Hentai Yes! Listen up you sex-starved weebs, I know you think that you’ve seen every last hentai site on the planet at this point. Hell, you might be right. But is that going to stop me from telling you about yet another nut-bustingly good hentai porn site? You bet your ass it won’t. I’ve got one that will knock your goddamn socks off in terms of quality and quantity of content. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Buckle in and I’ll give you the lowdown on every single thing you need to know about this site before you go whipping out your micro-cock and straddling your Hatsune Miku body pillow.The site is called Hentaiyes.com. It’s not brand new to the hentai porn scene by any stretch of the imagination. They launched back in 2017 and have been on the fast-track to success ever since then. This site manages to bring in anywhere from 400-600 thousand of weeaboos every single month. Fuck, could you imagine that many of you fucks in one place? It’d be a goddamn biohazard. Just imagine the smell. Excuse me a second, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.Get Access to the Newest & Best Hentai Series for Free!Alright, let’s move on from that thought. This site is, as you probably guessed, a site for watching hot hentai videos. But this isn’t some lame-ass site where you only get 5-minute clips of old hentai that look like they were unearthed from an ancient Japanese burial ground. You’re getting the good shit. The front page has full episodes for shows like Euphoria, Mesu Kyoushi, and Futabu. You weebs who know your shit will pick up what I’m putting down. If those titles don’t mean a damn thing to you, then suffice it to say that they have the cream of the crop.Before I give you the glorious details about the video catalog, I’ve got some other bases that are equally important.I’m talking about user experience. A site can have the best catalog of content in the world and be fucking trash to browse. Ads are usually one of the first nails in the coffin when it comes to that, but I’m happy to see that this site keeps its ads to a minimum. There will be some banners here and there, as well as a few pre-roll ads during videos. That’s fucking nothing. You don’t have to deal with pop-ups, redirects, auto-play ads, or any sort of fishy looking shit.A Sleek, Dark Site Design With Minimal Ad ClutterThe general site design is sleek. They’ve got a cool logo going on with a minimal header that doesn’t have a million fucking buttons. Perhaps best of all, you get a nice dark theme right from the start. That’s right, you don’t have to sit there bathed in white light. Nothing looks good in that light. Nobody wants to see their raw and chafed cock in such brilliance as they fap to guro fetish porn.The header has options for “home, series, tags, and random.” There’s also a search bar up there if you’re looking for something specific to jerk your dick to. I recommend going ahead and registering for a free account up top. There’s no catch. It’s a solid way to keep track of your favorite series and pick up where you last left off. You don’t have any sort of premium memberships to deal with because this site doesn’t even have the option for one. It was a nice change of pace from the regular premium-shilling bullshit I see.Browse through Thousands of Full-Length VideosThe main page will have a few sections worth glancing at before you try and search up whatever degenerate shit you want to fap to. You can check out a couple of sections for the most popular and newest videos on the site. Once you click over to the series tab in the header you’ll see that they have a fuck ton of shows on here. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of full-length hentai episodes all in one easy-to-browse alphabetized list.If you’d rather browse by your favorite fetish, then you can smash that tags button to get a list of all sorts of kinky shit. You’ve got a little bit of everything here. Hentaiyes does not shy away from the fucked-up content. You can find dozens of videos with fetish content like bondage, gender-bending, maid, incest, vore, molestation, mind fuck, parasites, and even more. But you can get even darker if you’re looking for the really fucked up shit. There was some fetish content on here that I hadn’t even heard of before.Stream or Download any Video on the Site in HD 720pEvery video preview will have a large thumbnail that will usually be the cover art of the hentai, but that’s it. You don’t get any more information when you hover your cursor or anything like that. I’d have liked to see a full title, view count, upload date, genre tags, and all of that good shit included. I’m surprised that they don’t have these basic tags since this site has so many other neat features. At least you get all of that information when you click over to the full video page.There you get all of the genre tags, a synopsis, and a list of other videos in that series. Here you’ll also get the video length, like count, and video quality. From there, just click on a video to get started on your hentai-fueled fap sesh. You might have to deal with a pre-roll ad, but you’ll be off to the races after that. Most of the videos on here will be available in full 720p HD, and they played for me without any buffering or skipping. Hell, you can even download as many videos as you fucking want for free.Take this Hot Hentai on the Go with a Streamlined Mobile SiteBut I know you picky fucks won’t just settle for a good desktop site. You need to be able to take your kinky hentai videos with you on the go. Well, you’re in luck! The mobile version of this site is just as sleek and easy to browse as the desktop version. There’s no weird negative space or wonky features. You can log in to your account so that you’re never more than an arm’s reach away from moaning hentai sluts.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis is one of the more user-friendly free hentai porn sites that I’ve seen. Usually, you need to wade through ads, poor site design, cluttered menus, and pop-ups just to get your hands on this level of quality content. I still can’t believe that this site lets you download all of their videos for free. It’s fucking awesome. You weebs will be pumping that HDD full of terabyte after terabyte of hentai once you make your way over to this site. And, man, the catalog is massive. There’s enough hentai on here to keep you busy for fucking years.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThey should add some more video details for the previews. Give me the genre tags, upload date, view count, and all of that good shit. I want to know exactly the kind of video that I’m getting into before I click through and start watching. After all, we all know how hentai videos can be. You click on what looks like some tentacle rape fuck fest, but before you know it the video will be full of loli torture fetish porn. I fucking hate when that happens. Nothing is more a boner killer than getting blasted with some fetish that you’re not into. That’s why genre tags are fucking important!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Hentaiyes.com is a must-visit hentai site if you’re not looking to dish out the dosh for the premium content. You get access to all of the top-tier hentai for the low, low price of completely free. This site has a simple, easy to navigate design that barely has any ads. Plus, you can download as many hot videos as you want without any catches or premium subscriptions. I highly recommend you weebs go and give this site a visit if you’re looking for unfettered access to all of the newest and best hentai series!