Mucho Hentai is kind of an odd name for a website. It implies they’re going to have Japanese-style cartoon pornography with a certain Spanish or Mexican flair. It’s not something I would have imagined even existed, but some joint downtown is now offering sushi burritos. What the hell do I know, anyway? I feel like something of a porn expert, but these hentai fuckers are always surprising me.MuchoHentai does have some Hentai dubbed in Spanish, but the majority of the site is in English. In case you were wondering, the name translates to “Lots of Hentai,” which is exactly what you’ll find on MuchoHentai.com. It’s basically a free porn tube specializing in the stuff.Mucho Hentai, IndeedThe main page looks like any other porn tube on the ‘net, except all the explicit screengrabs feature anime sluts, not flesh-and-blood babes. Obviously, this is smut for a particular type of viewer. That’s you, right?First are all of the New Releases, grouped together. Next, you’ll find them broken down into Recent Japanese Raw Hentai Releases, Recent English Subbed Hentai Releases, Recientes Primicias Hentai En Español, and Recent Hentai Previews.Having easy access to hentai in your native language is pretty convenient. I hate when I’m trying to beat off to a cartoon of a schoolgirl princess being raped by a tentacle demon and I can’t understand the dialogue. I just can’t bust a nut when the fate of the universe lingers. Your mileage may vary, depending on how important the plot is to your masturbatory satisfaction.Nobody is going to accidentally confuse MuchoHentai with a clean anime site. Sure, a lot of the screencaps are just faces twisted in what could be orgasmic bliss or just some light gassiness, but most of them are pretty fucking dirty. I’m talking glistening titties bouncing, faces buried in poon, and devil bitches riding cock. This ain’t Dragonball Z.As for that age-old hentai question, yes, you’re going to have to put up with pixelated genitals on MuchoHentai. What can I tell you? This is the genuine article here, 100% legit hentai, straight from Japan. Anything produced in the Land of the Rising Sun is going to have the cunts and cocks blurred out. If you want fully animated, anatomically correct pussy impalings, check out a fan site or something.Anime Bitches BangedThe newest English-subbed video is called Tinderbox Episode 2. The screencap features two naked chicks with huge tits and what look like leashes around their necks. From all the flesh tones and pixelated dicks around them, it looks like they’re involved in some kind of orgy.Big-boobed bitches getting fucked like dogs is my kind of scene, animated or not, so I clicked through to the video page. An unobtrusive banner offers a special MuchoHentai discount to another hentai site, but I’m here for the free show.The clip loads up almost instantly in JW Player. I didn’t even get a pop-up or video ad before the Tinderbox logo appeared on the screen.JW Player is a bare-bones web gadget, but it gets the job done. You can’t adjust the quality, speed, or subtitles. You can go full-screen, jump around the timeline, play/pause, or change the volume.I honestly could not tell you how high the video resolution is. It looks very high, HD even, but you get a high margin for error with animated material. This is going to look great even if you’re watching it on a toaster with a dial-up connection.What’s with sailor outfits on hentai chicks? I feel like if I ever saw a broad wearing one in real life, I’d be sure she was about to take a couple of enormous dicks from each end. Those cute little hats just turn good girls into absolutely depraved whores.The sailor-suited broad in Tinderbox Episode 2 tags along to a club where she quickly realizes nobody else is as innocent as she is. She giggles nervously as a couple of big dudes move in on her, and then spies a couple of broads fucking each other right behind her.A few seconds later, she’s stroking a rich guy’s pixelated pud, saying things like, “Gosh, this is so crazy! It feels so hot and it’s stiff! Whoa! I peeled the skin off!”I don’t know what that skin-peeling line is all about. Maybe something got lost in translation, because from what I saw, dude just splooged all over her in front of everybody. Fucking kinky!Like the other clips on MuchoHentai, Tinderbox Episode 2 is a full-length episode. Little Sailor Innocent gets fucked by some more rich guys and a few girls.Oh, and hey, I learned something new about hentai. It turns out they don’t have to censor the buttholes. When that orgy finally happens, this girl flashes a big ol’ donut bootyhole at the camera. It’s anime clean and shiny, of course.So Much of This StuffI hit up the Newest Releases page to get a sense of how often MuchoHentai is updated. A few clips have been posted in just the last 5 minutes, and about 18 over the last week. That volume of full-length releases would be impressive for a paysite, let alone a free tube like MuchoHentai.A link in the header offers up a Release Calendar. Tinderbox Episode 2, the one I just watched is listed for today, along with a handful of other vids. One’s got schoolgirls, another has a nurse who is certainly violating some important health code, and two unrelated releases have devil sluts.I took a sneak peek at next month’s schedule and it looks like they do releases every Friday. Next week’s offerings feature elves fucking and a questionably consensual bang from behind.Check Out This Genre ListI gotta admit, I’m a morbidly curious motherfucker. I love to head to the big Genre List on any hentai site. It’s always going to be full of the weirdest fucking shit I’ve ever heard of. No matter how many times I see these sites, there’s always some new surprise.If you hover over the Genre List in the header, you get a short version with some of their popular categories. This is already pretty kinky. There are Large Breasts, Masturbation, and Yuri (Lesbians) like you’d see on any other porn site, but also Incest, Rape, and Futanari (Dick-girls). Just clicking Genre List brings you to the full menu of depravity.Opening with the A’s, I first notice Abduction and Anal Pump. ASSAULT is shouted in all caps, so we know how fucking serious they are. Flipping randomly through the list, I get gems like Parasites, Inverted Nipples, and Minor Semi-Rape.Next time your buddy gets drunk and tells you he’s a kinky fucker because he likes to kiss women’s feet, you can go one better. Tell him you spent a few days whacking off to every video in MuchoHentai’s Ripping In Peace subgenre of animated pornography. That’ll shut him up.What Else Have They Got?Check out the Hentai Series List. You can find a link in the header. The full list is so much deeper than I would have guessed. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different series listed. Even clicking on them randomly, it looks like most have at least a few episodes.If you’re into greasing the pole to still pornography, check out the Doujins link in the header. It actually goes to their sister site, MuchoDoujins, which is basically MuchoHentai for porn comics.The Random button is a good way to play fap roulette. The first time I hit it, MuchoHentai gave me a video called Houkago Initiation Episode 1 Raw. It was tagged with such freaky shit as Blow Job, Foot Job, Cream Pie, Internal Shots, Pet, and Piercing.Do you know what’s pretty fucking amazing? I didn’t see a single bit of spam during my entire visit to MuchoHentai. That’s practically unheard of for a free site. Of course, I’m a cheap, scummy bastard using an ad-blocker, depriving them of revenue. Most sites have ads that slip by my blocker, but not this one.Overall, I’d recommend MuchoHentai to hentai fans looking for full-length episodes of real Japanese hentai. The site is free, their catalog is huge, and they don’t spam you into oblivion. It will be especially useful to enthusiasts who know the titles of their preferred hentai.