It’s funny that some people still think cartoons are just for kids. Stoners have been making their case for years as they dine on Cheetos for dinner, and even Pixar fills their flicks with double entendres to keep the adults laughing. And then you’ve got hentai, like the shit you can find on HentaiHaven. This shit is so perverted it’s not only unsuitable for adults, it’s unsuitable for damn near everybody.Except you, am I right? You’re browsing reviews in the hentai section because you love the really fucking kinky stuff. Hey, I feel you, pal; I get a little jaded, too, watching teen deflowerings and anal orgies all day and night. HentaiHaven.red has that next-level perversion you expect from anime porn, which is why a couple of thousand freaks and geeks aim their browsers and dicks at the site every day.Uncensored Hentai Too Hot for the TubesHentai sites have a way of popping up on the web and gaining a shit-ton of momentum almost overnight. HentaiHaven fits the bill. They appeared midway through 2019, going from zero hits to thousands just like that. Collections of dirty anime don’t get much press attention from CNN, NBC, or even outlets like Vice, but you neckbeards really talk amongst yourself. You’re worse than a bunch of old ladies, but it works out to everyone’s benefit sometimes.Of course, the menu of twisted sex cartoons is a big part of the popularity here. It’s not like they’re giving out shitty doujinshi somebody drew in study hall, gender-swapping Goku into a lactating schoolgirl who pees on people with a power level over 9,000. This is legit hentai, animated by goddamn professionals.Speaking of professionalism, HentaiHaven is one of the only hentai sites I know with its own app. Since the official app stores never allow the really fun adult stuff, you have to download the app from the website, fuck with your device’s security settings, and install it yourself. Call me a cynic, but I won’t install a porn site app unless that site’s been around a lot longer than these guys have. It ain’t worth the risk. Sorry.A row of Newest Releases at the top shows schoolgirls flashing wet panties beneath their skirts and big-titted warrior bitches relaxing in overtly seductive poses, which implies they’re between battles or maybe just weakening the enemy defenses. I see a thick-bootied demon bitch with bat wings and a tail, and juices flying everywhere.A bunch of you otaku geeks loaded up this review and immediately hit Ctrl+F without reading anything. You want to know if HentaiHaven has uncensored anime smut, right? Well, the row of Recent Uncensored Hentai sure suggests so. I don’t see any unobscured cocks or cunts in the thumbnails, but these are DVD covers, so that’s to be expected.I clicked the tied-up bitch on the cover of Dark Episode 2. I figured if I was going to check out the uncensored material, I may as well start with the first kinky BDSM thing I see. Weirdly, the video page didn’t have a video player or link to download the scene. There’s just a synopsis and empty cast page, along with a few tags like Rape, Blowjob, and Uncensored.I thought maybe I’d been mistaken, and Hentai Haven is actually just a database site. I tried a different hentai from the Uncensored row, Midnight Sleazy Train Episode 2, and this time a video player popped up at the top of the screen, where I expected it to be. The other vid must be busted, but I’m happy to see the whole site isn’t broken.Pervert Cartoons for the Impure of HeartThe video started playing immediately, and with my spam-blocker, I didn’t have any issues with boner-pill pop-ups or hentai game ads that run before the hentai episode. Bandwidth seems pretty decent, too; I was able to skip around throughout the video with only a second or two of buffering.I was typing the above paragraph when the video started, so I can’t tell you exactly what led to the schoolgirl getting molested on a train in the movie’s opening. The Bondage, Loli, and Rape tags give away some of the plot, but I’m glad subtitles are included, so there’s no confusion. I know some of you weeaboos go into a murderous rage when you can’t understand the dialog.“I didn’t pee,” the pigtailed schoolgirl says as a businessman slides his fingers in and out of her wet, hairy, uncensored pussy. A few seconds later, his unobscured cock goes in. Yep, it looks like HentaiHaven wasn’t bullshitting. They do, indeed, have uncensored hentai.A download icon is built right into the player, beside the settings button. I was expecting the site to send me to a shady file locker run by the Russian mafia, which is what you get on a lot of hentai sites, but these guys served up a selection of direct downloads. The resolution maxes out at 720p, at least on the ones I checked. It’s not 4k or even 1080p, but the visual demands for animated bukkake flicks are a bit lower than for premium pornstar orgies.I got so distracted by the row of Recent Uncensored Hentai that I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about the other freaky business I found out on the front page. They’ve got selections of some of their most popular genres represented out front, and they don’t fuck around with that vanilla stuff like blowjobs, lesbians and anal sex. Nah, these guys go right for the hard shit the free tubes and premium sites rarely want to touch.Beneath the front-page selection of Newest Releases and Recent Uncensored Hentai, you literal motherfuckers can dig into a bumper crop of the site’s Recent Incest Hentai. If you’re in a more forceful and rough mood, just go down one more row for the Recent Rape Hentai. Creepers who can’t live within 1,000 feet of a school are going to be thrilled to see the Recent Loli featured so prominently on the site’s front page.Loli, Rape, Incest and MoreThose may be some of the site’s most popular hentai categories, but you’re still welcome around here even if you’re less of a freak. A handful of other popular subgenres of smut are listed in the sidebar, along with how many pieces they’ve got in each category.I actually didn’t realize how deep the catalog ran until I saw those numbers. They’ve got nearly 500 animated pornos featuring Gangbangs, and almost 600 involving Harems. A hundred flicks have cuties wearing Glasses, and twice that show anime babes giving handjobs.The sidebar Genres menu changes depending on where you are on the site. At other points, I saw Small Tits, Action, and 3D listed. I couldn’t find a full list of genre tags anywhere, though, which was pretty frustrating. The best I could do was follow tags like Ahegao, Creampie, and Futanari to HentaiHaven’s stashes.It’s a strange omission. From what I can see, the site does have a very efficient tagging system. I don’t see a lot of redundant and overlapping tags like you’ll find on some hentai sites. Each movie is tagged with a cloud of relevant tags, each leading to more Japanese cartoons with Bondage, Blowjobs, Public Sex, and Incest. If I could find that damn Categories page, I imagine it would be way less cluttered than you expect from a site like this.That’s really my biggest complaint about the site, and it’s not a very serious issue. If you know what you’re looking for, you can just type it in the search bar like a normal person. Genre pages are a nice way to browse, but not entirely necessary. I really like them on hentai pages because I usually end up finding weird fetishes I never knew about, which is saying a lot since I look at porn all day.HentaiHaven.red is truly a haven for the depraved anime fans out there. This is some kinky shit, with lolicon, rape, and explicit incest served up like it ain’t no big deal. The site’s got a huge and growing collection, and don’t put a bunch of spam or other obstacles in the way of watching it. After spending my morning perusing their collection, I totally understand how they’ve become so popular, so fast.