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XVideos Hentai requires no introduction. For over a decade, millions of men all over the world have busted all kinds of nuts to their videos. Xvideos has an absurd number of clips, great reliability, and minimal bullshit ads.Xvideos is known for serving real-life porn, but their hentai is great as well. Xvideos has thousands of hentai clips where you can watch these babes sucking and fucking in all their 2D glory.As a tube site, Xvideos is good at bringing you tons of little clips, but it’s not so good at providing full episodes or movies. If you want to watch a full season of a hentai show, then you might want to go elsewhere. Xvideos doesn’t make it easy to watch episode after episode.Still, there is plenty of anime bitch action for your dick. You’ll find random clips, compilations, and much more.Looking for some Rule 34? Don’t worry, Xvideos has you covered on that. Naruto, One Piece, Fate, and all the popular animes we watched growing up are represented in full-color hentai glory. There’s nothing I love more than watching the One Piece bitches get fucked like ragdolls, or watching girls with blue pussy hair get creampied.Finally, you’ll see a lot of 3D and gaming videos mixed in with the hentai. Xvideos is a great place to preview some hentai games (which are getting really fucking good by the way) and there’s even VR clips to check out.Overall, Xvideos has a solid collection of hentai porn, even if it doesn’t have full series of hentai shows.23,000 hentai videos made easy to browseThe hentai tag for Xvideos results in almost 23,000 videos, but Xvideos makes it easy to find the toons you’re looking for.You’ll see a huge gallery of hentai videos with some ridiculous view counts, with most of them being traditional 2D hentai videos for random shows. With millions of views, I can tell you that these videos are well vetted.Along the top, you can find different ways to sort the videos, including relevance, date, duration, video quality, and type (gay, straight, or shemale). If you really love that high-quality shit, I suggest you set the Video quality setting to 720p+.Below these options are a list of related searches. Since hentai is such a broad topic, you might want to throw in some additional tags to specify your search. Popular tags including furry, loli, games, forced, and of course, monster. Nothing like watching 15 feet monster dick ripping a loli apart if you ask me.Once you find your perfect video, click on it to be sent to the video player. You’ll see the main video, with some ads on the side. Below the player, you’ll get the important information like view count, ratings, comments, and more.Looking to download the video? Xvideos also provides a handy download button, although you will need to create an account and login. Other options include adding to favorites, share, and saving the clip for later.Scrolling down, you’ll see recommended videos, followed by the comments section. The comments section is great for things like finding out the name of the clip (if they don’t provide it), as well as random bullshit like “FBI OPEN UP” for a loli video.And that’s all you need to know for a layout. Xvideos has one of the best layouts I’ve seen for a porn site, which is probably it’s one of the top two porn sites in the world right now. Everything is quick, easy, free, and very customizable. If only I could say the same for real life bitches…Best of all? Minimal ads, with no popups. I don’t remember running into more than a couple of banner ads that are put next to the video player.Much more than just sexy cartoonsXvideos has a lot more than just standard hentai. Let me show you some cool hentai categories to check out.First, if you ever watched anime growing up, you definitely want to check out the Rule 34 stuff. To give you a sense of how much porn is on Xvideos, Naruto alone shows over 800 results. Even Dragonball, which isn’t that popular for hentai, has almost 200. Bottom line, there is plenty of Rule 34.Xvideos also has many comics in video form. Just search an anime with the tag “comics”, and you’ll find video forms of doujins and webcomics. Personally, I’d rather just read the actual comic, but it’s cool that they have videos also.Finally, there is a ton of VR porn. I didn’t see any support for 360 range viewing, but there is VR goggle support. You can even find some Rule 34 VR content, although there isn’t much. Check out VR Android 18 for some first person Dragonball sex.Of course, you’ll also find plenty of traditional 2D hentai in the form of clips, compilations, episodes, and movies.What I LikeI’m a lifelong fan of Xvideos, so there’s definitely a lot to like.First, Xvideos is always super reliable. Streams load fast, come in various formats, and there are minimal ads.Xvideos also offers a huge variety of content, and I love the amount of Rule 34 they have. You can find clips from every major anime or videogame, so if you get the urge while watching your favorite anime, you can pump one out to the same characters at Xvideos.From my experience, Xvideos slightly edges out Pornhub in terms of content. Pornhub seems to have a more narrow search function, and doesn’t have as many videos in its collection. Xvideos seems to have every goddamn porn clip under the sun, and focuses more on amateur and niche shit than Pornhub.Again, it’s just my feeling from being a diehard fan of both these sites for over a decade.Finally, I always need to show appreciation for a porn site that’s respectful with advertisements. No popups here, with minimal ads, what more can you ask for?What I HateMy main issue with hentai on Xvideos is the lack of episodes and seasons. Hentai is like anime in that it should be watched like a TV show, since a lot of great hentai features storylines and characters that go beyond just fucking.This is why Rule 34 is so popular, because we can jerk off to characters that we know and care about. It’s a lot better than watching random generic anime bitches, although that’s good also.There are some full movies on Xvideos, but they seem old and outdated. Nobody wants to watch hentai that looks like it was drawn in the 1990s, and the voice dubbing is usually trash also. In general, Xvideos is good for watching short clips, but not for heavy viewing.I also want to note that Xvideos only has videos, no pictures. Even Pornhub has a huge image and GIFs gallery, so I’m surprised Xvideos doesn’t have this feature. Then again, Xvideos has a slightly better collection of videos, not to mention, the site is called Xvideos, not Xpics.How about full episodes for shows?It would be cool if Xvideos made a service to watch shows instead of clips. Other hentai sites have features like auto-playing a full season, and automatically going to the next episode.If Xvideos can find a way to provide full shows as well as a layout that makes it easy to watch episode by episode, Xvideos can wipe out a lot of its hentai competitors.Xvideos should also try adding an image and GIFs gallery. They have plenty of slideshow videos, so they might as well throw in a pic gallery, especially since Pornhub has one.Still one of the GodsXvideos has been one of the gods of porn for a long time now. I don’t know any guy that hasn’t jerked off to Xvideos clips, even if some prefer Pornhub or other sites.While Xvideos isn’t perfect for hentai, the site has solid performance and a gigantic collection.My only criticism is that Xvideos makes the hentai too random. Sure, there are tags and descriptions, but the gallery of hentai just feels very random. There’s also a lot of old hentai that just doesn’t do it for my dick.You’ll see a lot of 3D and gaming clips bleed into the hentai, but I don’t mind this at all. I think these clips work well with hentai in terms of getting my dick hard, and it helps me find some sweet games to download as well.Xvideos and Pornhub are the alpha and omega for porn today, for good reason. With a huge collection of videos, a great search engine, and minimal ads, you can’t go wrong with hentai on Xvideos.