HentaiHaven! Have you been looking for a hentai haven full of cock-swallowing anime chicks, big-titted schoolgirls and warrior chicks getting fucked by cartoon monsters? Well, my freaky friends, you’re in luck today, because I’ve got just the thing to get you all hard and drippy. Put the body pillow waifu in the closet or that canvas bitch might get a little jealous.HentaiHaven.com is a newer hentai site molded after an older and very well-established brand. Longtime masturbators to Japanese animation will recognize the name and know exactly what to expect. For the newcomers to the scene, let me fill you in: this is a free hentai tube full of pornographic anime. I review a lot of these sites, but most of them don’t have such a famous name. Let’s see how this new hentai stash lives up to the classic formula.Didn’t Hentai Haven Shut Down Years Ago?Some of you old-schoolers are probably scratching your head while you stroke your dick, confused and horny at the very same time. Didn’t HentaiHaven shut down years ago? The answer is yes; they closed their doors back in 2018. That was HentaiHaven.org, though. Today, we’re talking about HentaiHaven.com.While the old site technically stopped operating years ago, the domain isn’t exactly dead. They got rid of the Shutdown disclaimer they put up the day they closed, and what you’ll find looks a hell of a lot like the newer, improved Hentai Haven. You’ll notice the biggest obvious difference once you try watching alien sex cartoons on the old domain; most of their links are dead, the videos gone. They also stopped updating a long fucking time ago.HentaiHaven.com may not be run by the same perverts, but their inspiration could not be clearer. They’ve done everything they can to emulate the classic site, with two big, badass differences: they update the all the time, and the videos fucking work!I’m getting flashbacks looking at the classic logo and layout, and I’m getting precum all over my boxers looking at the spread-eagled anime sluts and cum-slurping succubi. A lot of the thumbnails have that annoying pixelated censorship, but you expect that with any hentai site. What excites me are the moving previews you get when you hover over a thumb, giving you a peek of jiggling boobies, squealing elf hotties and ultra-deep penetration.A Thousand Episodes of Anime PerversionAs with the older Hentai Haven, one of the things that makes this place special is the length and depth of their collection. They’ve got nearly a thousand full hentai episodes from hundreds of different series. I don’t know about you, but I prefer fapping to longer videos than endlessly clicking between 30-second clips. I’ve only got so many hands to work the shaft with, after all.The videos aren’t tagged with their upload dates, so it’s hard to tell exactly how often they add new shit to the site. It’s obviously often, just based on the size of that animated porn archive. The default view for the front page shows the newest material, and there’s fresh content every time I look. You’ll have to watch these at quadruple speed and mainline Viagra if you want to spank your way through the full, growing stash.I have to admit; I’m a bit less of a hentai connoisseur than some of you fedora-wearing neckbeards. I don’t always recognize the names of the series, especially when they’re in Japanese. This purple-haired girl spreading her twat in the thumbnail for Shikiyoku INFINITE Episode 1 sure looks familiar, though, as does the MILF getting hammered in Sotsugyou XX Densha Episode 3. The pink-haired schoolgirl from Kutsujoku 2: The Animation Episode 2 looks pretty much like any anime schoolgirl, though, so who knows if I fapped to her before today.HentaiHaven.com has a pretty standard wall-of-porn thumbnail view, but the presentation is clean as hell. You get numbered pages or an infinite scroll of hentai previews featuring anal-sex animation, titty-fucking anime and good, old-fashioned tentacle rape. With my adblocker running, I don’t see a single sidebar ad or obnoxious banner for hentai video games or boner pills.Titty-Fucking, Tentacle Rape and Vanilla Porn, TooSpeaking of titty-fucking and tentacle rape, one of anime porn’s biggest appeals is that it’s way freakier than real-life smut. A lot of that is sheerly logistical: it’s hard to find a monster willing to rape a woman on camera, internal pussy cams are impractical as hell, and science is still trying to figure out how to inflate chicks to superhuman size without killing them in horrible, painful ways. In hentai, though, damn-near anything goes.HentaiHaven.com has the extreme depravity and crazy-ass fetishes you expect from hentai. Hit the Categories menu in the sidebar and the first subgenres you see are Ahegao, Alien and Anal. Hit up the full list and you’ll find shit like Golden Showers and Futanari, Gender Benders and Ugly Bastards, Rape, Reverse Rape and even Scat. Yaoi, Yuri and Lactation are covered, as are Monster Girls, Netori, Tsundere, Inflation and Incest.All of you regular visitors at ThePornDude already know how much I love the family stuff, so I clicked Incest to see what HentaiHaven had to offer. Unlike most Western taboo pornos, the characters in incest anime tend to be related by blood instead of just by marriage. The search results came back with no fewer than 27 pages of content, so after I finish this review, I’m going to call up my sister for a little HentaiHaven and chill.Maybe I spoke too soon. I went back to the front page and realized the full collection was also 27 pages deep. I tried a few experiments with the tags, with mixed results. Golden Showers gave me a page of results, as did Double Penetration and Demon. Searches for Mind Control, Public Sex and Pregnant all turned up the full 27-page collection. The Uncensored tag brings back the full stash, too, pixels and all. Bullshit!Dubbed, Subtitled, and Kinky as FuckClicking the Dubbed tag from the HentaiHaven.com Categories page brings up just 10 episodes dubbed in English. By some kickass coincidence, it looks like all of them are uncensored, with unobscured dicks slamming into unpixellated pussies. There’s also some of that incest I was looking for unsuccessfully earlier, with episodes of an anime called Stepsister and another called Sleazy Daughter.I started my official fap test of Hentai Haven by clicking Sleazy Daughter. The movie started playing within seconds. Streaming is smooth at the default 720p, and I didn’t get any pop-up spam slipping through my spam blocker.The story opens with some sexy anime chicks working in a hamburger shop. As soon as they start talking, I realize HentaiHaven fucked up the tags again; this ain’t dubbed, it’s subtitled. Their voices are cute, though, so I ain’t complaining. Some dude starts feeling a girl’s ass under her uniform skirt, and a couple of minutes later is groping her tits in the back room.This dude has a fucking weird deformed dick, but at least it ain’t a stack of flesh-colored Tetris blocks like in all the censored cartoons. She sucks his cock and he reaches for her pussy, his hands coming away stringy with girlcum. She moans as loudly as she can for a girl with a mouth full of dick.You know, they completely fucked up the tags, but I feel like I stumbled onto a really good hentai episode. It’s not always easy to find uncensored hentai in the pile, and I like the cute chick and fast-food setup. Apparently, they have dressing rooms for fast-food workers in Japan, which is going to come as a shock to any American who had to put on their uniform in a filthy McDonald’s restroom while the manager yelled at them through the door.HentaiHaven.com has a killer setup, mainly because they’re copying a classic hentai site as closely as they can. The biggest problem I see is the issue with the inaccurate tags, which is something I see often on new sites trying to build their catalog quickly. Hopefully, these are just growing pains that will pass as the site continues to grow and mature. They’ve already got around 1,000 episodes on the menu, which means they’ve probably got that cosplay lactation series you’re really into. Check them out.