Some might call Hentai Core a step up from the regular old hardcore your parents and grandparents watch. A hardcore movie might feature a girl getting fucked up the ass while her pussy drips cum, her mouth is wrapped around a cock and both hands are full of boners. A Hentaicore scene might step up that action by turning the ass-drilling human into a penetrating tentacle monster, removing all pretense of consent and making the girl 26 months pregnant and seriously overinflated.Then again, hentaicore might feature relatively vanilla missionary sex between a princess and her big-eyed anime prince. Hentaicore.org explores all kinds of animated possibilities in a massive library of free hentai videos. I’ve always loved the flexibility of the format and the crazy variety of perversion you’ll find on a hentai site, and I can already tell Hentaicore fits the bill. If you’re a sucker for Japanese cartoons full of intense sexual depravity, you’ve come to the right place.Take Your Pick: Censored or UncensoredI have to admit, I’m a little late to the party, but at least I brought a pocketful of Viagra with me. Hentaicore.org has been around since 2017, which is a ripe old age for a hentai site. Seriously, popular websites in the genre often blow up quickly and die just as fast. The fact that these guys have been kicking for so long is a really good sign, telling me they ain’t going to disappear anytime soon. Their million-plus viewers every month wouldn’t be too happy if they did.Speaking as one of those million-plus viewers, one of the things I immediately like about Hentaicore is how the movie thumbnails are clearly labeled as Censored or Uncensored. Censorship is one of the most annoying factors that play into any anime fan’s fap sessions, since most Japanese smut has pixels covering up all those tight, moist holes. Almost all the shit out on the front page is censored, but it’s nice to know Hentaicore has an extensive collection of uncensored hentai movies.If you want to skip straight to the porn anime with unobscured cooters and penetrated pooters, click the Uncensored link in their header. As of this writing, around 340 movies in their collection are presented with uncovered, unadulterated, unaltered private parts. Well, in terms of the art anyway. All kinds of weird things happen to dicks and cunts in some of these freaky adventures. Futanari, anybody?Another link in the header offers quick access to the movies dubbed with English subtitles. It’s obvious they know what you weeaboos are looking for, huh? Hentaicore.org features subbed, dubbed, and raw (all Japanese) movies. As with the episodes’ censorship status, this info is clearly labeled beneath each thumbnail. That’s going to help you find a good video faster, especially if you’re the type who appreciates not just the masturbatory opportunities, but the outlandish storylines and characters as well.The Freshest New Hentai to Hit the WebBy default, you’ll see all the freshest hentai lined up on the front page of Hentaicore. It looks like they stay pretty current with the latest and greatest in sex anime, because most of the new additions are from 2021. The oldest one out front is some gay ecchi from 2019 called Papa Datte Shitai. I also see a couple of longer-running series, like Mesu Kyoushi 4: Kegasareta Kyoudan, which has episodes going back to 2015. The bright-haired slut on the cover is more my style.Of course, those are just the very latest additions. I started clicking through the pages, and it’s not a fluke. Though they post a fair amount of older material, their primary focus is on current hentai. That makes it a goldmine for otaku perverts who crave that new shit. Who else has the latest episode of Youkoso- Sukebe Elf no Mori e?They’re so into the newest hentai around here that they even have an Upcoming section. There’s typically an episode or two up already for each of the Upcoming releases, so you can catch up on the adventures of big-titty housewives and naked, fluid-covered witches before the new episodes come out.You can also organize the collection by Rating, which happens to be a good way of finding what your fellow anime fans are beating off to. You know, it looks like 2018 was a great year for pornographic anime, at least according to the perverts of Hentaicore. That’s the year Daisuki na Haha, the site’s most highly rated cartoon, came out.Watching Videos on HentaicoreI clicked through to the Daisuki na Haha video page. I have my spam blocker running and it’s doing its job, but there’s a lot of blank space on the page where the spam used to be. That’s not surprising, since full-episode hentai sites tend to have a lot of ads. It’s no big deal; it just means you’ll have to do some scrolling to get to the video.The video started playing at soon as I hit the Play button. After a brief shot of the exterior of a house, the hentai cuts to a girl giving a blowjob. She slurps loudly on the cock, which looks like Tetris, thanks to the censorship. The video player is fairly basic and there are no resolution controls. While I don’t think it’s HD, it’s certainly passable for hentai, letting us see every droplet of pussy juice and cum flying around the screen.Speed control is the only advanced feature baked into the video player. That’s great if you want to watch that internal cock thrusting in slow motion, or if you’re in a hurry to get off before your coworkers get back to the office. I sometimes recommend speeding up playback if you’re looking for a particular scene, but as we’re about to find out, that’s not really necessary at Hentaicore.Find the Kinky Shit with ScreenlistsBeneath every video player are episode buttons, giving you quick access to every ep in a given series. That will save you a few clicks, while also giving you a sideview of the action. If you’re confused about why that schoolgirl got raped by an alien, you can jump back an episode to see the setup.The episode buttons are cool, but I’m even more impressed by the screenlists beneath each one. Frankly, it’s a feature I’d like to see on more hentai sites, and would even be helpful on traditional porn sites. Each screenlist is exactly what it sounds like, a grid of timestamped screengrabs from every series's episode. The ability to view all the screenlists from a series on one page is the icing on the fucking cake, letting you find those tentacle scenes and breastmilk-guzzling moments with ease.The scary monster trying to grope the lady on the cover of Sexy Sailor Soldiers got me interested, but I was a little too pressed for time to watch the whole half-hour episode. I pulled up the screenlist to find out when the monster makes his move. He’s getting his demonic fuck on by the 15-minute mark, though the screenlist actually made me realize I needed to watch the whole thing. I don’t want to miss the fingering, titty-twisting or bondage scenes!My biggest complaint about Hentaicore.org is that there’s no browsable list of tags or genres like there are on other hentai sites. Those pages can sometimes get unwieldy, running for pages with thousands of entries, so I can see why they’ve chosen to omit the feature. Still, I love browsing those lists for weird shit I’ve never seen before. I look at porn all the time, and X-rated anime is one of the only things that ever surprises me anymore. There’s just no end to the freakiness!I think one of Hentaicore’s biggest strengths is how easy they’ve made it to find something you’re into. The labels out front let you know whether it’s censored and whether you’re going to have to read subtitles. These are some of the biggest factors anime fans consider when they’re getting lubed up and choosing a video. After that initial, simplified choice, they provide those screenlists to help you skip right to your ideal anime sex scene.Hentaicore.org is worth a look if you’re into hentai, especially if you’re the kind of boujie motherfucker who craves the freshest, freakiest anime straight from Japan. Even if you’re a newbie to the genre, their format makes it relatively easy to find something fapworthy without having to know a bunch of Japanese titles. With around a thousand episodes in the library so far, you shouldn’t have to dig too hard.