The local comic book store hosts weekly anime viewings where the neckbeards gather to check out the newest shit and snuggle their body pillows. I actually used to go check them out from time to time, but now they’ve got a photo of me behind the counter with instructions to call the cops if I show up. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have snorted all that Viagra before I went. There wasn’t even any explicit sex or naked boobs on the screen during my incident. I could have saved myself another indecent exposure charge if I’d just stayed home and cranked it to HentaiTube.HentaiTube.online was registered at the tail end of 2018, making them a relative newcomer to the world of anime porn tubes. The nerds eat this shit up, though, so their traffic has been steadily climbing ever since their inception. Lately, they get well over half a million visits every month, a sure fucking sign that HentaiTube is a legit tube full of hentai.Hentai Sluts Taking Giant Cock and TentaclesHentai websites don’t necessarily follow the wall-of-porn design scheme of your typical sex video tube. Despite the name, HentaiTube doesn’t immediately look like a tube either. The format is a bit more elaborate, more nerdishly obsessive in its presentation. Hey, what do you expect from a site built by and aimed at fans of big-eyed anime sluts getting fucked by monsters?A selection of popular releases slides by the top of the screen. Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi, a romance/comedy ecchi about a firefighter banging a childhood friend, is the most recent one. A lot of the flicks are older. I see Five Card, Flutter of Birds II, Like Mother Like Daughter and Wizard Girl Ambitious listed prominently, and they’re all 2013 releases.Tons of newer shit is available further down the page. The Recent Episodes feature anime smut like Kiss Hug, Valkyrie Hazard, and Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias. I’ve got to admit, I don’t necessarily know my hentai titles, but the thumbnails give some major clues about the content. That last one shows a naked broad shackled in stocks, getting fucked doggystyle. The thumb for Dokidoki Little Ooyasan shows a little slut held upside down for some deep dicking.¬Larger images accompany the row of Hentai Releases, and they’re just as filthy. Aibeya features a schoolgirl flashing her ripe melons and spreading her legs. A devil chick with massive titties is covered in some kind of slime on the cover of Love X Holic Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei. Some topless space broads are getting restrained and groped by a bunch of tentacles in Valkyrie Hazard.The Kinkiest Anime Genres in the WorldIf you’ve browsed my full list of Hentai Porn Sites or you’re just a fan of the genre, you already have a pretty good idea of how perverted this shit can get. I’m not talking about that tired old vanilla stuff like teenage butthole virgin gangbangs and unlubricated anal fisting. Nah, I’m talking about shit that you just couldn’t ever commit to film without breaking both the laws of man and the laws of nature.A sidebar menu of Genres on the side of the screen emphasizes this in an almost subtle way. With all the explicit, full-color manga perversion on the screen, you might miss the kinky little text at the side. Without even scrolling the menu, I can see that HentaiTube.online has some typical porn tube categories like 3D and Anal. They also have some more hentai-specific subgenres like Action, Adventure, Ahegao, and Beastiality.If I wrote that last sentence in any other review, it would read like a joke. Since this is a hentai site, those animal fucking cartoons are just business as usual, huh? They’ve also got whole categories like Brainwashed, Ecchi, Futanari, and Gore. There’s hentai here featuring Inflation and Lactation, Incest and Internal Cumshots. Or what about Lolicon and Megane, Mind Breaking, and Pregnancy? HentaiTube has Train Molestation and Urination, Tsundere, and Shoutacon. You can even get down with some Rape and Scat cartoons from Japan.Good god, where do I even start? Sometimes I’m tempted to look at classic shit like Virgins and Squirting, but come on, this rich perversion is just too deep not to dive into. With that in mind, I loaded up HentaiTube’s selection of animated porn filed under Tentacles.Did I Mention the Tentacles?Longtime viewers of hentai know there’s a lot of wild shit going on with tentacles in a ton of these flicks. More casual anime fans may be aware of it, but have no idea how much there is. Let me tell you; it’s a whole fucking hell of a lot! Wikipedia even has an entire goddamn entry on Tentacle Erotica, featuring a classic 1814 woodblock print of a broad getting banged by two octopuses. HentaiTube, for their part, has nearly a hundred movies featuring women getting violated by the sticky, sucky, grasping tendrils of various slimy creatures.Not all of the hentai titles have been translated into English, but I really appreciate the ones that have. There’s a hot schoolgirl in the top row being held down by shackles and tentacles, and I have a feeling she ends up getting one-up the pooper because the film is called Anal Sanctuary. Another flick features more ambiguous cover art of a couple of broads at the beach, but I know they’re magic, and they fuck with monsters because it’s called Tentacle and Witches.There’s one called The Night When Evil Falls and the cover has a crying anime broad with purple hair getting violated in all her holes by pink tentacles. The site has three episodes of it. Some of the movies on HentaiTube are dubbed in English, but these are merely subtitled. I’m also really pleased to see completely uncensored anime penetration in the episode thumbnails.I made my way to the video page for Episode 3. Sometimes hentai sites give my spam blocker some real shit, but I was able to get the movie playing without any pop-ups or pop-unders slipping past my plugin. There’s minimal buffering, and while I don’t think the video is HD, it’s certainly clear enough for hentai.The episode opens with a demoness in lingerie stripped down in front of a cheering crowd. Her pussy is wet, and she’s about to be punished with her first gangbang. I skipped ahead a few minutes, which the video player let me do without wait times or surprise advertisements. By the seven-minute mark, she’s getting fucked in her cunt, butthole, and mouth at the same time while also jerking off a couple of dudes.If you watch hentai at all, you know that censorship of the genitals is always an issue to worry about. Japan, despite coming up with the kinkiest fetishes known to man, is also known for its ludicrous commitment to censorship. Nothing is hidden or obscured in The Night When Evil Falls, so you see actual cartoon dicks jizz all over this chick’s face, not those clusters of flesh-colored Tetris blocks you see in a lot of hentai.I poked around a bit more and was disappointed their collection isn’t entirely uncensored, but that pretty much comes with the territory. Kiss Hug is still a hot anime about selling aphrodisiacs door to door, testing them out along the way, even if the cocks and cooters and kept from our sensitive and innocent eyes.With my spam blocker running, I didn’t have any issue at all with unwanted ads during my visit to HentaiTube. The only complaint I have is about the censorship I found, but that’s barely a complaint. It’s damn near impossible to find a hentai site that doesn’t have any pixelated genitals, because Japan really loves ruining their porn like that.HentaiTube.online may be one of the newer free hentai sites on the web, but it certainly holds its own against much of the competition. There’s a fucking ton of material, and the collection is well organized, easy to browse, and easy to watch. Fans of adult anime, from the light, romantic ecchi to the extremely perverse lolicon and scat films, will find plenty of animated smut to get their dicks hard.