Ever see a girl get Hentaied? You know what I’m talking about: sexy chicks with crazy hair getting boned by tentacles while making ahegao facial expressions, everything dripping with a thick coat of sticky, icky goo. If that’s what gets you going, you’ve probably had to go your whole life settling for cheaply made doujinshi catering to your freaky fetishes. What if I told you there was a porn site with all the trappings of the craziest hentai, but filmed in actual video with real babes?Hold on to your dicks, my weeaboo friends, Redditors and assorted neckbeards, because today I’ve got some wild shit that I bet you’ve never seen before. Hentaied.com is a premium site that puts out hentai-influenced live-action porno. It’s a newer site, springing to life halfway through 2021, but their unique spin on smut has been earning them a lot of fast attention. They’re currently getting nearly 20,000 visits a day, so I think I’ll lube up my rubber squid vagina and take a peek behind the paywall.Real Girls Fucked by Fake TentaclesWhen I first saw the name Hentaied, I naturally assumed it was going to be another hentai library stocked with the usual gender-swapped Naruto fanfiction and elven orgy adventures. Imagine my surprise when the page loaded and an auto-playing video montage appeared, giving me rapid-fire shots of girls going ass-to-ass, pushing cum and alien appendages out of their pussies, and getting penetrated deep by writhing black tentacles.The word “hentai” itself is practically synonymous with tentacle porn, though the otaku autists would surely blow up my email box for agreeing with the assertion. It’s arguably a broad genre, encompassing all kinds of sex and romance, but a lot of the vanilla stuff would translate to fairly “normal” live-action porn. I like that Hentaied has focused on the weirder shit people associate with sex anime, which naturally includes a fair amount of tentacle porn.It isn’t all wriggly alien rapists, though. Other hentai tropes like schoolgirls, purple-skinned drow elves, bukkake, cumflation, succubus sluts and exorcisms are also hinted at or displayed explicitly out on the tour page. There’s also a thick, milky coat of jizz covering everything in a good half of the screenshots, giving me a strong desire to either jack off or go hit the mall for a Cinnabon. Given the current health climate, it seems a lot safer to just stay in and pleasure myself to some really depraved material.I was really hoping for some free video samples, but like so many other paysites, the Play buttons just shuffled me along to the sign-up page. If you’d rather not subscribe to a full month of access to their collection, you can buy individual videos for 13 euros, or about 25 USD. Downloads are 4K, so you get to watch your extreme cumshots, peeing and monster sex in crisp, crystal clear ultra-HD.Why Break the Bank for Crazy Fetish Porn?If a movie or two ain’t going to do it for you, the monthly membership is a little cheaper than most paysites. You usually have to pay extra for kinky fetish porn, so the low price was a nice little surprise. It’s just 20 euros (about 24 USD) for a month, with a deep discount on the yearly rate. Downloads aren’t included, which sucks; if you want to save the movies on your hard drive, you’re still going to have to pay full price.It’s kind of an unusual setup, but it feels like a reasonable compromise on the price. A lot of the big-name paysites have phased out downloads or charge extra for them, but the surcharge is usually less than the download price at Hentaied. It’s fetish porn, though, and you kinksters already know how much individual clips typically cost on sites like ManyVids, Clips4Sale or IWantClips. Throw in that low membership price and Hentaied starts looking like a real bargain.One of my biggest concerns going in was the quantity of content. This shit doesn’t look easy or cheap to produce, which often means you aren’t going to get many movies. (HorrorPorn.com comes to mind. They do really elaborate horror and sci-fi adult movies, but you only get a couple dozen for your money.) Imagine my surprise when I found more than 40 movies already in the Hentaied library.Forty movies is tiny compared to sites like Brazzers or Reality Kings, but really fucking impressive for a niche site that hasn’t even been around for a whole year. I checked out their release dates to see what their update schedule is like. It’s slightly irregular, but a new movie has been coming out every 4 to 6 days. That’s more than a movie a week, which is my golden standard for vanilla paysites, and even more appealing for a fetish site.Robot Sluts and Tentacle MonstersThere’s a ton of emphasis on the tentacle scenes out on the Hentaied.com tour page, because most of the scenes do seem to involve tentacles or at least unusual dildos. Once you get inside and start perusing the full collection, though, you’ll start seeing all kinds of hentai weirdness. One scene features pornstars fucking their food and making a salad. Another involves a girl taking a shrinking potion before nearly drowning in semen. Then, there’s the babe making ahegao faces while getting drilled by a machine.A couple of their scenes involve bots or clones, so you’ll see multiple copies of the same chick getting pleasured all over the screen. I decided to start my official fap test of the site with one of their newer movies with the theme. Broken Bots was published a couple of weeks ago and stars the lovely redheaded Lottie Magne as a bunch of malfunctioning robots.The 7-minute scene opens with a Hentaied logo before a dozen Lotties appear on the screen, diddling themselves and moaning. A voiceover talks about how the robots are broken, a story told on the screen in a montage of drooling, moaning, giggling, rolling around naked on the floor and showing off pretty feet. There’s some cutesy electronic music playing in the background that could have come straight from Animal Crossing.The giggling and ahegao faces quickly give way to harder fare. A room full of Lotties squeals with delight as they fuck themselves with flesh-colored dildos from the floor, the couches and even the fur-covered piano bench. Lottie looks like a happy, gorgeous retard with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes rolling around, but that’s ahegao for you. Honestly, I’m not sure how well the facial expressions translate from anime to real life, but I know some of you weeaboos are going to lose your shit over her pretty face going all slack. This chick seems like more of a freak than Belle Delphine, too.Lottie may have been fucking dildos, but there’s a lot of cum dripping out of her creampied snatch a few minutes into the movie. She drips it on the floor and rubs her feet in it, picks it up with her hands and eats it, and lets it fall out of her mouth while giggling, squirming and moaning—the End.Next, I loaded up the most recent Hentaied.com movie; Eve Gets Tentacled. Eve is rolling on the floor and smiling as the video opens. She takes off her top and then her bottom, exposing a gorgeous body, before stroking her pussy for the camera. After a couple of minutes of playing with herself, a pair of shiny black tentacles creeps into the frame.The tentacles make their way up Eve’s shapely legs as she watches on. They spread her legs apart, but she’s smiling as they expose her twat and then penetrate her. A split-screen shows the alien appendages writhing inside her while she smiles and moans, her eyes rolling back in her head. She gropes her own tits as they ravish her.Hentaied.com is an easy recommendation for anybody who’s been whacking off to hentai for years and has always wanted to see what it’s like in live-action. While I’ve seen a few stray attempts over the years at shooting scenes like this, I’ve never seen such a well-made, fully stocked premium site full of the stuff. This porno obviously isn’t for everyone, and it’s probably going to be hit or miss, even for longtime fans of filthy sex anime. At the very least, you owe yourself a look at the tour page. If you like what you see, the full ticket isn’t going to be too hard on your wallet.