Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)

Savita bhabhi comics (Kirtu)? Well, alright, nerds, let’s talk about comic books. No, I don’t mean Superman or The Avengers or any of that bullshit, you man child. I’m talking about adult comic books. Porn comics. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Actually, chances are you’ve done more than just hear of them. I’m willing to put big money on the fact that you’ve fapped to one at some point in your life. Actually, let’s double that bet. I’m willing to put money on the fact that you have fapped to both porn comics and normal comic books in your day. I will take my winnings in Venmo or Paypal. No Bitcoin, though, that bubble is about to burst any day now.So, you like comics and you like porn. And, obviously, you like comic book porn. That much has been established. But have you ever checked out any Indian porn comics? Probably not, seeing as the majority of porn comics are Japanese (manga and all that shit) and India does everything it can to try and remove porn from the country. If you’ve ever wondered why Indian porn isn’t more common than it is … that is precisely why.In fact, in 2015, the Indian government blocked 857 porn sites from being accessed within their borders. And, not to brag or anything, but theporndude.com was one of them. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. The government claimed that they blocked these sites as a part of an effort to curb CP, but you and I know that is bullshit. Obviously, I would never link to any sick shit like that.Plus, they banned hundreds upon hundreds of other totally normal, harmless porn sites. That’s like banning cars altogether in order to fight against driving-related fatalities. The government claiming their censorship was in the name of combatting kiddie porn is just a clever way to try and garner public support for a borderline fascist initiative meant to limit free expression. Some might even posit that the Indian government has banned an artform.Regardless of whether or not you consider pornography to be art, the Indian government most certainly did ban a porn site that is, if nothing else, a form of art. A wildly popular porn comic site known as Kirtu made the list. And there isn’t even any possible way that Kirtu could have been peddling CP, because all of the porn it features is drawn! But, that’s okay, the people behind Kirtu were clever. After they made it onto the ban, they just changed domains. I would imagine that any other Indian porn site worth its salt would have just done the same. The Indian government didn’t see that one coming, did they? Those old fucks.So, Kirku.com simply became Savitabhabhi.com. Named after the site’s most popular comic series, Savita Bhabhi (PDF) consists of eighteen digital porn comic series (in PDF format if wanted). Well, I should say that the site currently consists of eighteen series, seeing as they are always putting out new content and creating new characters and worlds for you dorks to fap to. And this provides a great deal of range to the site.The site’s namesake series, Savita Bhabhi, for example, follows a horny Indian housewife, Savita through a never-ending search for carnal satisfaction. Savita is trapped in a loveless marriage, and, thus, discreetly explores her wildest sexual fantasies unbeknownst to her husband. The site became named after Savita because she has become something of an icon, or to use the site’s own words: “The porn site has become a face of freedom and a face of India’s liberals.” So, when you go to Savita Bhabhi, you can know that your fapping on the right side of history. Fap for freedom!Plenty of Cumpelling ComicsThe site has plenty of other equally interesting series for you to enjoy as well. Some are politically charged, others are not. All of them, though, are drawn and written in the artist’s signature Kirtu style. Some other examples of what you can expect to find on Savita Bhabhi are XXX Apartments (“Follow Aman Sharma’s amazing sexual adventures in XXX Apartments comics”); Priya Rao: The Encounter Specialist (“Priya was called in to the Deputy of Commissioner’s office because none other officers could be compared with her. Find out how she manages to pull it off with every mission that is assigned especially to her that requires her unique sets of skills and talents”); and, my personal favorite, Trumpland (a shy young man leaves India for the first time to obtain his graduate degree in Trump’s America; he is faced with tons of racism, but also tons of poon along the way).I actually really enjoyed reading the comics I found on Savita Bhabhi. And that is saying something because I don’t normally like comics. And I never get hard from animation. But, much to my surprise, I found myself both captivated by the stories and half chub by the end of an episode. So, I can only imagine that you nerdy, virginal comic book store frequenting fuckers will be drooling over this shit.Great Site Design, In-Browser Reading ExperienceNot only are the comics well-executed (decent writing, decent framing, decent animation), but the site’s in-browser e-reader is also quite good. I’ve been to a lot of sites that, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to get this right for the life of them. This one, though, was seamless, intuitive, sleek, and easy to use. Instead of being brought to another page or having to navigate a cumbersome PDF file that requires you to scroll down page after page, when you click on an issue to open it, it just cleanly overlays the site’s page.From here, you can click on-screen arrows to turn pages back or forth, or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard … it’s up to you. You can also exit reader mode by swiping the page up or down. The more you move it, the more of the screen behind becomes visible. This is particularly helpful if you want to conveniently, say, take a look at the user comments on the issue without losing your place.Community, Regular Releases, Even a Movie!That’s the other thing about Savita Bhabhi: the site seems to have a large and actively engaged community of users. If you’re a big Kirtu fan, then you’ll have plenty of likeminded people from around the world to discuss these comics with. Comments sections are not only active and busy, but intelligent and respectful as well (from what I can see). Users are actually discussing (and in some cases even analyzing) the comics, as opposed to merely commenting on how that one bitch had puffy nips or something. Enjoy an enthusiastic discourse after your daily read if that’s something that you’re into.As far as how frequently you can expect new content as a Savita Bhabhi member is concerned, it appears as if the site’s titular series releases a new episode about once a month (twice a month, I think, on occasion). Other series, however, are not given the same level of artistic attention. Some, in fact, seem to have been abandoned entirely, judging by the fact that their latest release was years ago (XXX Apartments, for example, hasn’t put anything out since December of 2014. However, the most recent issue is entitled “Returning Home,” so it is very possible that the series has simply come to an end, completed its natural narrative arc.Either way, Savita Bhabhi has plenty of comics for you to enjoy, either via the site’s intuitive in-browser reader or by downloading directly to your hard drive. Plus, there is a Savita Bhabhi movie available for download, completely free of charge to all members. I haven’t watched it, so I can’t speak about it too specifically. I will mention, though, that the site touts very positive IMDB reviews: “Rated on IMDB as one of the best-animated movies with an 8.3 rating, the Savita Bhabhi Movie is India’s first-ever animated movie. It takes us on a journey through time, a lot of super hot sex scenes and Savita Bhabhi’s mission to bring down a corrupt minister planning to put internet censorship on the people.” You can’t go wrong with sex, action, and poignant political commentary all in one film, am I right?All in all, Savita Bhabhi is more than just your average, run of the mill porn comic site. It is a symbol of India’s fight against censorship, and a hub of a large (and still growing) archive of sexy, well written, well drawn Indian toon porn. I am impressed by the site design, the regular updates, the quality of the comics, and the actively engaged, real dialogue taking place in the comments sections. If you like comic books and sexy, powerful Indian women, you will love Savita Bhabhi (often misspelled as "savita bhabi" and "savitha bhabhi") and all of the Kirtu series to be found therein. And don’t forget, you’re fapping for freedom!