AdultTime Animation

AdultTime Animation is not your typical Saturday morning cartoons, at least according to the motto. That’s good news for me, since these days, I sprinkle every bowl of Cap’n Crunch with a healthy dosage of Viagra. Some folks grew up cranking it to Naruto, others to the Ninja Turtles, and still more had their first orgasm to the mom from The Incredibles. Hey, there ain’t no shame in it; cartoon porn is more popular than it’s ever been, and now you’ve got a lot more options when it comes to finding some animated fap fodder.I’ve discussed AdultTime.com a time or two or a hundred here at ThePornDude. Their big-ass porn network is consistently one of the best deals in premium smut, and one of the reasons is just the sheer variety of content on demand. The other big networks tend to neglect the anime nerds, making this one a prime option for weeaboos, neckbeards, Redditors, virgins and general perverts. Put the waifu pillow in the closet, so she doesn’t get jealous. It’s time to see how AdultTime does hentai.Cartoon Time for Horny AdultsI can tell right away that AdultTime Animation is one of the newer offerings on their menu, as soon as I see their tour page. How can I tell? Well, compared to some of the other tour pages you see under the AdultTime.com umbrella, this one’s just a wee bit sparse. That ain’t to say it’s bad, because what I do see has the high production values I expect from the company. I’m just saying there’s a bit less content and variety than you typically see for their different brands and channels.So, what do I see? Well, they sure as hell ain’t neglecting the shemale cartoon fans, with a few different preview images hinting at different futanari stories. There’s an incestuous futa CG scene with a mama and daughter dick-girl, both with raging boners jizzing all over each other. Another group of cartoon futanari stand on a beach, their members bulging from their bikini bottoms. Likewise, the futuristic bimbo from the Futa Sentai Squad is clearly packing something big beneath those Tron-looking sci-fi panties she’s wearing.You can get a little preview of some of that futanari shit if you click the Agent Red Girl thumbnail, but I’m afraid there’s not much else in the way of previews. There’s a promo image for what looks like a foot-fetish cartoon series coming soon and a big, silent auto-playing montage for Hentai Sex School, but most of the photos lead straight to the signup page. Without getting inside and taking a closer look, all I can really say for sure is that AdultTime Animation is produced with the same high level of quality you expect from the company. That means sexy characters, smooth animation, and freaky storylines.Have I Mentioned This Before?I’m sure there were plenty of manga-loving perverts who saw the first couple paragraphs of this review, skipped the rest and are currently masturbating to AdultTime Animation’s catalog of X-rated anime. The fact that it’s hentai from AdultTime tells you a lot of what you need to know. If you’ve been masturbating to premium porn for more than a minute, you can probably already see the value here.One of the biggest selling points for anything on AdultTime is that it comes with full access to AdultTime. There are a handful of doubly premium brands under the umbrella that will cost you a little extra on top, but the membership includes access to over 250 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8 releases per day. That alone is enough to get most perverts in the door, especially once you add price into the equation.I’m reviewing this during the beginning of May, which is apparently Masturbation Month. To celebrate, AdultTime.com is offering 25% off the usual price. That lowers the 30-day streaming-only rate to $15 a month, which is about half of what you’d pay for the average paysite. The all-inclusive yearly package, which includes streaming and downloads, breaks down to just eight bones a month. Even when the price reverts at the end of the month, they’re still offering better prices for a full network than just one random premium joint.The biggest problem you run into with these network deals is that with so much on the menu, they may be neglecting your particular kinks. If your main thing is blowjobs, teens or lesbians, hey, almost any of the big porn sites will do the trick. If you’re a weeaboo looking for porno anime, your options get slimmer, and I’m afraid that is the case around here.So far, only a few dozen scenes have been released under the AdultTime Animation brand. Releases have been fairly sporadic; sometimes, you get a couple of releases in the same month; other times, you have to wait months until a new one comes out. As of today, they’ve had a dry spell lasting over 4 months. Bummer.The good news is that if you use that search function, you can actually find more porn anime than just what they’ve released as part of the AdultTime Animation series. Hentai Sex School is an official AdultTime Series, and they’ve got a couple of AdultTime partners in the form of Total Hentai and Critical Mass. It’s still barely over 50 porno cartoon flicks, which ain’t the best library of premium hentai out there, but is a nice addition to a well-rounded package like AdultTime.I’ve compared this service to Netflix plenty of times, and now that they’ve got a Roku channel available, it’s even more like the streaming giant. Setup is easy as fucking hell. If it’s your first time installing a Roku porno channel, don’t worry about that non-certified warning you get. AdultTime is certainly legit, but Roku is just prudish about allowing smut in any real “official” capacity. The company could probably make some serious bank selling subscriptions through their platform, but whatever; it ain’t my money being left on the table.Real Pornstars in Hentai ScenariosAs a porn scholar, I can’t help noticing when these sites undersell themselves. I’ve already mentioned how anemic the AdultTime Animation tour page feels, and I just noticed a massive, glaring hole in their sales pitch. They really should tell all these anime fans and porno enthusiasts that some of these videos feature legit pornstars doing XXX cartoon voices. That’s rare as fuck, so they should be shouting it from the fucking roofs.It’s their Hentai Sex School in particular with the porn names attached. The episodes always feature babes like April ONeil, Whitney Wright, Kira Noir and Chanel Preston, who are all at least a couple steps up from the randos providing moans in your average hentai adventure. Naturally, I knew I had to start my fap test with one of these episodes as soon as I started seeing the casts listed below the thumbnails.The latest episode, Penny’s Break, opens with CG anime versions of April ONeil and Kira Noir meeting each other outside the school. They’re both stuck there for a break, which is a good setup for letting these cartoon chicks get to know each other much better over the course of 13 minutes.The setup’s pretty slow, and I can tell they’ve written the episode to appeal to anime fans who like a real storyline to go with their pervy scenes. The sex doesn’t even start until halfway through, with the chicks reaching under each other’s skirts while making out. The animation has kind of a cutesy Pixar style, but with curves in all the right places to make the fuck-monkey part of your brain get all hot and bothered. The private parts are smooth, hairless, and look delicious. Oh, and both chicks are better voice actors than I would have expected. Great casting!The biggest downside to AdultTime Animation is that you get a fairly limited number of porn cartoons in relation to that vast catalog of traditional video porno. At the same time, you’re going to find higher production values than you will for most anime simply because it’s coming from a big Western country with plenty of money to throw behind the project. Ultimately, I do feel the bang-per-buck ratio is more than adequate, especially if you like jerking off to regular porn, too. As with anything AdultTime, this one’s just a fucking killer value for your dollar.