X Anime Porn is a free hentai video site where you can stream and download hundreds of series. With a focus on providing hentai shows, you’ll find many episodes for all kinds of freaky Japanese cartoon sex that you’d never find on your own.Most of the episodes are in Japanese, but don’t worry because English subtitles are available. Then again, who gives a fuck what they are saying, we just here to jack off to some tig ol’ bitties.XAnimePorn.com tries its best to make it easy for you to find good shit, which can be hard when many of the titles have names such as “Houkago no Yuutousei” and “Dokidoki Little Ooya-san”. To help you with all this moonspeak, each title has lots of tags, preview pictures, and even an English summary to guide your fapping.There’s also a great rating system. With hundreds of thousands of views, many of these cartoons have tons of votes so you can figure out which are trash and which are cash. Since most of these hentais are original, you’ll need an adventurous spirit watching these bitches.It’s like Netflix but for naked 2D bitchesXanimeporn has a simple layout since it purely focuses on hentai videos. The front page shows a gallery of the newest videos, with screenshot, length, rating, and views. Below that shows three other major galleries that include Most Viewed, Top Rated, and Random.You’ll also find a list of “Genres” to search by, although this is really just tags/keywords. If you want to search for something specific, I recommend just using the search bar at the top.When you click on a series, you’ll see the overall rating and technical information which include the number of episodes, the year it was released, the genres, and whether it is censored or not. I like to stick to porn released in the past two years because the quality is a lot better.You also get a description, which includes awesome summaries such as “he couldn’t control himself, his body moved and he raped her…” Just epic stuff all around. Finally, below that are the links for you to watch the various episodes.If you really know what you are looking for, then the best way to find porn on Xanimeporn is through the “Hentai Series” link. On this tab, you can find hentai through genre, censorship, animation studio, and year. To me, you really need to go with uncensored, although sometimes you can tolerate the censored stuff if the studio makes some really great art.Twenty years of hentai porn all in one placeYou’ll find all kinds of hentai series released from 1998-2018. That is twenty solid years of anime cunts! Pretty much all of it is obscure Japanese titles that you probably never heard of, although that doesn’t mean the quality is bad by any means.Like I said before, you won’t get much information just from the titles and pictures, since the titles are all in crazy Japanese moonspeak and the pictures are just, well, a picture. This is why you should read the description and check the rating before diving in.There isn’t too much consistency on the information they provide for each series. Some shows will have descriptions, preview screenshots, and download links, while others just have stream links without much other info.One great thing about Xanimeporn is that some of the popular series have 1080p downloads. The download speeds aren’t too bad either since I was able to download 1080p episodes in under 30 minutes straight from the website.Hentai is great for seeing some more “taboo” porn like incest and rape. Compared to traditional porn, these hentai series are much better at setting up a story and building up characters and tension before the assfucking begins. Xanimeporn has this shit in abundance, so be patient and you’ll come hard like a motherfucker.What I LikeXanimeporn is great because it gives a lot of information on the popular series to help you navigate all the Japanese fuckery titles like “Daiakujinakasan Kawaii~” and “Doki doki woki poki”. Seriously what the fuck is with that language!?The descriptions give you a good summary of the plot, and the preview screenshots guarantee that you won’t be watching complete garbage.I also like that Xanimeporn provides both stream and download options for a lot of the content. Streaming the porn is fine most of the time, but sometimes you just want to download the shit in bulk or save it so you can watch it or share it later on.The 1080p download option also means you can get DVD quality stuff, which the streams don’t provide. It’s amazing that they don’t use 3rd party download hosts for this, and I can’t complain about the download speeds either.The most underrated feature is probably that they have separate sections for censored and uncensored content. Personally, I don’t fuck with censored porn, so I appreciate that Xanimeporn makes it easy to cut that shit out of my browsing. Fuck pixels.What I hateThe most annoying thing about Xanimeporn is the popups. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but a lot of times you will get hit with a popup link when you click anywhere on the page. There are times where I felt like every time I clicked on the page, a random popup would come out like a teenage boner in gym class. Fucking annoying.On the other hand, the ads aren’t too bad outside of these popups.I also don’t like that a lot of the content doesn’t have proper descriptions and preview pictures. There is inconsistency. If you stick to the popular content, you won’t have this issue, but it also makes it harder to find the hidden gems.I also want to make sure you realize that this place only has episodes, and doesn’t have things like pictures, animated gifs, stories, or games. You’ll need to go somewhere else to get your fix on these things. This place is strictly to watch episodes of hentai series.SuggestionsMy first suggestion for Xanimeporn is to try to have translations of the titles. I think people actually depend a lot on the titles to understand what they are getting into, and having all the titles in shitty Romanized Japanese means you don’t know what the fuck is going on.Think about it. Let’s say there’s a show called “Wataburi Fukaka!” or some shit like that. Imagine that the screenshots look great and you start watching it right away with your dick out. You are stroking, going hard at the fine ass bitches, when suddenly, the hentai bitch whips out an enormous dick!You were fooled! Wataburi Fukaka actually translated to “Big Ass Dick Tranny Hentai Cunts!” (not really, but I’m trying to explain a concept). This could all have been avoided with some basic translations of the titles.I also wish Xanimeporn went a little easier on the popups. After an hour in, I started getting anxiety just from clicking around the page because of so many popups. I hate playing whack a mole with ads, and Xanimeporn made me an expert.The latest and greatest from JapanOverall, Xanimeporn serves a specific purpose and serves it well. It’s all about hentai shows here, and the site works hard to give you all the available episodes so you don’t miss out. Organizing multiple episodes can be difficult, and they do a good job making it easy to browse and watch.There’s a lot of strange content here. Because these are Japanese shows, you won’t find hentai based on popular series like Final Fantasy or Naruto, which is what Westerners usually look for when they search hentai. I mean, who the fuck wouldn’t fap to the bitches from Pokémon that they grew up watching and worshipping?I think Xanimeporn does a respectable job of trying to introduce you to new series. Descriptions, preview screenshots, and keywords all help you get an idea of what you are going to watch. It’s tough to dive into new shit, so all of this helps your dick get more familiar.Finally, I got to give respect to how they keep the content up to date. You’ll find plenty of hentai from the current year, so you get to avoid all that awkward 240p shit from 10 years ago (although you can find that here as well).So be bold and open-minded, and you’ll find some sexy 2D bitches here. It could take some getting used to if you don’t watch a lot of Japanese hentai, but if you want to see some rape and incest action (which we all secretly do), then Xanimeporn is your ticket.