Mio Hentai! If you value yourself a true connoisseur of the arts who loves to jack off every now and then or even on a daily basis then you’re definitely someone who can appreciate one of the lewdest forms of animation: Japanese hentai. Hentai is as most of you know and X-rated version of Japanese animation, also known as ‘Anime’. Anime was relatively unknown to the western world prior to the late 90s when shows like Pokemon, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, and other mainstream classics broke through the language barrier and won the hearts of many kids throughout the Western world – so much so that most of these shows are still going strong thanks to their multi-million dollar franchises.Anyhow, since these shows carry more adult themes with them than classic Western cartoons, it made the kids who watch them take them and themselves very seriously, a lot of hardcore fans became annoying ‘weeaboos’ who are obsessed with Japanese culture, but there’s one thing from Japanese animation that would impact Western society like nothing has before: Hentai. Hentai comes in many shapes and forms, and there’s something about it that can get even the most casual porn fan at the least bit curious – that’s how they get you, one minute you’re wondering what this weird Japanese cartoon with overly-sexualized schoolgirls is about, then suddenly you find yourself in a deep masturbation session to animated tentacle porn. Hentai has definitely become a cult classic within the porn industry, and websites like Mio Hentai definitely help keep it buzzing.2D or 3D?You know how most people ask you are you an ass man or a boob man when it comes to girls and porn in general? Well, here on Miohentai.com, that question has transcended to dimensional preferences due to the two main kinds of formats its content is presented in. At Miohentai, you’ll find out whether you’re a 2D man or a 3D man – there’s the classic 2D animated Hentai porn on this website which captivated the masses when it broke out thanks to its trademark submissive schoolgirls, demonic monsters with gigantic cocks and taboo incest themes. This is the format that most Hentai fans are familiar with because it’s likely the format which got them into Hentai on their first encounter.Then there’s the 3D stuff – this relatively-new format of Hentai and generally animated pornography wasn’t really popular up until a few years ago when the XXX industry experienced a rapid rise of horny 3D illustrators and animators who had nothing better to do than animate pornography. This 3D porn is known for its reality taboo niche, because the character models it uses can pass as ‘realistic’ to a degree, and there’s no better way to animate 3D models than to have them doing taboo and unconventional sex acts that can’t be filmed with real people because then it would be considered illegal. That’s the beauty of 3D porn, and there’s a lot of it here on Miohentai (with an Anime styling to it, of course) that you can shamefully enjoy.More than One Way to Watch Your HentaiEven though the aforementioned 2D and 3D formats do seem to draw a dividing line that differentiates the way you can consume the content on this page, there are still a few more ways to categorize the Hentai that you want to splurge to based on how it’s presented. As with all Hentai, there’s always going to be censored stuff thanks to Japanese law which dictates that all genitals must be censored in porn, including the drawn stuff. With that being said, there’s a LOT of censored Hentai on here but there’s also a category that’s aptly named ‘uncensored’, which speaks for itself. The uncensored category contains Hentai that shows you literally everything without a blurred pixel in sight, so you can jack off to your favorite animated Hentai fuck-flicks without having to suffer through any obscured genitals whatsoever.There’s also a dedicated ‘Subbed’ section here on this site, which contains Hentai that’s been translated to English so that you can get involved in the plot. This will allow you to find out just HOW and WHY the schoolgirl that’s getting her ass penetrated by a tentacle monster got there in the first place, which might just make the experience even more arousing for you. There’s also a ‘Raw’ section, which features all-Japanese fuck-flick animations which I’m sure some Hentai-obsessed ‘weaboos’ will be able to understand. If you’re someone who has an unhealthy obsession with all things Japanese to the point where you don’t need subtitles, or if you just like watching Japanese Hentai in Japanese and not having a clue of why there are four milfs going down on one guy, then the ‘Raw’ section is right up your alley. And last but not least, there’s the ‘3D Hentai’ section in the categories, which is pretty self-explanatory.All the Tags You Could Ever NeedNeatly situated in the right-hand side of this website are all the tags that are featured in its content, because sometimes, as with most serial masturbators, you need something more specific in order to get off. The tags section features 45 different themes, kinks and fetishes for you to choose from at your leisure when you’ve decided that you’d like to spend an orgasm on this site’s drawn content. There’s the usual stuff like ‘Blowjob’, ’Threesome’, ‘Milf’, ‘Anal’, ‘Big Boobs’ and even some more kinky themes like ‘Bondage’, ‘Pee’, ‘Footjob’ and ‘Toys’.But, there are also tags on here which can only be found on Hentai content such as ‘Demons’, ‘Tentacle’, and some more specific, Japanese-named ones like ‘Yuri’, ‘Paizuri’, ‘Neotare’, ‘Ecchi’ and so on. Basically, there are all the tags you could ever need neatly organized into one section, and the larger the tag’s font the more stuff of that kind there is. Like for example, the tags ‘Censored’, ‘Creampie’, ‘Blowjob’, ‘Big Boobs’, ‘Subbed’, ‘3D Hentai’ and ‘Students’ seem to be featured in the most content out of all tags on this page, so you’re certain to run into a video that contains that kind of stuff here.Fancy Some Ecchi Pics?Most XXX websites that have their own dedicated picture category usually try to keep it filled with as many variations of XXX themes as possible, regardless if the site is based on Hentai or real-life porn. However, Miohentai’s picture section has only Ecchi pictures, and the only way to view them is to be redirected onto a Facebook group that’s dedicated to Ecchi pictures. Now that’s honestly a first from what I’ve seen with these reviews, because not only does it take you away from the original site but it brings you to Facebook of all places, where you can’t really browse and jack off to those Ecchi pics because Facebook doesn’t offer much anonymity. Sure you could browse through and save them, but do you really think it would be smart to do that from your own personal Facebook page? Also, for those of you who don’t know, Ecchi is basically Japanese softcore, and the pictures featured here are all Hentai girls depicted with a light sexual overtone.Most 3D Content Could Use a Sound ImprovementNow that I’m done describing all the aspects of this site to you fine people, I should warn those of you that are ready to get dick-deep into a 3D Hentai with a fucked up plot that would result in you being sent to the psychiatrist if your parents saw it. Most of the 3D content on this website contains horrible audio, and by horrible I mean it’s absolute garbage with barely any redeeming qualities because most of it is composed of short sound bytes that sound really low-quality not just by how many bytes per second they have but also by the voice acting itself. Some of the 3D videos on here are just a few different inputs of the same moans and groans the animators use to make their sex scenes sound barely authentic. If you’re planning on wasting your orgasm(s) on the 3D content on this website then you’re going to have a bad time unless you pick that one occasional video that actually has decent sound quality.Not the Biggest Variety of HentaiMost Hentai-dedicated domains contain thousands of different videos from hundreds of different movies, making them dedicated Hentai treasuries in their own right. Here, however, the collection seems to be pretty limited – there aren’t that many videos ripped from original Hentai movies, and most of the 2D stuff itself is walkthrough videos taken from simple click-to-play RPG Hentai titles which you can find throughout the internet. This website doesn’t fare too bad when it comes to delivering what it promises, but it also doesn’t have a whole lot to deliver also.