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PornHub Hentai! If there was a Mount Rushmore for porn, would be one of the presidents. Pornhub is one of the internet’s oldest and popular porn sites, and one of the earliest tube sites that I ever found.If you asked all the horny young guys in America, probably all of them would know Pornhub, and most of them would choose between Pornhub or Xvideos as the king of internet porn. Pornhub has been proven to have a huge collection, great reliability, and a fantastic search engine. The ads aren’t too bad either.Did you know that it’s not Google or Amazon, but actually porn sites like Pornhub that have the latest and greatest search algorithms? These scientists work 24/7 to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Yeah, science!Pornhub features all kinds of porn, and hentai is certainly one of them. The hentai category has over 10,000 videos, and I’m pretty sure there are many more that’s not being captured. With such a collection, you probably want to get a little more specific than just “hentai”.There is plenty of Rule 34 as well. Popular franchises such as One Piece and Fate will have multiple pages of hentai porn, although with some questionable quality. Thank god that Pornhub doesn’t censor Rule 34 shit due to potential copyright and other bullshit, since I love fapping to my favorite characters.One thing to note about Pornhub is that there’s a lot of other categories mixed in with hentai. While hentai is normally referred to as classic 2D anime porn, you’ll see a lot of 3D and gaming videos mixed in with your results.Some of you may like it, some of you may hate it, but just keep your dick ready.Finally, Pornhub has a fantastic hentai GIFs collection. Many people don’t realize this, but Pornhub has photo and GIF galleries for all search terms, in addition to videos. Normally I’m not a big fan of Pornhub’s image collection, but the hentai here is outstanding so check it out.I can navigate this place with my eyes closedI’m pretty sure my right hand has developed muscle memory to watch Pornhub, and I’m sure this is true for many of you too. I’ve been a Pornhub fan for…Jesus Christ, has it been over a decade? This is my wife of porn at this point, goddamn it.When you first search hentai, you’ll see the main gallery with the most relevant search terms. Along with a screenshot, you’ll get the video title, the number of views, and rating.You can also see that some videos have a blue checkmark, which means that the uploader is a company, porn star, or some other professional figure.The amazing feature of Pornhub is the search customization, so let’s check out some ways to fine-tune your porn seeking. First, there is a tab at the top to switch between HD and All videos. You will also see Pornhub recommend some extra search tags such as “Transgender”, “Anal”, or “Japanese”.Along the left, you’ll see the power of Pornhub’s search engine. You can filter videos by length, gay only, and a whole bunch of tags that other people use.One tag that I recommend is “uncensored”. There’s so much uncensored hentai on Pornhub, that it’s a waste of time to be watching that censored bullshit.When you click on a video, you’ll see the video player at the top with ads on the right. You get some basic information including the title, categories, tags, and source. You can also review the number of views and ratings from other people.A great thing about Pornhub’s popularity means that all the videos are watched thousands of times, if not millions. You’ll get plenty of ratings to help you figure out if the video is worth the jizz or not.Pornhub also lets you download videos, which can be done by clicking on the download tab. Sadly, you need to register for this feature, so it might be a pain in the ass for you. But hey, at least it’s offered.You can also share the video with friends across platforms like Twitter, Reddit, or Google Plus. Even I’m not the kind of freak who wants to share his jerkoff content with his friends and family, but I guess some of you are out there. Just don’t accidentally send it to your mom!At the bottom, you’ll find user comments. Comments on porn videos always blow my mind with how strange and dumb they are, and hentai is no exception. You’ll read such insightful comments like “What in the fuck” Or “Is this legal like what the fuck”.Every kind of hentai you can findThere’s a lot more here than just anime hentai, in fact, I don’t think Pornhub is that great for hentai episodes.The reason is because most hentai anime sites will organize all the episodes and series, making it easy to find and watch an entire season of a hentai show. But Pornhub doesn’t specialize in episodes, but rather short clips.Honestly, this should work just fine for most of you. Who the fuck watches a thirty-minute episode full of bullshit, when we can just watch a ten-minute clip of fucking, cum, and then move on with our lives?What Pornhub does well is offer alternative videos such as hentai game clips, 3D animations, compilations, and virtual reality. You’ll find a lot of the internet’s best 3D porn videos under Pornhub’s hentai search, including videos that feature popular characters like the bitches from Overwatch.Pornhub also has one of the best virtual reality collections on the internet. Most of these are first person one on one fuck videos with anime and 3D bitches, but there are some awesome orgy videos as well. If you want to see some next level VR hentai porn, check out VR Kanojo.What I LikeWhat can I say about Pornhub? It’s been one of the Gods of porn sites since high-speed internet existed, and features high reliability, good stream speed, HQ support, and more.One of the underrated things about Pornhub is their image collection. Pornhub features thousands of high-quality pictures and GIFs to jerk off to. They are nicely organized into galleries and categories, and bring a fresh change from jerking off to videos all day.Pornhub also supports 360 Virtual Reality videos. For those of you who don’t know, 360 videos let you look around the room, instead of just giving you a fixed VR angle. In general, Pornhub works hard to provide porno that keeps up with the latest technology.What I HateThere is a lot to love about Pornhub, but it’s not perfect. The main issue with hentai on Pornhub is that there is no organization for episodes and series.On other hentai anime sites, you’ll usually see all the shows organized like it’s fucking Netflix. You can watch full episodes, easily move onto the next episode, or even download full seasons.This kind of shit doesn’t exist on Pornhub. There are standalone episodes here and there, but they aren’t well categorized. I wouldn’t even try to watch a full season of hentai here.Pornhub has some other annoying issues. There are Pornhub Premium videos that you can’t watch unless you join their paid membership program. If you see a star on the video, don’t even bother clicking on it since you’ll have to pay.Pornhub also makes you register to download videos. Registration is free, but it’s still annoying. Pornhub makes you do this so people don’t just spam downloads that would crash the servers, and Pornhub doesn’t use annoying 3rd party services like Megaupload.Have a Netflix-style section for hentaiThe one suggestion I would have for Pornhub’s hentai section would be to feature full seasons of hentai porn.This is a unique feature about hentai that you don’t find in other pornos. While the fucking and sucking is obviously key, hentai can be like anime where the character and story development is important also.It’s basically impossible to watch a full series on Pornhub since everything is so unorganized. But if Pornhub tried to organize hentai porn into full shows, like Netflix or Hulu, it could attract even the hardcore hentai fans.Still a God of the Porn WorldStill, Pornhub’s collection of hentai and amazing search bar means you can never go wrong here. Since the videos all have so many views and ratings, it’s not hard to find the best hentai that the internet has to offer.You’ll also find plenty of great Rule 34 fucking from series like Overwatch, One Piece, Fate, and much more. A lot of this porno is HD and uncensored too, which gives it an advantage over completely Jap shit that is always censored.Pornhub continues to improve and grow, keeping it ahead of the pack when it comes to internet porn dominance. Next time you want to jerk off to some hentai, always keep at least one window open at Pornhub, where videos and pics come free and fast, just like you.