Animatria might be kind of a vague name for a site, but since I’m talking about it here at ThePornDude, you probably already know what kind of animation the joint is going to be showcasing. I’d say I feel bad for the innocent gamers and cartoon fans stumbling onto the site by accident, but honestly, I’m happy for anybody finding new fap fodder that really gets them going. Based on what I’m seeing on their tour page, I’d bet money this shit is going to really resonate with the Redditors, deviate gamers and general perverts in the audience.In case you rode the short bus and this all reads like a bunch of secret code, I’ll spell it out for you: Animatria.com is a premium porn animation, art and game site run by the very animators, artists and game developers whose work is showcased. Some of the bigger porn cartoon sites out there amount to a bunch of middlemen gouging a cut from the content they had nothing to do with, so this is really going to appeal to fans of the genre who’d like to support the artists more directly. It’s a fairly new site, popping up in 2021, but has steadily been building its collection and its fanbase.Simple Layout, Professional XXX ArtAnimatria’s got a fairly simple layout. Beneath a basic text logo and login/signup buttons, the page devotes all its energy to showing you thumbnails of their X-rated content. It isn’t a bad strategy. Why break the bank with a flashy site when the artwork speaks for itself?The quality is super fucking high on every bit of CG or hand-drawn smut I see out front. There are porn animation sites out there that’ll publish damn near anything, including big-titted stick figures brought to life by outdated and potentially dangerous platforms like Flash. (Seriously, low-grade sex animations and porn games are the only places I still see Flash used at all.) Animatria clearly has higher standards than most.The professional quality of the work is a big selling point right from the jump, and I think you’re also going to love the content itself. This is some serious adults-only stuff, with all kinds of depravity, sexual activity and kinky fetishes. On the landing page alone, I see finger-cuffing threesomes, strap-on lovemaking, anal creampies, beach footjobs and a sexy bitch getting her twat pounded by a robot as the machine holds her upside down.Perverse sex acts depicted in realistic CG or digital pen-and-ink are sexy enough, but you geeks are really going to love all the unauthorized porno parodies going on here. That broad getting robot-fucked is none other than Rey from Star Wars, and that strap-on scene features characters from Life Is Strange. There’s explicit artwork with babes from Game of Thrones, Cowboy Bebop, Tomb Raider and Harry Potter, and I haven’t even made it off Animatria’s front page yet.High-End Porn Art at Bargain-Bin PricesI did try to make it off the first page, of course. You see a thumbnail of Lara Croft getting a hefty dose of BBC and you just have to click the thing, right? The problem is, every thumbnail of a hooker blowjob, superhero gangbang or interspecies handjob led me to the signup page instead of the full version. That’s pretty standard on most any paysite, but I always prefer some free samples.The good news is that Animatria.com memberships are pretty fucking cheap. Most paysites cost thirty bucks a month, but the rates here start at $20 with some bonus time tacked onto each plan. The regular 30-day membership actually starts with 6 weeks before you get the first rebill, and the $60, 180-day plan morphs into a $10 per month plan after 6 months.Those low rates earn you a ticket for an absolute shit-ton of fappable content. They break down the numbers out front, and it’s really fucking impressive for a site that hasn’t even been around for a year. Animatria currently has more than 1000 movies, 1500 mangas, and their X-rated picture level is OVER 9000!Their game selection is considerably slimmer, probably owing to the overall high quality that seems to be one of their main requirements. Still, they’ve got some nice-looking interactive smut for Windows, Mac and Linux. I recognize a couple of the games like TMNT: Mating Season and Star Channel, and I know they’re not exclusive to the site. I sometimes dock a few points for non-exclusive material on a paysite, which makes me wonder how much of Animatria.com’s content is available elsewhere. That said, the price is low enough and the collection big enough that I don’t think it’s going to be a dealbreaker for anyone.Instead of dealbreakers, how about we discuss dealmakers? I feel like I’ve listed some pretty fucking strong perks already, but all the high-end porn manga and NSFW video game parodies ain’t worth a recurring membership if they never update the collection. The smarty-pants motherfuckers in the audience have probably already guessed how often they add new stuff, just based on those high content counts. Just in case there’s any confusion, though, they spell it out for you before you even get a chance to pull the trigger: Animatria.com is updated every day with fresh new clips.Download XXX Animations and Support the ArtistsOnce I made my way to Animatria’s member’s area, I started poking around with my raging hard boner. I started in the pictures section first, fapping my way through alien sexual escapades, triple-dong deep dickings, and drug-fueled gloryhole blowjobs drawn by steady, talented hands. Most of the 100+ artists showcased on Animatria use one-word pseudonyms to hide their real identities. Still, I’d bet my left nut a lot of them have legit jobs creating SFW comics and animations when they’re not illustrating their kinkiest secret fantasies.Anyway, this brings me to the manga section. Again, the artwork is consistently professional, putting Animatria’s collection head and shoulders above the free and spammy hentai sites where they’ll publish anything they can scrape off of other websites. Most of their content is full-color on every page instead of just the cover, and a lot of them are nice and long. My first stop in the manga aisle was to check out a 24-page BDSM Avatar parody I saw out front. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s way better than anything James Cameron could ever dream up.I knew Animatria’s videos were where I’d really fall down the rabbit hole and destroy my productivity for the day, so I saved the best for last. With over a thousand CG porn animations, I knew I’d be there for a while. We’re going to be living in the year 2021 in just a few days for now, so naturally, most of the movies are released in HD.The one major downside, though, was that most of the animations are very short. When I’m reviewing premium porn sites with actual pornstars getting nailed, I tend to be annoyed when the clips run less than twenty minutes. I’d be thrilled to find 20-minute videos on any X-rated animation site, but it just isn’t going to happen. Even on a quality site like this, you’re lucky to get more than a couple of minutes. That’s just the nature of the art form.Animatria.com lets its paid members download whatever the fuck they want. That’s definitely what I like to see on a paysite, though I have to wonder if some thieving cretin is going to sign up just to steal the whole collection for his free hentai/manga tube. Considering how many of those sites seem to be made of stolen content, the collection here seems dangerously ripe for the picking.I really hope that doesn’t happen, because one of the site’s best gimmicks is that it’s run by the actual content creators. These guys usually don’t earn shit off their dirty illustrated/animated fantasies, so Animatria gives fans an opportunity to give back by supporting those artists, animators and game designers more directly. Not only does it ensure they get a fair cut, but it means they can spend more time creating robot sex CG instead of driving Uber to make ends meet.Animatria.com checks off all the boxes for a good porn animation and art site. Their high-quality and ever-expanding collection of CG movies, manga, and pics is going to be the biggest selling point for most users, with a price significantly below what you’d pay almost anywhere else. If you’re into freaky NSFW artwork, explicit comics and sexy parodies of your favorite games, movies and cartoons, you’re going to feel right at home.