It’s that time of the day again, time for some hot and heavy hentai action! I’m never going to get tired of reviewing these sites. I might be a flesh and blood pussy kind of guy, but I always make an exception when it comes to Japanese animation. Whoever makes these hentai movies is obviously an even bigger pervert than me. They really push the limits of sexual depravity in these videos. Sure, you’ll find the odd missionary scene here and there, but most of the stuff you see in hentai comes in the form of punishment, one way or another.Whether it’s a rape scene or some sort of blackmail deal, the stories always have the guy, or the girl fucked six ways to Sunday.Hentais.Tube is just another in a great line of excellent websites that lets you fap to hentai for free until your face is blue and your dick is sore. Personally, I encourage you to spend as much time as possible on this site, because you got nothing to lose. There’s always going to be porn tubes on the other side of the smut sphere to pick you up when you get bored of drawn pussy. Until that day comes, jack away to this massive library of hentai smut.A Fine SelectionHentai tubes normally scrounge together as many short clips as they possibly can to bolster their numbers. They want to boast that they have the biggest selection of hentai, and to do that, they import their hentai very indiscriminately. Hentais.Tube is a little pickier than that, only bringing proper full productions.You don’t get short clips on this site, unless it’s an episode that’s part of a series. And, you always get the entire series. They don’t bother to tease you into a subscription or some shit like that. You get the full experience on this site.Most of the hentai on the site comes from expensive studios that know their stuff. From what I’ve seen so far, they seem to have the best hentai series from studios like Discovery and Digital Works. It’s cool that they bothered to get tons of hentai from every studio they feature. These companies usually stay consistent in how they draw the pussies, animate the bodies, and voice the characters. So, if you find hentai you like, and you’d like to see more of the same, you can click the creator and get a list of all the hentai from that company. It’s probably the best way to navigate the site.A Really Neat WebsiteYou get a basic layout on Hentais.Tube, with a straightforward homepage and navigation features that get you where you need to go. You can check out the top 50 episodes, sorted by views, and even see how many views they’ve gotten. It's a great way to get started if you’re a noob in the world of hentai. I’m happy to see the real views listed on the videos. I don’t know if they’re fake or inflated, but I sure hope not. It’s always helpful to have the actual views shown per video, so you know how hot a clip is before you click through to it. I don’t like having my time wasted, and I hope you feel the same. When I’m on a website for the first time, I want to see its best content as soon as possible.For the pickier audience, you’ve got a list breakdown with thumbnails and the same list in pure text. How you’d get around using a textual list of hentai, I do not know, but it is there nonetheless. Maybe if you’re the kind of pervert who really knows hentai, then the titles are more than enough for you to be on your way. Personally, I recommend the lists that have image thumbnails. They show you the actual cover from the original DVD release, so you get a pretty good sense of what to expect.Unfortunately, you can’t hover over them to get a preview of the action like you would on porn tubes. Hovering over the thumbnails pretty much does nothing. It’s a bit of a waste, but the site makes excellent use of space, so it’s not like I feel ungrateful. It works really well, and you see a ton of smut on your screen at a time.They’re still using the old school method of having tons of pages starting with the number one and moving up, so you have to click through every one of them if you want to see more smut – You can’t just scroll down and have them load automatically. Seriously, why aren’t all websites migrating to that method? It’s so much better. Is it that hard to implement? I hope not. It makes for a much smoother fap session, when I don’t have to hunt for damn tiny numbers on my screen.Censored, Clear and PortugueseWhat a weird headline, am I right? First things first, there is no censored section on this site. The censored stuff is mixed into the rest of the content. So, if you’ve hit your head and developed a passion for blurred pussy, you have to luck into it. You won't have a problem finding it, though, because most of the stuff on this site is censored. It’s not their fault. The Japanese combine their deep passion for screaming hentai babes with some old-school shame that comes in the form of censorship. I don’t get it at all.Now, if you’re like me and you hate censorship in every shape and form, you have a handy dandy uncensored section waiting for you up on the top bar. You go there, and all your dreams come true. The uncensored stuff might be the minority, but there are still tons of videos and nothing much to worry about. The sad part is you can’t use the uncensored tag as a modifier and sort through the videos beyond that. It is in its own section, so you have to stick to it.Still, if you find an uncensored video that you really like, chances are the rest of the videos from the same company will be uncensored too. It’s some sort of legalese I don’t understand, but I think that those companies make their videos outside of Japan and market them internationally. I believe that if they do it that way, it’s legal to leave the pussies untouched. Well, I mean, not completely censored. They still get penetrated six ways to Sunday.You might have noticed that I mentioned something about Portuguese… Yeah, this website has a Portuguese version, and it’s linked to directly in the main bar. How? Why? Who knows. Maybe the Portuguese are the biggest consumers of hentai porn this side of the Atlantic. Or perhaps Brazilians are tired of real-life big booty bitches, and now they’re conquering anime. Whatever the case, if you’re a Portuguese speaker, you get the entire site translated for you in this section. That means every title and every part of the site is in Portuguese.Granted, this bounces you to another domain with a slightly different design, but the content’s still there, and it’s still free. I find it kind of funny when porn sites make oddly specific decisions like these, but when it’s served as a bonus, you can’t complain. It’s just extra content thrown in there for the hell of it.Quality Hentai SeriesThese hentai videos rank pretty high on my list, and I think you’ll really appreciate them too. They have terrific stories that are super immersive and get you feeling the Japanese pervert vibe. I suggest you try out my favorite series on the site, called Temptation. That’s the English title, of course. This particular hentai series is one of the first I ever watched, over ten years ago. It’s a real classic and remains one of my favorites to this day. You have this professor fellow who is coerced into having sex with all of his female students, one by one. He’s supposed to turn them into his personal sex slaves by blackmailing them and slowly breaking them in.It makes absolutely no sense, and I love it. The acting chops on the voice actors are great too. The whole thing gets me rock hard every single time. Plus, it doesn’t have any pointless scenes. It’s all either tiny exposition or hardcore penetration with a ton of implications.The other hentai series on the site seem to follow in this vein, with immersive storylines, guilty pleasures, and a lot of hentai babes screaming in pleasure. If you want to have yourself a fantastic Friday night and you can’t be assed to leave the house, give Hentais.Tube a try. You won’t regret it.