JAB Comix aka JAB Comics! I love a good, sexy porn comic. Every artist brings something new and exciting to the table, whether that be art styles, fetish themes, or specific parodies. Think back to your last dozen or so faps and I’m sure a decent handful of them will have involved jerking it to some quality drawn titties and ass. But not all porn comics are created equal. Some look like absolute shit while others rise above the masses and get jerked off to by millions. I think I’ve got one of the latter artists for you this time. A quality artist with fun fuck comics to jerk your dick to.Jabcomix.com is a premium subscription-based comic site by the artists known as Jab.Jab has been around for a long ass time. This fuck has been producing parodies and adult comics since way, way back in 1995. Now, the site hasn’t been around nearly that long. It launched back in 2003, so nearly two decades of material is compiled here, if not more. And the site does fairly well for a premium site. It draws in right around 300 thousand unique visitors every month. That’s a fuck ton, especially if those horny fucks are all dishing out the cash for a premium membership.Pretty Expensive Premium Membership Required to BrowseSpeaking of cash, this site will run you a fair share of dosh. 15 bucks a month if you just want to dip your dick in before plunging balls deep. But, if you’re feeling confident, you can tear the rubber off and slam that shit in at the longest membership option of 6 months for 75.95. And that’s all just for the regular membership. A gold membership only has one option and that’s 26 bucks a month every month. Fuck man, that’s too rich for my blood.The difference between the regular and the gold is that the regular nets you access to all the regular comics, posts, and more. Gold gets you a peek behind the scenes. Check out sketches, unreleased comics, special posts, and more. Basically, this membership is for a superfan who needs to see all the nitty-gritty details of the process. A bit much for the 10 buck upcharge and no long term discounts though if you ask me, which you are or you wouldn’t fucking be here. Now, Jab didn’t give me the honor of accessing all the comics, so I’ll give you a rundown based on what I can see as a free user.Solid, Well Organized Site With a Unique, Sexy DesignThe main page is nice enough to look at. It’s got a drawn aesthetic that fits the artwork pretty well. The backdrop has a dark painted looking deal that makes the site a little easier on the eyes, though the bright ass background for everything else kind of defeats the purpose there. No, worries, it’s not like I have to stare at a screen and read text while I use the site. No, no, not at all. But that’s a minor complaint in the scheme of things here. The main page is designed well and has a unique look that doesn’t look cookie-cutter.Up top, you’ll see a welcome message next to the red-headed dimepiece flashing her tits that acts as the site’s general mascot. The left sidebar of the site houses most of your navigation options. Yeah, there’s a header up top, but it’s basically the same set of options. They go as follows: Home, Tour, Comix, Join, Login, and Tutorial. The only ones missing from there that are up top are for a forum that’s pretty fucking dead and a blog for news updates.Over to the far right you can scroll through updates and… testimonials. I mean, sure, fine, but I don’t think those are really necessary. What do I care what some fuck named Geoff has to say? It’d make sense if the testimonials were from people that actually fucking mattered. You know, other artists maybe? Get some of the other popular porn comic artists to touch on the good shit you’ve got. Not some cuck named Jimblo.Take a Full Tour of the Site Before You Dish out the Dosh for Premium AccessDown the middle is where you get the good shit. Isn’t that always the case? Part those thighs and right in the middle is the grand prize. Here you can check out decent-sized previews/teasers and descriptions of popular comics on the site. Further down you can see that Jab also has some erotic stories about kinky babes doing naughty shit.I’d recommend hitting the take a tour button at the bottom of the site to get an idea for the art style and content. It’s very western and stylized, so if hentai styled porn is your preference then you might not dig this. You can expect flash games, art from a talented slut named Amy Matthews, magazines, pinups, the occasional animation, and much more.From the small bit that I can see on here, the art looks pretty fucking hot. I can get down with these older school art styles. I mean, how could you not get rock hard at the sight of Mavis spreading those thick ass thighs and rubbing her clit? I wish I could say more about the art and what you’d get with a membership, but unfortunately, I can’t give you that awesome insider info this time around.Get a Free Porn Drawing Lesson from JabWhat you do get for free that I didn’t really expect was access to some drawing tutorials by Jab. It runs you through a few basic lessons that will get your started drawing your own kinky pinups in now time. Pretty neat, I guess. Though I don’t usually come to my porn sites to learn, unless that’s to learn about a new way to tie the next slut I hookup with up.Mobile Site Seems Pretty GoodIf you’re looking to take these quality comics on the go, then you are in luck. The mobile site is on point, at least from what I can see. I can’t tell you if the comics have swipe support or even arrow key support for that matter. Hell, I can’t even tell you if they are easily readable. But, man, that home page is pretty nice. The menus are tucked away in an easily accessible dropdown. The previews look good. And all the same desktop features are available. So, yeah, it appears to be a kickass mobile site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThe most I can really say here is that I dig the site design and I like that you get an in-depth tour before you sign up. I’d probably love the fucking comics if I could get my hands on them. The site is well organized and easy to browse on desktop and mobile. It’s got a unique feel to it that other porn sites definitely lack. One of the best things you can do as a free user here is going to the Links page and check out some of the free comic sites listed. At least that way you can bust a nut.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsA darker theme option on desktop would be great. I’d also ditch the forum. The only active page on there is for updates to the fucking forum. And some of the main topics, no, most of the main topics haven’t been posted in since 2012/13. It’s time to drop that shit. It’s just taking up space at this point. Make a Discord and put a link there instead, or something like that. I also think the price points could be adjusted. And, come on, give your gold members a discount option instead of just the one month for 26 bucks, especially if they’re loyal and willing to drop the dosh on a yearly membership.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Jabcomix.com looks great. The art style is hot and there are many different avenues for content. Browse animations, games, pinups, and comics of slutty babes getting fucked in all sorts of ways. I wish I could tell you about the themes and fetishes, but you’ll just have to take that dive for yourself. Though I’d hazard a bet that most of the content is rather vanilla, not that that’s a bad thing. But, hey, go check Jabcomix.com out.