Comics and animations come in all shapes and forms. You’ve got parody comics, hentai, SFM, 3D, and all that good shit. But, sometimes, you just want some classic, western-style porn comics to jerk off to. I’ve found that good western porn comics have been a lot harder to get ahold of lately. I guess they just haven’t been in style for a while. I get it. The art style is a love it or hate it kind of deal for a lot of them. Some sites are still out there, and where better to get started than a quality premium site that boasts frequent updates of their own original series?That’s exactly the sort of site I’m talking about this time around. Welcomix.com is a premium comic site with original content, “animated” series, and more. All of it’s done in that western style that so many of you horny fucks out there love. I don’t find it to be the most appealing art style, but I can set aside my judgment here for a minute and judge their site and selection. Their numbers are good but not anything amazing. Around 500k views every month and climbing. But they’ve only been around since 2015, so they’ve got plenty of time to keep on climbing.Expensive Premium Subscription Can Only be Billed on a Monthly BasisSo, yeah, this site is a premium comic site, but, thankfully, you can browse samples pages from the comics before you commit to a premium membership. I always appreciate when sites do that. Sometimes the content isn’t for you, and, with other sites, you’ll never know unless you dish out some cash. And who the fuck wants to do that?That’d be like going out with some chick on Tinder without every seeing her profile picture. Who knows what you could end up with? Especially since this site is pretty expensive as far as premium comic sites go. You’ll be paying around 20 bucks for access for Welcomix.com only. But, hey, maybe the content is worth it. We’ll see. It looks pretty good judging by the previews you get on the free site. But they tease you constantly with the “see more” button, which, of course, directs you to a page where you need to put in your credit card information.Currently Only 12 Comic Series to Choose FromThe landing page looks okay enough. The bright white background is annoying, but there’s no crazy banner ads, flashing videos, or anything like that. It’s a clean design with a simple header up top for “Home, All Series, All Titles, and Support.” Below that, you’ll see a list of previews for all of their comic series…all 12 of them. That’s right, there is a grand total of 12 different series. Granted, each series has its own set of comic entries within it.Now, some of these entries like “The Naughty Home” and “Animated Tales” have plenty of entries. The first one having over thirty, and the second set having well over 100. But the majority of the other series might only have 2-3 entries. That’s pitiful.Also, as a side note. The “Animated Tales” had no sort of animation that I could find anywhere. It was just a couple still images with a couple of pages of text as narrative. I enabled flash, tried other browsers, and everything. I couldn’t get these “animated cartoons” to play for the life of me. I’m guessing they mean animated as in lively. I don’t fucking know. All I know is that it’s misleading. Rename it something like “Erotic Tales.”Not Enough Information in the PreviewsThe previews aren’t great either. You get the title of the series, a short description, and a thumbs up or thumbs down counter. That rating system must be new, or the site is really dead, because the highest rated one is at 23. For a site that supposedly brings in 500k, that’s awful. And, really, there isn’t a fucking comic count on the preview. That’s some bullshit. No “last updated” note either, and I think I can explain that last part if nothing else.None of these comics have been updated in fucking forever. The newest addition to “The Naughty Home” in January of 2018. That’s an entire year ago as this is being written. They have one comic series “Michelle’s Diary” that was updated in December 2018, but most of the other comics haven’t been updated since 2017 or even 2016. So, don’t expect a reliable stream of updates, even though the support page claims that they update weekly. That’s just not true, at least not anymore.But it’s nice that they have a support page at all. You can submit a ticket pretty easily, and the site promises 24/7 customer support. Also, you can submit your own content to the site, but I’m not sure how often that happens. It seems like they focus solely on the established series they already have.High-Quality Comics Done by Great ArtistsThe actual comics vary wildly in length. Some are only a couple of panels with outside text, while others are actual full-length comic book entries. It’s pretty annoying how fucking inconsistent it is. But the comics are done pretty well. There was obviously a lot of work put into some of these and those artists deserve some credit. I’m complaining about the site mostly, not the artists who made these nut-busting porn comics.You get pretty big images of the comic panels. Definitely enough to read the text and appreciate every little detail. But saving them isn’t an option. You can’t even right-click on the images to save them. Yeah, you could use a workaround, but there’s no easy way to download these. Oh, and there’s big ass watermarks across the back of every panel. I get not wanting your work stolen but come on. I’m paying for this shit.And the comic navigation is pretty shit. You have to scroll through and click on “next page” every time. No arrow key functions at all. How do you have an entire site dedicated to image/comic galleries and not include arrow key navigation? Especially on a site that I’m paying 20 bucks a month for. It’s just unacceptable.Everything is Better on the Mobile Version of the Site The mobile site is actually pretty good. You can access all of the series on there no problem, plus the comics will load quicker. You can even swipe through the pages. Oh, but make sure you log off of the desktop version first because you cannot be logged in two places at once. It’ll make you wait two minutes before it even lets you try to log on again if it detects you’re on desktop. Other than that small quirk, I prefer the mobile version. It’s easier to use and navigate.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about welcomix.com is probably the way the mobile site is put together. I know that’s kind of a cope out since I just mentioned it, but, honestly, this site was mostly frustrating to use otherwise. I wasn’t a huge fan of the content, and the site was pretty bad. There’s a decent selection of content, if this were a free site. To pay 20 bucks every month for this is way too high. If it were $9.99 for the renewal or something that would be a little more reasonable.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsSee the above, ha. But, seriously, update the library and add new content more often. Consider expanding and bringing in other comic artists. As is, it's going to be hard to justify renewing your membership on this site. Add the site functions I mentioned above, too. Comic counts and update dates in previews. Arrow key functions. These things are key to running an image gallery based site like this.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsKeep an eye on these guys. If they change the way they’re currently doing things, then I could see them being a decent contender in the comic scene. But that’s a big if. I guess we’ll see. That’s all I’ve got for you this time. ThePornDude signing off!