but it’s ruined when she looks over and sees him. She comes over to his house and introduces herself to his mom, who immediately calls him downstairs.I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but the MILF neighbor is lying when she tells the dude’s mom she just needs help with her computer. She’s a dominant bitch, but our intrepid hero does end up going back the very next day.It’s kind of ironic that I reviewed ILikeComix and ended up reading what is probably the most vanilla comic they’ve added to the site in the last few days. Incidentally, they added one more while I was reading that comic, bringing today’s total to a cool half-dozen. The newest one now is a Dexter’s Laboratory parody, where his mom has a huge ass, which he eats ravenously.Porn comics are so goddamn freaky in large part because they can go places that are simply impossible in the world of video pornography, whether it’s because of the laws of science, the laws of man, or the laws of good taste. That makes them perfect vehicles for perverted stories that don’t have much place elsewhere. ILikeComix is a damn fine showcase of just that kind of smut.ILikeComix.com has been steadily building its huge and varied collection of porn comics since 2013, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. It’s free to browse and read, with a wide variety of perversion that will appeal to neckbeards, weeaboos, and general perverts alike. That’s you, right?