I recently came across Hentai Core and thought it could only be one of a few different things. It had to be some new brand style of heavy metal where all the lyrics are about anime sex, or maybe it was a new sci-fi flick where the Earth was full of molten manga girls with big titties and giant dicks. Alternately and most realistically, I knew this would be another hentai collection on the Internet, though I was immediately curious what the gimmick was.It turns out the gimmick is premium content. Most of the hentai collections I see coming through the tubes are free sites for the cheapskate library masturbators, but this one promises to be worth the price. HentaiCore.com is a paysite offering unlimited access to a growing collection of full-length porno anime videos. It sure sounds like an enticing offer to any weeaboo with a boner, but let’s dig in and see what kind of bang they’re offering for your buck.Oh, and one quick little note before we get into it. I actually thought I’d reviewed this site before, but it turned out I was thinking of HentaiCore.org, a free site. Well, today, we’ll be talking about HentaiCore.com, which I’ve already established is one you’ve got to pay for. There are a lot of overlapping site titles in this corner of the Internet, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide where to waste all of today’s productive hours. If you get confused, you can always check out my master lists of free and paid hentai sites here at ThePornDude.Uncensored Hentai? Count Me In!Alright, nerds, what’s your first question when I ask if you’re willing to pay for hentai? Maybe I’m a jaded masturbator, hardened from years of fap-testing every paysite, porn blog, and lesbian tube that comes my way, but I know I’m not the only one. Most of you have had unrestricted access to hardcore pornography for years, if not decades. We’re all used to see uncensored dicks going into unobscured buttholes and cooters, so it can be jarring when you pull up an anime site, and every hoo-ha is hidden beneath a blur of fucking Tetris pixels.That’s why, every single time I see a hentai site, my first question is whether or not I’m actually going to see some babes getting drilled in their cartoon cunts. One of the very first things I noticed on the HentaiCore tour page was that they’re offering uncensored hentai, which is a surprisingly rare commodity on the Internet that’s practically built on pornography.That said, it’s also immediately fucking apparent that they’ve also got the censored stuff. I mean, fuck, they’ve got a blurred-out dick on the very image that claims they stock a bunch of uncensored content. The thumbnails below tell a broadly similar story; I do see a looping preview GIF of a babe giving a titjob to an unedited ding-dong, but every other genital is buried under some flesh-colored pixels.I tried hitting a Play button on one of those preview thumbs out front, but you know how it goes. The “Play” buttons just shuffle you along to the signup page in typical paysite style. So the only way to find out how much of this is uncensored is to get inside for a closer, hands-on look.How Much for that Hentai Girl in the Window?If you’re the type of pervert who’s signed up for paysites before, the HentaiCore.com membership price isn’t going to be any surprise at all. It’s thirty bones a month for the standard membership, same as it is to damn near everywhere else. However, the yearly rate breaks down to ten bucks a month, which is the best deal. Besides, there’s a 2-day trial for a dollar. But don’t forget to cancel it before the rebill comes through.The big question for most perverts is just how well that membership fee will hold its own against some of the other premium options out there. Well, let’s break it down by the numbers. One of the things they promise on the signup page is weekly updates, but it’s actually a bit better than that. HentaiCore drops some big batch uploads every few days, so you typically end up with dozens of updates per week. These are full-length episodes, too, so you’re going to end up with hours of fresh content every time you re-up that monthly subscription.And while that’s a fucking impressive rate of growth for a paysite, it does come with a downside. You see, while the HentaiCore.com domain may have been registered a few years ago, the current incarnation of the site hasn’t been live all that long. In fact, as of this writing, the archive only stretches back a matter of weeks. There are currently around 120 hentai episodes in the stash. That isn’t a paltry number, and in fact, it’s impressive for such a new site, but it may not appeal as much to those Costco masturbators who need their smut in super-bulk.Flipping back to the good points, I’d like to point out that HentaiCore members can download whatever the fuck they want. As a full-time porn reviewer, I’m acutely aware of the download trends in premium porn, and I’ve been seeing more paysites go back to the streaming-only model. I think the explosive popularity of OnlyFans is one of the significant factors in this shift since they don’t do downloads either. But I’m happy to see HentaiCore keeping it old school with the savable files, so you collectors will still have something to play with after your membership runs out.All in all, it sounds like a decent set of perks for your thirty bucks a month. The pile isn’t the biggest yet, but they’re putting out new material at a much faster rate than most sites charging the same amount. The big question now is how good the porn actually is, since even the biggest stash is useless if it doesn’t make your dick hard.Let’s Talk Anime and FetishesOf course, if you’re looking to make your dick hard, it helps to have an excellent selection of material to work with. To that end, HentaiCore.com has dozens of porn subgenres and fetishes to dip into with your dipstick. In addition, their Categories page is a nice, clean, thumbnailed list that’s a hell of a lot more useful than those sprawling tag indexes you find on some hentai sites. So instead of thousands of overlapping categories, you’ve got a good couple handfuls of the “real” ones.Like any good hentai site, they get fucking kinky as hell. Of course, there are porn standards like Anal (53 videos), Big Boobs (63 movies), and Blow Jobs (75 episodes), which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who likes smut. However, what may be of more interest to you perverts are the freakier fetishes and anime-based subgenres like Ahegao, Lactation, Loli, Monster, and Mind Breaking. Weirdly, there’s no dedicated Tentacles area, but they do have a few videos filed under Futanari for the dick-girl lovers.I can’t help noticing the Uncensored section listed right there on the HentaiCore Categories page. It’s a bit of a bummer because it spells out exactly how many of the videos on the site feature actual anime pussies being penetrated. As of this writing, only 21 of their videos are listed in the Uncensored section. That’s a pretty small slice of the whole pie, so keep that in mind if you’re mainly interested in the uncensored stuff.That’s actually my biggest issue with the site, and I know it’s going to be a dealbreaker for many of the hentai fans out there. Unless you’re happy beating off to the regular censored stuff, this may not be the membership for you. But, of course, many of you have gotten used to those fucking pixels over the years, so your mileage is definitely going to vary.If censored content isn’t a dealbreaker for you, HentaiCore.com is worth a look. I’d say the most significant benefits of membership are the rapid updates and the convenient Download button. You don’t have to be a member to check out the Categories page, so I recommend sneaking a peek before pulling the trigger. That will give you a good sense of how much of the material will get you off and give you a current count of the uncensored videos. If the preview looks enticing, I think you’re going to like what you find in the member’s area.