O Hentai is a hentai video porn site dedicated to getting you that O face. Ohentai.org collects hentai videos from all over the internet and links them through the Ohentai website, giving you easy access to all kinds of porn that you wouldn’t find on your own.Ohentai does a good job of picking great content. It’s not just random shitty porn you’ll find here, but great scenes and episodes of hentai that are popular and high quality.One of the best features about Ohentai, isn’t even the hentai itself. Ohentai also features a lot of 3D and game CGI porn videos that are just as great to tug your willie to. There is some great 3D porn here that is high quality and more than just repetitive fuck scenes.Speaking of quality, many of the videos are in 720p and 1080p. This is basically HD quality, and it’s fantastic when there are even paid sites that don’t offer this kind of video quality. Having a site like Ohentai collect these free videos from around the web is a godsend when you want to get that HD nut bust. Fuck pixels.Clean video gallery for busting all kinds of nutsThe layout is fairly standard like most hentai video sites. The main page will have a big gallery of videos sorted by date added. You can also quickly sort the videos by title, most viewed, most liked, or alphabetical order.On the left side of the page is the major categories. The categories include things like uncensored, 1080p, 3D, game CG, blow job, mind break, rape, and of course, big boobs. As you can see, Ohentai makes its categories a little more interesting than just “teens” or whatever, because hentai is where you can explore some darker shit. Mind break is my shit, you know, when a bitch just gives up and lets you do whatever the fuck you want to do.When you click on a video you’ll be sent to the video player site. The first thing you need to note is that at the top of the video are other video hosts. For me, the “Beta” link was broken a lot of the time, and I had to rely on Host1 or Host2 to get the video to work.This is a huge pain in the ass because an ad would play no matter what. So I would watch a full ad, and then find out the video can’t be played. What a pain in my fucking ass. When I click on another mirror link? Of course, another fucking ad pops up. Luckily, I never ran into a video that I couldn’t watch in the end.Anyway, below the video, you’ll find the title and the categories. All the videos have multiple tags attached like “Ahegao” or “Lilith”. You’ll also find Like, Embed, Download, and Report buttons. Hopefully, you’re not so fucking dumb that I need to explain these to you.Finally, you’ll get a description and summary of the video content. For example, if the video is from a show, you’ll get a picture of the show’s DVD followed by a summary. Sometimes the summary will be in full Japanese, so you won’t know what the fuck is going on. Well, there’s always Google translate.On each page, you’ll find a banner ad at the top and a bunch of ads at the bottom. The ads are nicely placed, meaning that they don’t get in the way and won’t piss you the fuck off. The popups, on the other hand, can be annoying as fuck. More on that later.3D titties everywhere, if only I could grab them…Like all sites that aggregate porn like this, Ohentai has a ton of hentai. We are talking thousands of videos from across the world wide web, most with multiple stream links so you’ll be able to jack off to it guaranteed. I wish I had that kind of time…Ohentai focuses on three major types of porn, which are CGI, hentai, and 3D. Hentai is the classic animated hentai that we all know and love, drawn in the anime style. Ohentai mostly focuses on this traditional hentai, just because there’s so much of it in the world. I think it’s like the third most searched porn in general.Ohentai also has a great selection of CGI and 3D porn. These are basically the same, meaning porn that was drawn in computer via computer generation, rather than by hand or in a comic style. Usually, the bitches look like fucking statues or zombies, but it still gets me hard.Good 3D porn is rare, because 3D porn requires full modeling of the bitches and dicks and all that shit that can be really difficult. There isn’t a ton of great content out there, but whatever is available Ohentai pretty much has on their site.I recommend checking out Rigid3d Collection and Secret of Beauty 1 ~ 4 to get a taste of what this 3D shit has to offer.There’s also a big game CG gallery. Game CG is basically hentai and porn scenes from computer games that were picked out just for you to jerk off to. Saves you a ton of trouble having to actually play the game.Game CG can be hot as fuck, although less fulfilling if you don’t actually play the game. Usually, the game sex scenes come as a reward after a lot of work trying to get through the game, so skipping right to the sex scenes kinds of destroys the anticipation of it all. Still, when you need to bust a nut but are short on time, you need this kind of shit to get there.For all you sick fucks out there, Ohentai has you covered with its very own Rape category. This is one of the main categories featured on the site and has nothing but the internet’s best rape scenes all collected for you to fantasize to. Is that jizz on her face or tears? I don’t even give a fuck anymore.What I LikeOhentai is a pretty cool site because it collects two of my favorite categories which is 3D porn and hentai porn. It does its job of grabbing every fucking 3D and hentai video on the entire goddamn galaxy and putting it on their site.Ohentai is also not too obnoxious about its content, and even though the videos aren’t hosted on the site, there is a nice embedded player.This means that you don’t have to actually go to the host site to watch the videos. Even if Ohentai doesn’t host the videos, it can still have the video player that you can watch the movie from.What I hateOhentai had some broken video links when I checked out some videos. On the other hand, the second or third video links always worked, so it wasn’t a huge deal.One thing that was annoying though is that the videos would play an ad every single time, even if the video link ended up being broken. So it pissed me off that I sat through an entire ad, only to realize that the video doesn’t work. Then I click on another link, and voila, I need to watch ANOTHER fucking ad. My dick shook in frustration.This is why it’s bad if a site doesn’t host all of its own videos. If a website relies on different websites being the host, then there’s a chance that the videos don’t work.Finally, the popups are fucking annoying. If Ohentai isn’t even hosting the videos, then they shouldn’t be so annoying about popups. The banner ads are really nicely done, so it sucks that the popup ads were so goddamn annoying.Easy on the adsIf you don’t actually host the videos, you shouldn’t be shoving a thousand popup ads down people’s faces. Other sites that are similar to Ohentai are super respectful about ads, because they know they aren’t hosting the content.Ohentai also should review its links. For me, a lot of the primary video links didn’t work. This wasn’t a big deal because the mirror links worked, except that it really pissed me off having to watch the ad twice just to get to the porn.I bet they did this shit on purpose, those dirty fucks…Still a great porn siteAs much as Ohentai pisses me off, I still go there from time to time. It is the best collection of 3D porn, and believe me, good 3D porn is hard to find.Because good 3D porn is rare, you need a place that has thousands of them just so you can find the good shit. This is where Ohentai shines.I also have to appreciate any porn site that gives Rape its own category. Fuck liberals, fuck political correctness and fuck entitled feminazi cunts. Anything that pisses them off, I approve of, so in the end, I approve of Ohentai.