Hentai Freak! That’s this website’s slogan – if you visit this site then do not hold back at all and fap away. This website, known as ‘Hentaifreak.org’, contains one of the world’s most organized collections of pornographic Japanese anime the world has ever seen. For those of you who have been living in a dark brooding cave aka your room for the past 10 years, Hentai is Japanese animation but with a XXX twist to it. Now you probably know what Hentai is if you do happen to live in a room that resembles a dark brooding cave, but for those of you that don’t; Hentai won the hearts of millions of Western teens and young adults ever since anime started becoming popular and commercialized in the late 90s.Ever since Japanese Anime swept over the Western world, people have been going apeshit trying to find sexy Anime heroines and girls to fap to – there’s just something about women with unrealistically large eyes and massive, brightly-colored hair that turns people on, so naturally there were many people who scoured the early internet for +18 content of Anime girls. It’s safe to say that most of them were delightfully surprised to find out about Hentai by doing this. Over the years, as anime became more and more popular so did Hentai, and the demand for it grew considerably - this website is one of the few online domains that not only holds a vast collection of it but also organizes it properly for your enjoyment.Just a Small Team of Hentai LoversHentai Freak is a website made by a small team of avid fans who loved the concept of ‘HentaiHaven’ (arguably the most widespread Japanese XXX animation website) so much that they decided to make their own domain. At first they didn’t have enough resources to upload works that would be exclusive to their site, so they went ahead and ripped all the videos on Hentai Haven and began functioning as a semi-popular Hentai domain. After some time, they started uploading titles and works which you can’t find on any other site save for torrents, and that’s how they started gaining traction as one of the most infamous Hentai-dedicated websites on the internet.As of now, their mission statement is to become one of the largest Hentai-dedicated websites online by having content that can only be viewed from their site, as well as uploading works and titles that are obscure and hard to find anywhere else. If you can’t get it up for real girls and are into XXX Japanese animation then I think this site will definitely come in ‘handy’ for you.Full EpisodesIf you’re heavily into graphic Japanese animation and like to not only follow plots but also watch whole movie serials, then you’ll love what this site has in store. There are fully sequenced and organized episodes on here that are sure to please even the most fickle Hentai fan. Lots of Hentai sites usually contain individual scenes or their content is horribly organized, which is a huge mistake because 99.9% of all Hentai involves some kind of intricate plot which leads to a certain schoolgirl getting raped by 20 Japanese businessmen on a train, or a certain warrior princess with skimpy armor getting the living shit fucked out of her by ogres.Hentai’s weird like that, but the people who watch it want to follow the plot closely and know exactly what’s going on – I mean most of its most devoted fans even know Japanese to a certain extent, so you can be damn sure that knowing the plot in a XXX Japanese animation is just as important as fapping to it. With that being said, I repeat again for the last time: There are full, organized episodes of Hentai on this website and they’re all just a few clicks away.Pick Your PoisonRegular porn has its fair share of available categories which range from mild to out of this world, but when it comes to drawn porn all bets are off because there’s literally nothing that these artists can’t come up with. I always say that a porn site is only as good as its categories and HentaiFreak has a LOT of categories which essentially capture every possible kink, theme, fetish, sex position that a XXX animated Japanese fuck-flick could have. There’s the well-known categories like ‘Milf’, ‘Creampie’, ‘Double Penetration’, ‘Gangbang’, ‘Handjob’ and other familiar sex positions and kinks that you’ve no doubt seen on real-porn websites, but then there’s the stuff that is exclusive only to Hentai.I’m talking ‘Kemonomimi’, ‘Alien’, ‘Ahegao’, ‘Loli’, ‘Mind Break’, ‘Tentace’, ‘Tsundere’, ‘Yaoi’, ‘Yuri’ and other categories named with Hentai-exclusive terminologies and what not. And if that’s not to satisfy your endless need for ‘big anime tiddies’, there’s always the ‘out-there’ categories like ‘Rape’, ‘Reverse Rape’, ‘Scat’, ‘Pregnant’, ‘Lactation’, ‘Golden Shower’ and all kinds of other bizarre themes, kinks and fetishes that only the most distinguished and practiced porno fan could truly enjoy. I have to say this is definitely one of the best Hentai sites when it comes to categorization and general organization of content.Exclusive ReleasesMost of the time when it comes to exclusive porn, it’s usually a big-budget production like Life Selector or Brazzers that gets to enjoy having that privilege – you might see a sneak peek or a short scene from their exclusive works, but if you want to see the whole thing you’ll have to pay up and subscribe to them. With Hentai, however, it’s a different game – most sites have the most popular works and titles uploaded and ready to view, but there are some that can only be found on specific websites and nowhere else. For example, HentaiFreak has its own collection of exclusive titles that you won’t be able to fap to on any other site.Right in their ‘Exclusive Releases’ section which can easily be seen on the top of the page is a nicely-sized collection of serials titled by their episode. Here you can find rare works that you can’t find anywhere else like ‘Kyouiki Shidou’, ‘Itadaki! Seieki’ and ‘Zutto Sukki’ – Now I have no idea what these titles actually mean in English, but from the looks of their thumbnails they’re pretty decent works, and a fair amount of them are uncensored too so you won’t have to worry about any pixilated 2D bush or dick when you’re whacking off to these.Plenty of Classics to EnjoyIf you’ve been jerking it to XXX Japanese animation for so long that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the greatest works and most well-known classics then rest assured that you can find all the most iconic, well-known works and titles of XXX Japanese animation right here on HentaiFreak.org. Viper GTS, Bible Black, Milf Mansion, Heartwork Love Guns and most other classic XXX Japanese animations can be found right here, patiently waiting to be watched by you for the thousandth time.Upcoming ReleasesWanna keep up with all the newest uploads and upcoming titles? HentaiFreak has its own dedicated ‘Upcoming’ section that contains a whole list of titles which will soon be added to its already large database of animated Japanese fuck-flicks. If you’re an avid XXX Japanese animation fan with a waifu body-pillow and a figurine collection of anime babes then this section of the site will definitely come in handy for you.Admins Actively Communicate with the FansThis website was founded by a small group of hardcore XXX Japanese animation fans who strongly care about the wellbeing of the massive Hentai community – these guys are extremely dedicated to their site and the fans who visit it, so dedicated in fact that they’ve issued a formal statement on their ‘About Us’ section encouraging every visitor of this site to report anything they find ‘seriously wrong’ like wrong links or incorrect encoding.They’ve also left their contact email, issuing that they’re open to requests about which series or movie to add to their website. This level of openness from the admins is pretty rare judging from what I’ve seen on most Hentai websites and XXX domains in general – the people running this site are very determined to see it grow and flourish, so if you like seeing anime babes getting fucked then why not do them a favor and treat yourself to a fap on here.