Hentai Stream

Greetings, hentai fans. So, you're interested in HentaiStream, eh? I know you’re always looking for a good collection of animated T&A to get the ol’ motor running, and today I’ve got just the thing. It’s a bigger site, so maybe you’ve heard of it. Does Hentai Stream ring any bells?The site has been around for more than a decade, but has had a pretty fucking respectable burst in popularity lately. They’re currently getting more than 23k visits per day, so HentaiStream clearly has some winning formula. Let’s see if we can figure out what it is.A Stream of Hentai VidsHentaiStream.com is a slick-looking hentai site. The glossy logo and header image of oiled-up naked broads with huge, perfect tits brings to mind a premium porn site. Swap the cartoon chicks out for flesh-and-blood pornstars and that’s the header of a site that would charge thirty bucks a month.At the very, very top of the screen are some impressive site statistics. They currently host 2,700 hentai episodes, from 1,093 series. Yeah, that’s paysite quantity. Not bad for free.A row of Featured Hentai Series shows really filthy screengrabs from some of the site’s most popular offerings. Hovering over an image gives some additional info. The chick with the cum all over her face, for example, is from something called Maid-san to Boin Damashshii The Animation.Yeah, that title is fucking gibberish to me, too. Fortunately, Hentai Stream has included a convenient description. It’s about some rich people fucking their well-endowed, horny, and sexually talented maids. Tags include Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Internal Shots, and Mammary Intercourse.The maid hentai is also tagged with Uncensored Nudity. You fuckers who already beat off to a lot of hentai are probably salivating now. The newbies don’t know why Uncensored Nudity is so exciting on a porn site.Blurred-out, pixelated genitals are common in hentai. There are some big sites that don’t have a single clear image of a cunt or a cock. HentaiStream ain’t one of them.Beneath the Featured Hentai Series on the front page are the latest episodes. There are 18, going back a month or so. Not a bad rate of growth for a free site, especially considering they’re all full episodes.A sidebar on the right shows some porn site partners and a bunch of social media options. HentaiStream has a very active Facebook account, with over 7,000 followers who don’t care that everyone in their family knows they masturbate to tentacle-penetration cartoons.They’re also on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Disqus. Did I mention their Discord? Because they really want you to know about it.Find Like-Minded FreaksA couple of seconds after the page loaded, just as I was taking in the glistening tits at the top, I got hit with a pop-up. It wasn’t spam, exactly. HentaiStream.com just really wants you to join their Discord.Discord is technically a Voice-over-IP application and digital distribution platform, which is a really fancy way of saying they host chat rooms. A lot of people are going to find HentaiStream’s initial pop-up annoying just because it’s a pop-up. HentaiStream is willing to take that risk to get you into their chat room.It tells you a lot about the site, really. Most porn sites don’t give a fuck about their community. Hentai sites like this one thrive of that shit.You don’t have to get involved in the HentaiStream community, but it’s there. I’m writing this on a Tuesday afternoon, and there are a couple hundred hentai pervs connected to the Discord group. If you’re looking to talk to someone about demon rape right now, that’s probably the place.Ooh, That’s Fucking DirtyI made my way over to the Most Viewed Episodes page. I find the popular stuff is always a good way to get the general feel of any site. HentaiStream didn’t disappoint.I notice right away that every vid on the first page of Most Viewed is tagged with Censored Hentai. I’m bummed the pussies are going to be covered with weird little squares, but I do appreciate that they’ve at least gone through and tagged the videos. It’s the kind of touch that indicates their commitment to the material.There’s a lot of good-looking stuff to choose from. It’s hard to decide. Do I choose the blonde choking on dick, the purple-haired slut cumming so hard she drools, or the brunette getting some kind of apparatus shoved up the cooter?I went with the will of the people and chose the number one most popular hentai episode on HentaiStream. Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1 is represented on the page by a smiling schoolgirl doing a handstand, a stringer of cum dangling between her twat and a huge dick. It was added about 6 months ago and already has nearly half a million views.Cream Pie, Oral, Fellatio, LoliDokidokoi Little Ooyasan is tagged with some filthy shit you won’t find on most porn sites. That’s one of the great things about hentai, isn’t it? You can’t really do an Internal Shot with live sluts, and you certainly couldn’t do a Loli scene without someone going to jail. Whoever created this didn’t worry about any of that.The episode page doesn’t have much more information than I already saw. In fact, I can’t even find the description I’d previously seen when I hovered over the handstand slut.There is a very rich comment section. You’ve got the typical porn-site dudes talking about how hard their dicks are, but a lot of users have come up with their own jokes and memes. One shows a screengrab from the episode with the caption, “Finally, a Good Christian Anime”. A pedobear or two peeks out from a couple of posts, which could mean a number of things.There’s a download link, but it sends me to a fishy site I don’t feel comfortable downloading from. If you really want to save that file, make sure your virus scanners and shit are all up to date.Spearing Baby Nuns on Monster DickI hit Play and the video started after just a few seconds of buffering. The quality looks high, certainly high enough for every anime detail of the clip. It starts with some dude looking at a rent slip and then at the landlady’s tits. There’s some confusion because she looks like a child, but she’s a grown-ass woman.It’s a pretty basic video player. There are no options to change the quality or adjust the hardcoded English subtitles. You can go fullscreen, play with the volume, or slide around the timeline.There wasn’t much buffering when I skipped ahead. The little landlady gets the dude on the bed and pulls out his massive, pixelated dick. It’s way bigger than her head, but she does her best to work it with her tongue.HentaiStream does have a neat Picture-in-Picture feature. It pops the video out of the frame and you can watch it in the corner of your screen. That way you can double up and watch two hentai episodes at once.At least that’s what I thought. I left the page, hoping to load up a second video, and the clip I was watching vanished. Maybe I did something wrong, or maybe they need to work the kinks out of the feature.I skipped ahead some more and found the scene referenced in that Christian Anime meme. The tiny but secretly grown landlady dresses like a nun, flashes her shiny wet pussy, and basically demands the dude spear her. He obliges.You perverts are going to go nuts for this shit. Even if you’re not into the Loli stuff, there’s sure to be something on the massive Genre page that’ll light your fire. The perversion runs extremely deep on HentaiStream, as it does on most hentai sites.I’m using a pop-up blocker and I didn’t see any spam during my visit. That’s the most common dealbreaker on any free site, and usually at least an annoyance. HentaiStream gets massive points for a the spam-free jerking experience.With a massive catalog of full episodes, I don’t see any reason not to get your hentai fix at HentaiStream. The site is well organized and the videos play without issue. They’ve also got a thriving fan community for the pervs who crave interaction.