Hentai Key! Pornography is a domain of huge boobs, giant dicks, and oversized libidos. In the world of hentai, things get even bigger. Those pretty girls have enormous eyes to match their gargantuan breasts, and the literal monster cocks they get smashed with are nothing to scoff at. HentaiKey takes that typical larger-than-life porn anime formula and applies the bigness to something else: a massive network of more than 40 premium hentai sites.HentaiKey.com was registered in 2001, though they really caught the attention of manga-loving perverts in recent years. Nowadays, they get over 300,000 visits per month, each of them in search of explicit anime suitable for adult eyes only. I’m the kind of guy who gets kicked out of the theater for jerking off to Disney movies, so I get a little wild when the cartoon women are having actual sex on the screen. Let’s check out what these fuckers have to offer.Big Eyes, Big Tits, Uncensored TwatsThe preview page for HentaiKey is a veritable smorgasbord of obscene anime thumbnails. There are buxom bitches with their titties hanging out, shapely anime hotties getting drilled from behind, and plenty of glistening bodily fluids dripping all over everything.Do you know what else I see immediately that I fucking love? Uncensored hentai twats. Everyone who loves hentai or Japanese erotica, in general, is well-aware of the censorship issues that plague the genres. Well, it looks like HentaiKey has plenty of unobscured genitals on the menu. A babe in one of the banners sliding by the header has her cunt stretched out wide, the pink insides on full display for any pervert who wants to shake his dick at it.A header further down the screen screams in all caps that users will have NEW UNCENSORED HENTAI MOVIES WITH UNLIMITED STREAMING! Just to prove their point, there are explicit animated GIFs of a plaid-skirted schoolgirl getting fucked in the bathroom, a French maid giving a double blowjob, Batman railing wonder woman from behind in CG, and a purple-haired babe in a blindfold getting her giant titties groped as she takes it doggystyle.The network includes over 40 premium sites, and some of their best ones are listed on the preview page. They’ve got a whole website dedicated to obscene Naruto parodies called, wait for it, NarutoPixxx. PalComixVIP features unauthorized use of superheroes like Captain Marvel sucking on a giant alien boner while gushing girlcum onto the one she’s riding. Chun Li from Streetfighter fucks a gender-swapped Ryu at YuriHaven and some random anime slut gets her asshole pounded on a beach at HinataPixxx.While most of the images on the page are rendered in the usual anime style associated with manga, a handful of the images on the preview page feature different types of art. There are plenty of CG sluts with their boobies bouncing as they take a hard cock and a couple more Western-style cartoon images of women being violated. The main unifying factor seems to be that everything is X-rated and extremely explicit.Sign Up for One, Get More Than FortyThe sign-up page spells out the perks of joining in unambiguously hard numbers. A membership to HentaiKey, The Premier Hentai Network, includes access to 40+ sites, with over a thousand videos and more than 20,000 exclusive images. They also promise “exclusive content created personally for you,” though don’t spell out exactly what that means.I didn’t see it mentioned on the front page, and it isn’t listed in those hard numbers, but the sign-up page features a handful of previews of some of their porno games. Membership includes access to some pretty kinky interactive adult experiences, including some intense tentacle rape, forced schoolgirl sex, and harems of sexy anime sluts. They’ve also got a 3D hentai game called Play club which features shame, pleasure, lolicon, as well as three sisters and a mother brought by force. The synopsis is written in broken English, but it’s enough to get my dick really hard.A one-month subscription will run you about 30 bucks, which is pretty typical on any kind of premium porn site these days. They accept a wide variety of currency, so you can subscribe from anywhere around the world without fucking around too much with the conversion rate. Users who are looking for a discounted rate can sign up for a 90- or 180-day pass. For the 180-day, the price breaks down to about half the cost of the usual rate.Where to Start with All This Anime Porno?Some of these sprawling porno networks can be a little overwhelming. Once I got signed up and logged in to HentaiKey, I wasn’t sure where to start. Do I dig into the English subtitled hentai movies, the newest doujins, or should I download one of those games where I get to stick my virtual dick in a tied-up office lady? There’s a ton of dirty manga, full-length hentai movies, and an unauthorized Pokémon parody where Misty and Brock are engaged in an explicit, uncensored 69.I kept scrolling down the screen, looking at more and more offerings. If you have trouble picking something on Netflix, this is going to be even worse, and you’re going to have a painfully hard boner while you’re browsing.Halfway down the page, I found a section of updates from some of the sites in the HentaiKey network. There are at least a couple updates every day listed here, though I suspect there may be more spread out across the different included sites. The newest one, added yesterday, is a specially requested Naruto parody featuring a little anime slut riding on a dude’s cock.The thumbnail brought me to a page saying their artist team will create original art for premium members, with a Request link included. Unfortunately, when I clicked on another thumbnail of the same image I saw out front, I got a server error instead of a larger version.Anal Sanctuaries and Hentai PanicAnother section of the main member’s page offers a selection of Random Movies. One called Anal Sanctuary 02 featured a pink-haired broad in shackles with a bunch of imposing tentacles reaching toward her. Unfortunately, when I tried to play the DVD rip, I got another error saying the server was taking too long to respond. I tried a couple more movies and the same thing happened. Bullshit!Next, I tried viewing movies on one of their individual sites, Hentai Panic. There’s no baked-in video player there, so I had to download the MP4 for Lara Croft in Trouble. The 154 MB download only took about a minute, and this time I was able to watch some animated smut. This was rendered in very realistic CG, playing out like a really filthy videogame cut scene including forced blowjobs and squirting.It’s weird and fucked up to find a site that has videos but no player, but I’m happy to find a workaround for the annoying server issues. Next, I pulled up HentaiMovieRealm and started going through their archive. I downloaded and watched a movie called Avatar Meet and Fuck: The Last Cockbender. It featured the titular Cockbender hammering a chick with huge knockers from a few positions, including a deep titty fuck. Weirdly, this seems to be a hentai game that somebody took a video of and uploaded here.Throughout my visit to HentaiKey, I kept running into issues with the organization of the site. The really frustrating thing is that there is clearly a ton of excellent material here, in a broad range of hentai categories. It’s just hard to find exactly what you want when it’s spread across more than 40 different porno sites. Throw in the server issues and you’re in for a potentially frustrating experience as you stroke your dick to tentacle rape, futanari orgies, and bus-molesting uncles.Despite the organizational and server problems, it’s easy to see the appeal of HentaiKey. One membership buys you access to a veritable superstore of X-rated anime content in a variety of formats. I hope that as the site continues to grow, they update their servers to handle all that bandwidth better, and I hope they implement some better organization and an advanced search engine. Until then, be prepared for a bit of a choppy ride as you dig through this enormous mountain of uncensored hentai.