When somebody says that they prefer to watch animated pornography instead of actual pornstars I completely understand them. Everything is possible in a hentai world, not to mention that all the chicks who are animated are just fucking perfect. If you are looking for such a naughty site, I suggest that you take your time and explore the beauties hentaiplay.net has to offer.At the beginning of such reviews, I always wonder if I should explain what ‘hentai’ even means since I am sure there are plenty of you who do not know. Well, I will not waste a lot of time with this; basically, ‘hentai’ stands for animated Japanese cartoons or so to say, that are of pornographic nature. That is why you will usually find hentai in Japanese with given subs.Well, the homepage is filled with all kinds of hentai stories, and keep in mind that these animations usually have series of a couple of episodes. So if you find a hentai you like, there is a high chance that it will have a couple of episodes after that. However, if you are easily offended or are a bitch who thinks showing women their place is sexist, then you are wrong and go make me a sandwich instead.I mean, hentai covers shit such as lolicon, rape, monsters and a lot of other fucked up crap as well, and I think that is what makes it so great. A lot of this shit is not possible in real life, or you would be sent to jail, but there is nothing wrong with watching the animated version of your weirdest and most fucked up fantasy right?I will just say that if you do not know what some of these terms mean, I suggest that you explore a bit before randomly opening a clip, because if you are not used to the shit hentai offers you will get surprised, no doubt it. Now, if you are already a huge fan, you should open their ‘Hentai Index’ tab where all of their series will be listed alphabetically.There is even a bunch of tags listed in the right corner, in case there is something special you were looking for. Honestly, with so many different anime series presented, I am sure you will get lost easily, so I do suggest you use the tags to search for the shit that makes your cock rock solid.Except for those tags that for some fucking reason you can only see when you check out all the hentai they offer, you can list the shit by other ways that are listed on top… but those ways of listing are so fucking stupid. I mean, sure if you are a regular on the site, you might be interested in seeing “New Releases’ and all that crap, but other than that, everything else is stupid.Now, on the side, there is an ‘Advanced search’ thing that you need to check out if you have any specific weird tastes because here you can choose whatever the fuck you want to watch. Now the options given were not as good as I hoped they would be, since you get to choose a couple of tags and you can also choose the year it was released, the producer, and the status…Except for wanting to watch a finished series, who the fuck searched for pornographic content by the producer or the year it was released in? Those are two things that literally nobody fucking gives a shit about, so I am really fucking confused as to who the hell would even bother with that… At least on the bottom, you have the ability to search by keywords that you write.Keep in mind that not all series are translated on Hentai Play, but you will fucking know that just by reading the shit on top. All the translated series will have ‘English subs’ saying on top, and if you want, you can only list the hentai that actually has subtitles. Personally, I’ve watched hentai for so long that I already understand most of the shit they are talking about anyways, so I do not bother browsing that section at all.One thing that confused the crap out of me is their tab that offers galleries or so it fucking says, but when you open it all you have is 1 picture of each series. There is no real option to open the image and see the full quality, all you get is info about the hentai, if it is ongoing and all that shit, and then you can also view the episodes from the actual anime…So, I have to ask… where does the word ‘Gallery’ come in? Do you fuckers even know what the fuck that means, or are you just fucking stupid? You have no galleries on this site, do not let this fool you, in case you fap to hentai images… which is very fucking weird. You have other sites that offer only hentai pictures, so there is really no reason for you to search for them here.The quality of the videos is solid, and you can also download any of the shit you find here. The best thing is that you do not even have to become a member or any of that usual crap, so just find the shit you like and watch it for free, or download it to your PC if you prefer to collect this shit instead.Overall, I’d say that this place is one of the better hentai sites, and I should know since I explored a lot of other hentai websites as well. Make sure to use the advanced search options and tags if you have a specific taste, and do not worry about fining your kink because hentaiplay.net offers a shit ton of hentai for you to explore.