When it comes to cartoon porno, it’s hard to imagine that there are professional companies dedicated to drawing, animating, and voicing full-length movies and shows. But in Japan, this shit is super common, with literally hundreds of studios dedicated to making hentai jerkoff material.Hentai.xxx is here to provide you with the latest hentai videos straight from Japan for your stroking pleasure. This includes episodes and movies from studios such as Milky, Sakura Films, Discovery, and Bootleg Label. I’m talking about professional-grade porn.Since this is all about fresh porn from Japan, a lot of the content will be strictly in Japanese. But don’t lose hope, because if you dig through the videos you’ll find some dubbed and subbed stuff as well. If you’re looking for some subbed hentai, I would suggest Bible Black, which is one of the best series that’s popular in America.Hentai.xxx features hundreds of hentai videos, with most of them around the thirty-minute mark like a typical show. The site also has multiple episodes from the same series and is regularly updated, so you can follow a show or even binge-watch a series for hours.Videos are offered in 480p and 240p. In today’s age, this is pretty shitty for a paid site, since so much porno out there is available in HD. Still, it’s not like you’ll have trouble making out the pussy juice dripping from a bitch’s cunt. Hentai.xxx also lets you download videos to your computer for long-term storage.A speedy and clean gallery of goodsHentai.xxx has a standard video gallery layout that shows you the DVD covers and titles for you to pick from. When you first enter the membership area, you’ll be greeted with the latest updates, including the dates that the videos were added. You can click “Show More” to keep browsing through all the latest videos.Along the top of the site are links which include Niches, Bonus Content, and Bookmarks. Niches is basically a categories page. The categories include things like Hairy, Handjob, Lesbian, and Teen. Sadly, the only weird category I could find is Piss, which is perfect for when you want to get your R Kelly on.When you click on a video, you’ll be sent to the video player page. You’ll have the main video, with options for 480p or 240p resolutions. There are also download links so that you can store the episode/movie on your hard drive.Don’t worry, the download speeds are super-fast. I was able to get close to 10MB/sec, making pretty much all the downloads under a minute long. This is important because our brains seem to get so impatient when we are jerking off. I don’t know how I ever tolerated 56k.The video page also gives information like the length, release date, number of downloads, an English summary, and the categories. The summaries are actually well written, and not in some bullshit Japlish crap that you can hardly figure out. For some reason, the studios aren’t listed here, however.So many shows, so little timeThere is a ton of porn to unpack at Hentai.xxx. First, there are a lot of studios that are represented. For some reason, the site doesn’t give an easy way to search by studios, but if you’re looking for a specific title you can find it via search.Some of the popular series hosted on Hentai.xxx include Sexy Magical Girl, Bible Black, and Taboo Charming Mother. If you want that good pussy, you can start with those titles to get your dick hard. They have solid animation and some good voice acting.Considering that the videos are straight from Japan, most of them are strictly in Japanese. A lot of the episodes I saw didn’t even have subtitles, let alone dubs. But if you browse through the titles, you’ll find a good amount of subbed and dubbed content either. Sadly, the site doesn’t make these easy to find.One good thing about Hentai.xxx is that they have a lot of extra porn, which is shown under “Bonus Content”. This porn isn’t even hentai, but just a mish-mash of regular porn from site affiliates and god knows where else.The bonus content features full-length movies like Detention Whores, Teen Cream Newbies 4, and more. You’re probably here for the hentai, but it’s a fresh change of pace to see some real pussy hairs once in a while. It makes the membership cost a lot more worth it.What I LikeHentai.xxx makes it super easy to watch, and the stream and download speeds are excellent. You won’t have any issues like lag or buffering while you’re choking the chicken.I also enjoy Hentai.xxx’s focus on premium professional content. All of the titles are professionally prepared and sold as DVDs in Japan, so you won’t find any shitty porn here.It’s nice that Hentai.xxx gives a lot of bonus porn at no extra charge. There is a ton of bonus content that can keep you jerking off for months. The bonus content is fairly modern also (you can tell by the hairstyles), and have the same great speeds.There’s also a convenient bookmark feature where you can store videos for future viewings. This is useful as your browsing, since you can easily store all the titles that you want to watch later. With so much hentai to run through, this helps organize your fap sessions.Finally, most of the content is uncensored. If you don’t know, totally uncensored porno is illegal in Japan, so I’m not sure what kind of deal was worked out here that Hentai.xxx has so much uncensored sex. All I know is my dick is happy, and that makes me happy.What I hateFor a paid site, Hentai.xxx has some glaring issues.First, it’s a shame that Hentai.xxx offers 480p resolution at best, when really the standard should be 720p or even 1080p. Most of these videos are originally from DVDs, so there shouldn’t be any problems offering the videos at higher resolutions, especially if people are paying for it.Second, the organization of the videos is terrible. Sure, you can search via tags for things you want like lesbian action or rape, but I didn’t find any easy ways to sort out the English content. For a website that is aimed at English customers, it’s ridiculous that they didn’t make this easier.Another problem is that the episodes for a particular series isn’t well organized. Other hentai sites, or even non-hentai sites, will make it easy to go from episode to episode within a show. At Hentai.xxx, you need to hunt down the next episode from the main gallery or search.ThePornDude offers some suggestionsThere are some basic features that Hentai.xxx should add if it wants to stay competitive as a paid site. Hopefully, people aren’t so fucking stupid to overlook these obvious issues.First, Hentai.xxx needs to offer videos in 1080p, or at least 720p. Considering that Hentai.xxx is licensed with these studios, why can’t they offer DVD quality videos? Even if it means charging members a little more, forcing 480p down everyone’s throat is pretty damn bad.Second, Hentai.xxx needs to make it easier for English members to browse the English content. I have no fucking clue which videos have English audio, or English subs, and which ones are just pure Japanese. Personally, I can’t watch shit unless I can understand what’s going on, so it’s dumb as hell that I have to actually play a video to find out.Many hentai sites have clear ways to search only uncensored vs censored content, or which ones have English subtitles or dubs. I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t give this information upfront, or in the video summary area.Finally, Hentai.xxx advertises that it features many videos from popular studios, but doesn’t give an easy way to search the videos based on studios. The video descriptions don’t even show the studio behind the project. This made it frustrating to browse.It’s good, but can be so much betterOverall, Hentai.xxx has a lot of potential, but lacks some important features for a paid site. They need to be more English friendly, in terms of easily filtering the videos for English subtitled or dubbed content.Also, requiring a paid membership for 480p content is not a great look. There is 4K porn out there, and Hentai.xxx wants us to fork over cash for video quality from 15 years ago?On the other hand, the stream speeds are fast and the content is generally fappable. Hentai.xxx lives up to its mission of providing the latest and greatest sexy bitches from Japan getting raped from all KINDS of angles.