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Looking for premium hentai porn at DrawnHentai? As many of you might already know, 3D women can get pretty annoying after a while. Sure they can be good to look at and fuck, but soon they can come with some bullshit like nagging, emptying your wallet, and all sorts of other crap that just makes you wish they’d go away after you get done fucking them.This is where 2D girls come in. When it comes to 2D girls, we don’t have these problems. They are always eager to please, always beautiful, and will quietly disappear as soon as you get done with them. In other words, they are goddamn perfect.Drawn-Hentai is all about the latter. Although the name of the site is Drawn Hentai, you’ll find plenty of Western porn as well. In addition to classic anime series like Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail, you’ll also find plenty of Nick cartoons and Disney movie bitches to keep your dick company.What separates Drawn Hentai from the rest is the unique porn. Drawn-Hentai features a bunch of artists that give the site unique pictures and videos you won’t find anywhere else. These artists are specifically hired by Drawn-Hentai to pump the site full of fresh pussy every week.There’s a lot more than pictures, despite the name. Drawn-Hentai also features videos, flash games, and comics. I have to admit that the quality of these aren’t the greatest, but they give DrawnHentai a lot more to play and fap with.The biggest draw of Drawn-Hentai is the hentai and cartoon sex videos. I guess the people really love Rule 34 shit, cause 99% of the porn you’ll find here is bitches from famous shows and animes getting fucked till they bleed. The art is pretty true to the original artist, especially for the anime sex.Is this a Wordpress site?The layout for Drawn-Hentai is a little too basic for my taste. The main categories are Cartoon Sex Videos, Hentai Videos, Exclusive Flash Games, Fresh Pictures, and Bonus Area. There is also a featured updates page that gives you the latest content.For each of these categories, the porn is laid out in a blog type setting. Each blog post will have the art or video, the artist, and all the associated tags like Rape, MILF, big breast, etc. One thing to note is that if you click on an artist’s name, you’ll get access to all of his/her work. So if you see something you like…it’s easy to find more where that came from.One important note: the Cartoon Sex Videos section is for Rule 34 and more original works, while Hentai videos feature popular commercial hentai series. You’ll find the hentai videos section has tons of content from other sites, since they are mainstream hentai videos. The Cartoon Sex Videos will be a lot of original content, including watermark for Drawn-Hentai.The mobile layout is decent, but too simplified for my taste. It’s easy to browse the different sections, but hard to hammer down specific shit you might be looking for. I think the search bar is your best bet if you want to find something specific, but I do wish there was more ways to browse through the porn.One thing I want to mention is the Bonus Area, which I told you is one of the main categories. This “bonus content” is really just another website called Toons Empire, where your membership for Drawn-Hentai can be used as a promo code.Basically, the Bonus Area is bullshit and they are just trying to upsell you more cartoon sex porn.All your favorite 2D bitchesThere is a shit-ton of One Piece porn. They might as well have named the website Drawn-OnePiece-Hentai.com, because I’ve never seen so many nudes of Nami, Nico Robin, and all those other wonderfully breasted bitches from everyone’s favorite anime.Other popular series you’ll find porn for is Simpsons, Futurama, Dragonball, Naruto, and Disney. I don’t know why the fuck people are into Simpsons and Futurama porn, personally. All those bitches look demented and ugly as fuck, and Futurama is just a bunch of aliens and one-eyed freaks like Leela.Do guys actually jerk off to this shit? Jesus Christ Americans have terrible taste.Anyway, let’s talk about the videos. First of all, you’ll really love the art. The artists capture the original art really well, even right down to the coloring. The anime bitches look straight out of the anime with bright watercolors, while the Batman sex scenes look dark and gritty, just like the cartoon.Bottom line, Drawn-Hentai takes your membership seriously, and works hard to make sure the artists can match the original artwork. Believe me, I’ve seen some fucking disgustingly shitty Rule 34 art. Drawn-Hentai makes sure you don’t need to worry about trying to jerk off to some porn drawn like a 5-year-old.The hentai videos section has some mainstream hentai series also. For example, Omiami Aite wa Oshiego was featured on Drawn-Hentai, which is a hentai series that you can find in a lot of other places as well. There are over 600 hentai videos, so…this place should last you at least a couple of weeks.What I LikeThere is a ton of original content. If you filled a boob with all of Drawn-Hentai’s original content, you would get one big fucking titty. Even though Drawn-Hentai features a lot of common hentai animes as well, the original comics, pictures, and videos keep me coming back.The quality of the Rule 34 shit is also the best of the best. The Frozen princess really looks like the Frozen bitch. The Ben 10 kids truly look like the Ben 10 characters. You will find some bad eggs here and there, but a lot of the art is very well done and professional.On a final note, the quality of the streams and downloads are good also. The video qualities aren’t 1080p, but its totally fappable can they even allow unlimited downloads. I can’t say I had any frustrations jacking off to this shit.What I HateMy main issue with Drawn-Hentai is that it’s not that fun to browse. The porn isn’t well categorized, and the there are too many tags that you won’t have fun browsing by those either. If you want something specific, it’s easy to use the search function, but I like it when I can browse a gallery. Everything at Drawn-Hentai is blog posts.The Flash games are also pretty shitty. The art and animations are basic, and there isn’t much gameplay. I wasn’t expecting much because original flash games are hard to make, but for a paid membership site these games are ass.Finally, it’s not cool that the Bonus Content area is just a portal for a different paid membership site. That’s the porn game for you, I guess.This place needs a remodelMy main recommendation for Drawn-Hentai is to have better organization of the layout. There should be directories for Rule 34 content as well as the hentai videos where you can browse by the series. Yes, you can just search for it, but using search isn’t perfect.For example, I wanted to jerk off to some Disney bitches. I don’t know which Disney bitches, I just wanted to see them all and take my pick. But is there a category for Disney? Nope. And if I search “Disney”? I only get 1 result because a lot of the Disney porn doesn’t carry that tag. It makes me search like “Frozen”, or “Pocahontas”, etc.It also seemed like Drawn-Hentai was slowing on the updates. I read a lot of comments complaining that new updates were not frequent enough. So I can’t vouch for a long-term membership at this time, even though the content I did see was solid.Rule 34 HeavenOverall, Drawn-Hentai is a great place to find some unique Rule 34 porn. I don’t know where they found these artists, but they get the faces and bodies pretty correct (although with bigger tits) and even the coloring matches the original style.The content definitely is geared more towards anime than Western cartoons, so keep that in mind. If you love One Piece and shit like that, this place will fulfill all your teen fantasies. But for Futurama or Family Guy porn, I think you’ll have better luck elsewhere.Finally, Drawn-Hentai has a very big hentai series collection. I thought the site was all about unique porn from their artists, but there is a ton of commercial hentai videos as well. These videos aren’t that unique, and you’ll find them all over the internet with a Google search, but the download and stream speeds make it a nice bonus.