Wanne fap at Hentai Cloud? The best thing about the hentai niche is the lack of limits. Unlike in ‘normal’ porn, here the mind is the only limit, and I absolutely love the drawings. I know many of you love many more aspects of hentai and in my usual kind spirit (I don’t mean to brag, but I just did), I have discovered a destination that brings you incredible hentai content.If you want to see futanari teens getting their assholes fucked, anime lesbians licking clits and scissoring, cute toon sluts with gigantic boobs being fucked by giant meat loads and so much more, you are in luck because such content is available in abundance at Hentai Cloud and for fucking free. I’ll allow that to sink. You just get in and enjoy the hottest Hentai Toon porn ever without dipping into your shallow pockets. There is so much fun to be had at HentaiCloud.com and if you want my advice, drop whatever you are doing and find out what kind of fap materials are to be found in this wonderful site.First impressionTo be honest, the first time I saw the domain name, I almost thought it was some kind of cloud service dedicated to hentai uploads. While I was wrong in that aspect, I was still pleased to discover that Hentai Cloud is a fantastic place for any hentai lover to jerk off to mouthwatering hentai porn spreading several niches. There are videos, hentai comics, photos, sex games, an adult forum, and more. In my dictionary, this means a hell lot of toon porn for your fapping pleasure. I’d be lying if I said I’m anything other than impressed by what Hentai Cloud is offering.Site design and navigationBefore I delve into the content proper, allow me to talk about the site layout and navigation first. There is nothing overwhelming about the site design although to be fair I like the cloud logo which is even better with a naked blonde lying on top. The layout is not fancy, but the content is very well arranged and picking out whatever the fuck floats your boat will be a walk in the park. I also like the black background which adds a kinky feel, and even better, there is an option to change to a lighter theme at the bottom of the front page if you so wish. It’s probably not as elegant as what I have seen in other sites, but it gets the job done which will do for now.From the navigation bar, you can access buttons for videos, comics, photos, games, and forums. You may also use the search option at the top right corner to make your searches more suited to your sick tastes. The front page has sections for the videos being watched (which is a perfect place for nasty minded people like you to start their erotic adventure), most recent hentai videos, and featured hentai videos. The header also allows you to change languages with a variety of options available and it's clear Hentai Cloud has made efforts to be as local as it possibly can. All in all, you will have an easy time looking for hentai content on this site.Hundreds of Hentai VideosThere are a total of 1169 episodes to check out here, and although the number is nowhere near overwhelming, you will still find plenty of materials to jerk off to. You can start with ‘hentai videos being watched’ to have a clue of what other similarly twisted individuals are watching. How you freaks jerk off to cartoons fucking is pretty messed up, but there is a decent collection of videos to please even the most hardcore of fans. Fuck it, I’m almost hooked myself, and that’s saying a lot. You may also scroll down the front page for the most recent videos.Even better, short video previews have been availed to give you a clue of what you are getting yourself into. You just need to hold your mouse on the print screen. Save your click for when you see a perfect video that suits your preferences. As you would expect, videos are kinky as fuck and will provide quite an erotic experience, and they all stream well although they don’t have a download option. Scenes are accompanied by short descriptions while the site has provided several sorting options including most commented, most viewed, best, most recent, timeline, and also an option to pick a language of choice.CategoriesThe site has made the process of locating content easier by availing the option to browse by categories. Just head over to videos and click on the categories tab from where you will have options like anal, cheating, dark skin, gangbang, futanari, incest, humiliation, monster girl, stockings, tentacles, and so much more. I was also pleased to find a category for uncensored hentai as well as 3D. I know this probably sounds cliché, but there is something for everyone at Hentai Cloud.Jerk off to Hentai Comics and ImagesIf watching sexy toon whores being fucked by incredibly big dongs doesn’t cut it for you, there are more options to consume hentai porn including hentai comics and images. For the context, you will have over 10997 hentai comics to pick from with many having as many as 35 photos telling the kind of stories you simply can’t find in any other porn genre. Some of them are colorful as fuck, and the sluts have all been drawn to perfection. They will fill you with all manner of twisted ideas as you see their dripping toon cunts violated and destroyed. The site has availed a slideshow option for your convenience.There is also loads of fun to be derived from the photos section where there are a total of 1920 hentai photo albums with some like Pokémon, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon and more having hundreds of photos. What more could you possibly ask for?Plenty of gamesHentai Cloud is playing no games with you, but they have availed a total of 242 hentai games that will give you a different kind of experience. All the games are free to play and are hugely popular judging by the number of time they have been played. What do you expect when you have titles like Fuck Your Champion and Blackhole Gloryhole? Just try not to cum too soon.RegistrationFor purposes of clarity, the site doesn’t require you to register as a requirement to access the content, but registration is free and takes a couple of minutes. The benefits of registering include being able to post comments, create playlists, add favorites, and upload media among other benefits. I know I’m not your fucking mother, but if you want my advice, that account will come in handy.What I love about the siteAny site that allows users to access its content for free is already in my good books. Add that to the diversity of the content, and there will be plenty of reasons to love the site. Apart from an abundant supply of wonderful and highly erotic hentai, Hentai Cloud allows users to upload content that may be in their possession. Also, the site is mainly clean without the intrusive ads I have become accustomed to as the norm with free sites. In addition, new hentai videos, photos, and comics are added on a regular basis, and there is no shortage of fresh content to check out. The site is also pretty active if the number of views per video is anything to go by which also means the quality here is decent.What I hate about the siteTo be honest, Hentai Cloud has not given me a reason to detest it. Maybe the collection of content could be bigger, but that hardly warrants anyone to hate the site. It’s all fucking awesome for me, and these folks should totally keep doing what they do best.Suggestions I have for the siteThe amount of content still needs a bit of work before the site can compete with the best in the game, but there is plenty of promise, and the site has some of the hottest hentai materials.ConclusionIf you are looking for a little hentai paradise, Hentai Cloud is a solid bet. The site has hundreds of pages with highly erotic hentai content that includes videos, photos, and hentai comics. The site is free to use, and new content is added on a regular basis. The site has also availed plenty of wonderful browsing options and should prove to be a perfect place to find hentai that suits your desires. Don’t even take my word for it. Visit today and find out.