Porn Wis! I don’t have to tell you that there is a fuck load of porn out there just waiting for you to explore and jerk off to. Seriously, there is so much fucking porn to be watched on the internet that you can’t see it all. And that includes porn created and produced by the biggest companies in the industry.Now, even though places like OnlyFans and more amateur porn seem to steal the spotlight these days, don’t think that AAA porn is done. It’s still hot as fuck, and the production values continue to skyrocket. So if you want to jerk off to content created by the pros, you need to visit PornWis.Especially if you want to taste test some of the hottest AAA porn, this is where you can find it. Check out some of the free samples that PornWis has to offer, and who the fuck knows? You may have a lasting hard-on that will make you want to subscribe to one or more of these kick-ass brands and become a regular viewer!PornWis.com redirects to bullshit splash pageIt's not PornWis.me's fault, but I accidentally tried to access PornWis.com for hours. PornWis.com did not load when I tried to visit the site. And I know, that’s enough to make you go, ‘uh what the fuck?’ But it’s true. I had to use a version of the Wayback Machine to give you insight into how the site performs and functions. Hopefully, by the time you read this review, the site can actually be, you know, functional.Here is what I fucking did. I tried multiple times across multiple hours to visit the homepage. Sometimes I would get a random splash page that was an advertisement. In most cases, though, the site redirected to a website called ‘Simcast.’ It’s supposed to be an informational site powered by ‘Microsoft News,’ which I’ve never fucking heard of before.But upon trying to visit the site again, again, and once again, the browser redirected to URLs like ‘mybetterdl.com’ and the like. I even noticed that my real-time anti-malware scanner detected and stopped a Trojan from fucking my PC and my browser just sat there, unable to get a secure connection from PornWis.com. I even tried multiple browsers, like Microsoft Edge; the only thing that loaded was a page with tiny text saying, ‘the link is not valid.’My horny brethren, I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on with PornWis.com as of this review. So if you can load the site and have no fucking clue what I’m talking about, great! That means PornWis.com fixed the issue. But make no mistake: this kind of shit should not be happening in the first place.So tread lightly when you visit PornWis.com, which is the wrong domain. Ensure that you are using a secure browser and scan your device (if applicable) just to be safe after a visit. I’m not saying that it’s compromised with so many instances of malware that your device is going to look like a digital slut that’s been fucked so many times she’s oozing out Internet STDs, but that it’s a good idea to get yourself checked regardless.Over 100 pages of premium pornWith all of that out of the way, let’s focus on what is most important on PornWis. You know, the fucking porn! Although my review used the last saved state stored on the Wayback Machine, I could still understand how the site functioned and operated. I found that PornWis has over 100 pages of premium porn available for your viewing pleasure.And none of the pornography on PornWis comes from studios and brands that you have never heard of before. No back alley/basement productions here! Okay, maybe you will find brands that you have never heard of; I cannot precisely say that. But that’s a good thing, especially for those of you that love AAA pornography.I noticed that the top brands and studios were all represented here. You will find AAA porn companies here like Evil Angel, BangBros, TeamSkeet, among many others. The chances are that if you have a studio that gets your cock hard and revved up, ready to explode, you are going to find some of their samplings on PornWis. It’s a treasure trove of AAA goodness that is waiting for you to explore.If you want to find new brands and studios to browse, this is where you fucking want to be. I noticed that there was so much fucking content that you could browse that it would prove to be exhaustive, to say the least. Oh well, that’s a great problem to have!Complete full-length versions of pornOne of the things that I hate about certain tube sites is how much AAA porn isn’t watchable. I am not saying that there is a lot of AAA porn that fucking sucks because that is not true at all. Rather, I’m talking about how too many tube sites use teaser clips to initially get your dick hard as a fucking stone, only to blue ball you by ending the clip just as the going is getting good.Nothing makes me fucking angrier than that bullshit! It doesn’t make me want to pay to see the complete version; it only makes me tug my cock in sexual frustration until I blow an angry load all over my device! Fortunately, PornWis does not play these games.Instead, they allow you to watch the full-length versions of AAA porn without worrying about any teaser clips rearing their ugly nasty necks! You get the total, complete version from beginning to end. This is goddamn awesome because it ensures that you don’t have to worry about missing out on fucking anything.Not only that, but the full-length pornography on PornWis ensures that you can actually get a sense of how awesome these videos indeed are. Look, my horny bros, there is a reason so many people pay for the fucking porn that AAA studios produce. It isn’t because they are fucking moronic; it is because they see the value in the high production qualities. So maybe by watching a few full-version videos on PornWis, you will be persuaded to do the same if not already.And if you are, hey fuck face, we have great taste! I not only created ThePornDude out of my bare hands and balls, but I also appreciate the finer porn out there that you will find on PornWis. But don’t get the idea like we will watch these videos and jerk off together. That’s more PornGeek’s department, not mine!Good informative listingsAlthough it may not jump out at you whenever you first visit PornWis, you will come to realize that it is easy as hell to get a sense of what you can expect whenever you click on a video. That is because the video listings have a wealth of good information. So much so that they will help you figure out whether you should click on a video and watch it or find something that is more your speed.Figuring out this information is as simple as looking at each listing. No shit, right? But once you do, you will identify the brand/series of the porn, performer in the video, name of the video, view count, duration, rating, along with a thumbnail that shows a sexy part from the video.It is all excellent information, and you will be glad that it is present. However, one thing to note – and a takeaway that I know you will have – is that the site looks like fucking shit. I know, maybe that makes me a total asshole for saying that, but frankly, I don’t give a shit. So let’s be real here: when you look around on the site, it seems like it needs a serious facelift.The site features an ugly black background with an even shittier red font. To say that it needs a total redesign is a vast understatement – it needs a look, period. And while it is convenient that you can browse by series to see every series represented and explore your favorites, there is no traditional category section. Visitors need to be able to explore kinks and fetishes they love, like lesbians, Asians, and more.The porn is hot as fuck, but PornWis has a few serious problems that they need to work out and fix. In due time, hopefully, that will happen. For now, enjoy the full-length content if possible and enjoy the kick-ass, sexy content that PornWis has to offer!SuggestionsPornWis has an amazing selection of full-length porn that will definitely get you off. All of the big-name brands and studios are represented here as well. Unfortunately, visiting the site can be a challenge. There are also no actual categories (beyond the brands/studios that users can browse), and the site looks awful. These problems need to be addressed if PornWis is to survive and thrive going forward.