Dukes Hardcore Honeys

Ever wish that porn comics weren’t so vanilla? I mean, come on, we’ve all seen comics of a couple of lesbian bitches scissoring a hundred times by now. It’s nothing new. And it leaves fetish fanatics like me craving for something different. I want to see hardcore porn of sluts getting wrecked, but I want it in comic form. It seems like it’s a tall order to get that lately. Hentai has it. Animations have it. But sometimes I want to settle down with a comic and bust a nut that way. I did some searching and came across a gem of a site.DukesHardcoreHoneys.com is a unique site. It’s not like anything else you’ve been to. It’s a premium porn comic site full of hardcore porn comics, short animations, and a few more crazy things I’ll get into later. All of the work here is done by a single artist, barring guest collaborations. This site has been around since back in 2009 and is currently drawing in around 100-200 thousand of you fucks every month. Might not seem like a lot, but those are some decent numbers for a paid site dedicated to a single artist/author.Expensive Premium MembershipIf you were paying any sort of attention, then you know this is a premium site. That means you’ve got to lay down some cash to get access to these hardcore honeys. Usually, I’m skeptical of paying for porn like this, but I’m always down with supporting artists. Especially ones that draw big bootied bitches getting fucked. And, not going to lie, the membership here isn’t particularly cheap. Monthly memberships will run you around 20-25 bucks, and there weren’t many discounted rates for long term memberships. The longest you could go in for was 3 months at a time.At least you can preview the content on the site before you dive in for the membership. You can view 1-minute clips from most of the animated videos, as well as get a page or two look when it comes to the comics. And you’ll want to do some browsing before you sign up. The art is very stylized here and some of you won’t like it. Can’t blame you. Some shit isn’t for everyone. But if you get hard at the site of these busty BDSM babes, then keep sticking with me on this deep dive.Very Stylized Art is Sexy, but Might not be for Everyone The front page is packed full of art, previews, updates and all that good shit. You’ll immediately be able to see what I’m talking about when it comes to art style. It reminds me of the artwork that quite emo kid would do in his notebooks during math class or some shit. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s well done. It just has a very unique style and feel to it that might not scream “sexy” to everyone. It has a more western style than you might be used to.The main page is organized with news, store offers, and tweets down the left side of the site. Taking up most of the center and right space are sections for hardcore videos, hardcore galleries, and hardcore characters. Each section is full of previews and have filter options for highest rated, most recent, and name/title. Straightforward and easy to follow. I dig it.The header up top looks cluttered as fuck, but you don’t have to worry about most of the options. The “Commissions, Email, Links, and Social Media” options are all basically different ways of contacting the artist. Honestly, I’d put those all together under a drop-down instead of taking up valuable header space.You Can Buy Life Size Fuck Dolls of Babes from Certain Comics All the other options go as follows: “Categories, Stories, Flash Games, Favorites, and Store.” Before anything, I have to talk about the fucking store. I expected, you know, art prints and maybe some DVD’s to boot. Sure, you can get that. But the real stars here are the life-sized 1-2 thousand dollar fuck dolls of the babes in his stories. They are fucking incredible. And I mean it when I say life-sized. These fucking things are 5 feet tall. I get pussy on the reg and I’m still tempted to go for it and buy one of these cum dumps.The main pages you’ll want to use are stories and categories. Stories is full of hot erotica with some art scattered through. Though it has been a good while since the stories were updated. Last addition was back in April of 2018. I hope it gets an update because some of these stories are hot as fuck. And the Flash Games page deserves an honorable mention. I’m sure it has great games, but for some reason, the site just won’t load that page for me. Hopefully you dudes have better luck.Tons of Kinky Categories With Unique, Fap Worthy ContentCategories is where you’ll go to find anything and everything else. There are a fuck ton of filter options. And they’re the kind where you can just click the little box and add multiple, so you only get the specific content you want. Want looping animations of MILFs sucking cock. Just highlight those terms and you’ll be good to go. And this site has a fuck ton of different types of content. 3D comics, animations, 2D comics, Cuckold, Fuck Doll Galleries, Audio Books, and so much more.If you’re browsing comics, then you get a set of previews for every single page. Each one pops up on your screen for easy viewing, and you can use your arrow keys to flip through. Most of the animations play in a big ass video player in 1080p quality. No buffering issues or any bullshit like that.Plus, you can favorite or download them without having to deal with other sketchy sites or links. Regardless of the content, each page lets you rate and comment on the comic or video. And each has a list of category tags, characters, upload date, and a short description of whatever kinky smut you’re fapping to.Great Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site was great. You can login, browse comics, watch videos, buy giant sex dolls, and all of that awesome degenerate shit during your Wednesday commute. The video players were too small for my taste. Sometimes I don’t want to have to fullscreen the damn thing every time I want to watch a video, but that’s the extent of my complaints. It kicks ass in all other aspects. You can read all of the comic pages without zooming in, and you can swipe through them with one hand. All in all a solid mobile site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesHow could my favorite feature be anything but the amazing, kinky, unique comics and animations? Dukeshardcorehoneys.com promises exactly what the title suggests: hot comics of hardcore bitches getting fucked. The style may not be for everyone, but those that dig it will bust so many nuts here. And it’s not just a few shitty comics or something like that. There are audiobooks, stories, comics, animations, and, hell, even some flash games. I’ve never seen a site by a single artist that manages to pump out so much high quality content. Gotta respect the hustle.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI think the membership should be a tad lower. Or at least give a heavy discount for longer memberships. 25 bucks a month is going to turn a good portion of people away. I’d opt for 15-19.99 for monthly and knock that down to 9.99 a month if someone’s willing to dish out the dosh for a year of access. But that’s just my cheap ass. I’m sure plenty of horny fucks are willing to pony up the cash for this hardcore content. Other than some small organizational suggestions, this site is doing shit right.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re a fan of hardcore porn comics and a rough stylized art style, then you’ll love the content over at Dukeshardcorehoneys.com. It’s full of kinky animations, comics, games, erotica, and more. It’s one of the few sites where you can buy a life-sized fuck doll of the hottest sluts from your favorite comics. That’s worth a visit all on its own. Don’t wait any longer. Dish out that cash and head to Dukeshardcorehoneys.com for quality content and a quality fap.