Vaygren may as well be the site that will rekindle your love for anime porn. This site is hardcore all the way, mixing some outrageous taboo and kinky fantasies with stories that will not only leave you baffled but also craving for more. The site has exclusive and excellent content that will please every lover of hentai, mainly because it pays homage to old-school anime. Hentai and manga are mixed with creative, immersive stories that will truly mesmerize hardcore anime fans. Here is the deal then; read all about Vaygren in my whole review below.Brief historyVaygren.com is actually a pet project for an artist called Ricardo Landell, whose artist handle is Cyberunique. The computer information graduate of Monroe College was born in Jamaica but moved to the United States aged 15. Interestingly, Ricardo is actually a self-taught artist who has always had a passion for art and draws his inspiration from Japanese anime and artists like Koutarou with T, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Ricardo’s intention is to take anime lovers back to the older anime OVAs of the late 80s and early 2000s and subsequently, his art is often grim or extremely sexualized, but also with intricate stories that will keep you interested in much more than the sexual encounters.The site is aimed at people who want futanari & lesbians and don’t care for anything else. The artist knows that what you are interested in are the women, and you can expect women and nothing but women in scenes covering the lesbian and futanari niches.Site design and navigationYou will struggle to find sites with a more excellent design. It oozes class and elegance from every angle, and you can clearly see the efforts the team has put in place to enable fluent efficiency and total enjoyment of the fantastic collection. The site looks well maintained, and everything seems to be in place. It’s not your typical porn site so it might take some getting used to, but lovers of this niche will move around at ease.The same can be said of the navigation, which allows you to locate whatever you want without breaking a sweat. The homepage allows you access to the work in progress, recent updates, and featured galleries among others. The right sidebar allows you access to the lounge, which is the Vaygren member's forum while the left sidebar will help you access the galleries, categories, comics, animation, games and much more. Overall, you can expect an absolutely wonderful experience.The contentFirst of all, you can expect loads of dirty sex at Vaygrem in whichever form. There are anime sluts in lesbian action, in anal and threesomes, domination games, lots of cum, and much more. You can start your tour by clicking on galleries from the main menu and enjoy the beautiful glossy high-res images that certainly display the obvious talents of this artist. There are numerous galleries to choose from, many of which have a bunch of photos featuring toon women in all manner of dirty and naughty actions. Unfortunately, they are not available in zip or an automatic slideshow, but at least they do appear in a way that you can manually move from one photo to the next one on the series. The drawings are mainly focused on females and futanari (Japanese for hermaphrodites), and you will find some alien beings with genitalia of both sexes. In one of the galleries, a magic spell gives a schoolgirl two penises!ComicsAre you a fan of comics? The fuck you are; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this review. You are in luck because there is a solid collection of sex comics with pretty interesting storylines that you pervs will surely appreciate. All the comics feature amazing artwork as well as loads of eroticism, and you can expect to see lesbian, masturbation, hardcore fucking and more. One of them features a girl being fucked by a shemale with two dicks! You can view the comics by chapters or jump into a specific page using the drop-down menus availed by the site.You also get access to amazing animation under Animation OVA and Loops. However, the collection of animation loops is not big- only 5 loops. They are also pretty short although to be fair; they offer much more action than your typical animated GIFs. Even better, they come with the download option and will certainly enrich your erotic anime experience. There is only a single animated GIF featuring two lesbian sluts rubbing each other’s pussy, but Ricardo is apparently working on more, and hopefully, you will have a larger collection in the future.In addition, you will also get access to a pretty interesting game that involves a schoolgirl on the swim team who gets a visitor of the futanari variety in her locker room. I will let you discover the game by yourself, but I can assure you, it will be hard play it with both hands.CategoriesAction has been availed in categories which will apparently allow you to look for content quickly. You can jerk off to solo, futanari, lesbian, encounters, assorted, animations and more. All you need to do is click on any of the thumbnails and enjoy. A category may have multiple individual posts or have small groups of related pics which works for me both either way.UpdatesDon’t miss out on any updates. Simply click on updates and enjoy the latest additions on the site. Currently, the comic updates are once a week with two comic pages where the artist posts the pages in real time as he makes them. Some may think the update schedule is not frequent enough, but according to Ricardo, a single page takes a minimum of 8-10 hours to complete so you can imagine it’s a pretty tough job. You can also have a sneak peek of the work in progress which is even better.The castThe cast page is what makes the site stand out from other hentai sites. This page features all the characters in the stories, complete with full profiles that include information such as age, breast size, race, blood type, favorite things, and a small description. Most of which are super busty, super curvy and super kinky. The drawing styles are also cool.Membership and registrationAll that doesn’t come for free, suckers. Vaygren is a premium site featuring 100% exclusive content, and you will need to pay for access since the artist has fucking bills to pay. A onetime payment of $11.99 will last for 30 days while the monthly membership rebills at $9.99 every 30 days. Other options include a 3-month membership for $26.99 while a 6-month membership will set you back some $49.99.To protect your privacy, charges will be processed securely and will appear discreetly as “Vaygren” on your credit card/bank statement. Let’s agree that the membership is inexpensive, and although the collection is not the largest, you will still be getting your money’s worth.What I love about this siteThere is a decent collection of manga and hentai whose themes are exclusively female x female, futanari x female, and futanari x futanari. The collection will make you go wild over the site. The artist also seems to pour his heart out in each of his art and updates regularly for someone as busy as he is. You also get animation loops, an erotic game, and a cast page. The content is 100% exclusive, and the images are high quality. Add that to an inexpensive membership fee, and you have plenty of reasons to love this site.What I hate about the siteI totally understand that making the comics is backbreaking work, but I’d love to see more frequent updates. The images are also not available in zips, and they also lack a slideshow feature.Suggestions I have for the siteA slideshow feature for the photos would obviously be good for user experience. While at it, could you fucking care to look at the amount of content?ConclusionVaygren is a unique site that brings the older anime OVAs of the late 80s and early 2000s back to life. The images and videos are of high quality while new updates are added from time to time. The site features an elegant easy to use interface, and with the content covering extremely kinky themes, you will absolutely love the art and blatant display of eroticism.