Velamma Comics

Velamma comics? Indian sex comics are a pretty niche genre, even by my weird fucking standards. But it’s out there. And this stuff is actually kind of hot. Now, these kinds of comics usually aren’t my speed. The drawing style is a weird blend of western comics and a comic book-y look that isn’t it for me. Not like that matters though. I don’t like getting shit or pissed on, but that doesn’t stop the leagues of crazy bastards out there who do. Don’t worry, I’ll still give you all the juicy details. There are millions of you horny fucks out there who love this kind of isn’t just any Indian porn comic site. This site is pretty fucking premium. We’re talking upwards of 20 bucks a month for their membership if you go monthly. Who knows, these might be the best comics you’ll ever lay your eyes on. We’ll see. A lot of people seem to enjoy them enough to keep coming back with right around 2.5 million views every month. That growth is very recent though. Prior to November of 2018, they were plodding along at around 300-500 thousand. And they have been around since 2011, so they must have made some sort of big change recently to draw in this big ass audience.Three Series to Choose From, but Only One is Updates RegularlySo, works a bit differently than your regular comic hub. They have a total of three series “Velamma,” “Velamma Dreams,” and “Veena.” Velamma is the main character of the first two. She’s an Indian aunty with huge tits, a nice ass, and a lot of sexual desires. In the second installation “Velamma Dreams” all of the comics are about Velamma exploring her sordid sexual fantasies in her dreams. Like blowing a doctor, having a threesome, or getting into a gangbang with a bunch of dudes off the street.Veena is her daughter and those comics follow her kinky escapades as well. Scenes like hooking up with “bad boys” in clubs. There are a few artists that contribute to all of the comics, but the art style stays pretty consistent. So, don’t expect any big changes in that regard. Same deal with the scripts. Most of them are done by the same few writers. And each episode can be read in English or Hindi, so you can enjoy them no matter where you are! Well, maybe. If you don’t mind being really behind. The Hindi comics are around 20 episodes behind right now. The last actual update for the Hindi translated comics as way back in 2017. You could probably become fluent in English by the time they released a translated episode.Simple, Easy to Use SiteThe homepage has a sleek black and white design. Nothing too complicated. The homepage automatically puts you on the Velamma series page where the comics run from newest to oldest. Above the previews, you get a brief introduction to the series. The header lets you flip between the three series, head to their support page, check out some of their free episodes if you can’t afford the steep membership, or swap the language of the site between English and Hindi.Previews give you the cover and title of the comic, a rating out of 5 stars, a short description of the plot, when the comic was uploaded, and which episode in the series it is. Velamma has 91 episodes currently, with the last update being under a week ago. Velamma Dreams has 14 episodes and hasn’t been updated since 2014. Veena only has 13 episodes, but that series was updated back in August of 2018. Not terribly long ago, I guess. The upload schedule for all of these is very inconsistent, even on the Velamma page. It’ll get released every month for a while, then drop off for a few months.The comic page allows you to leave comics, flip between chronological episodes, or download the entire comic. It’ll all download as a pdf file for easy reading. If you don’t feel like downloading anything, then you can read all of the comics on site. The reader they have set up is great. You can flip between the pages using the arrow keys, full-screen pages, or share individual pages with your Indian porn comic-loving friends.Comics Have Sexy and Engaging Stories that Draw you InI found myself enjoying the comics more than I expected I would. The stories are alright. Nothing huge in the way of intense character development, but it still made for some fun reading. After all, I’m not here for the plot arcs. I’m here to see some hot pieces of Indian ass doing kinky shit. And that’s exactly what you get. The comics manage to stay fresh with the scenarios, despite having nearly 100 episodes. Although you won’t get much outside of the more vanilla realms of porn. The fetish content is really lacking, but it probably comes down to the artists' preference. I imagine moving from sexy blowjobs to BDSM torture chambers would be jarring anyway.The newer comics are released in parts, with each part having scheduled release dates. The updates may be all over the place, but at least you can get a general idea of when shit is going to come out. Their newest comic “Like Mother, Like Daughter-in-Law” has the next couple releases scheduled to come out by the end of this month. It’s not a bad system, but I feel like they need some more artists or something to keep all of the series updated.Simple Mobile Site Does Everything the Desktop Version CanThe mobile version of the site works just fine. You can log in, view all of your favorite Velamma comics, download them, and do all that cool shit right on your phone. Since the site design was simple, to begin with, the mobile site is a simple port. The only thing that changes is that the menus are tucked away under dropdowns. Other than that, you can expect to work just as well on mobile. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about ads here. That should go without saying for a premium site, but you can’t even take that for granted anymore.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite thing about is that they have an established series. So many other comic sites have hundreds of random porn comics on there with zero continuity or theme. It’s great for variety, but sometimes it’s nice to have a running theme or plot. The characters become familiar and you start anticipating what they will do and how they will do it. I was really voting for Velamma to fuck that sexy doctor again, but my hopes were dashed. Maybe in a future issue, who knows.The general site layout and such was great too. It was easy to comment, switch languages, download, read descriptions, and all that. One of the better user experiences I’ve had, especially on a porn comics site.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestions for is to lower that steep membership price and to update their comics more often. I get that the yearly deals knock off like 50 bucks off of the monthly, the dropping nearly 200 bucks on a porn comic that’s updated once a month is a lot to fucking ask. Especially since this site is just comics. You don’t get animations, videos, or anything else. This is the kind of shit you make a Patreon for, not build an entire membership program around. And that’s not saying it’s bad. It’s good quality content, but not worth the expensive price tag. Like those expensive Japanese fruits. You can dress it up all you want. A melon is still a melon.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, has a fuck ton of great Indian porn comics. The site is awesome, the user experience is pleasant, but the asking price is a bit much. You’ll be left waiting for comics for a bit and you better like the art style and plot, because you’ll be stuck with it. It might be worth it if you really like the artist and the work they put out, otherwise I might advise skipping on this one. There are free Indian porn comics out there with similar styles.